2/11/06 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns, vocabulary and translations. View of the Etruscan Chimera, with translation.
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 by Mel Copeland
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The "Chimaera of Arezzo," Museo Archeologico, Florence. From The Etruscans by Massimo Pallottino, Indian University Press, Bloomington and London, 1975 (Photo, Alinari-Mansell Collection).

The Chimaera was a Lycian monster, part of the brood spaned by Typhaon and EChidna that included the Hydra, Cerberus and the hound Orthus. She has been described as having three heads, a lion, a goat and a snake and in other forms with the front of a lion, the middle a goat, and a snake's tail. Sometimes, as shown here, all of these features are shown at once. Tradition says she breathed fire and was reared, according to Homer, by Amisodrus. She ravaged the land of Lycia attacking cattle, setting fires and was the bane of civilization. She was killed by Bellerophon (See Homer, Illiad, 6.178-183; Hesiod, Theogeny, 319-325).

Script CA: TINeS CFI Le Translation: [you (pl.) pay (Lat. tinnio-ire) that / wherewith (Lat. qui; It. cui, to which; Fr. qui, who which, that, whom) there (le).

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