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Hidden Pavilions


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Letter A

Highway Church of God & Christ
527 Lincoln road west
Vallejo, California

Dear Pastor,

I have been trying to communicate with the church concerning a matter of considerable importance to me. Perhaps you, who seem to be among the least of all churches I have seen, though I have seen you from the road, can help me.

The matter involves the issue of the Two Anointed Ones, as seen by Zechariah, who first saw them as Two Olive Trees, then Two Olive Branches, and finally God's Two Staves, Beauty and Bands. The issue, because it is clearly put, either requires us to throw out Zechariah's testimony altogether, or learn to read it in the truth that it proclaims.

The epithets of the Messiah which reflect a Double Messiah are far too numerous for me to list here. But I have listed a few of them on the attached piece of paper. Nevertheless, the epithets clearly suggest that the Latter Day appearance of the Messiah is probably as a foreigner. For He speaks to His nation in a foreign tongue and, like Moses, with Stammering Lips. Moses was one of the most timid of men, and the Latter Day Messiah is described as a being like Moses Further, His presence is mostly described as a being whose tongue is a sword and who does not go into the streets. He writes letters. Wherefore, we also see in the Odes of Solomon, writings which were discarded from the Bible, that the Latter Day Messiah is of another race:

Ode 41.8 All those will be astonished that see me. For from another race am I: For the Father of Truth remembereth me: He who possessed me from the beginning.

We further see that in the Will of Israel, the Latter Day Messiah, who is the Gatherer, is named Shiloh; and Shiloh, by the Will, cannot be a Jew:

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Genesis 49.10: And the scepter shall remain in Judah, nor shall the Lawgiver pass from between His feet, Until Shiloh come and to Him shall the Gathering of the people be.

Further, we see in Isaiah 61.7 mention of the Double, who appears among the Gentile; and Isaiah also mentions Three Witnesses of God: He who is God, He who is of Judah (Jacob), and He who subscribes with the surname of Israel. The Gatherer, who we know as Shiloh, the Bands, the Double, takes the surname of Israel. Thus, we can see how He can address a nation (the Christian who had yet to come into existence) which are not known by His Name. He would not call in the name of Christ; though He would Witness for Him, who is the Lamb of God. This is what Revelation talks about, once the Word appears in the First Resurrection. The Word is the King of Kings, in the Likeness of Jesus the Christ, and He sets the stage for the final witnessing and glorification of Christ. Heis a Man, and all of the epithets concerning the Latter Day Messiah, or Anointed One, describe Him as a man.

In the Testament of Joseph, another work tossed out of the Bible, we see a clear exposition of this:

Testament of Joseph 1.38 For I know that ye shall sin, and be delivered into the hands of your enemies; and your land shall be made desolate, and your holy places destroyed, and ye shall be scattered unto the four corners of the earth.
And ye shall be set at naught in the dispersion vanishing away as water.
Until the Most High shall visit the earth, coming Himself as Man, with men eating and drinking, and breaking the head of the dragon in the water.
He shall save Israel and all the Gentiles, God speaking in the person of man.

This was the prevailing belief before Christ came upon the seen. Somehow, the Jews had overlooked the epithets of the Plumbline and Suffering Messiah, the Lamb of God1; and came to focus on the Deliverance epithets. In so doing, they were blinded to the reality of the Lamb when He came. But this also was prophesied against the Gentile. For in the Second Coming, or Second Hand of God, it is anticipated that He also will be denied by those in the midst of whom He is born: for in the Testament of Benjamin, another book tossed out of the Bible, we see a clear exposition of this happening:

2.6 For all these things they gave us for an inheritance, saying: Keep the commandments of God, until the Lord shall reveal His Salvation to all Gentiles.
And then shall ye see Enoch, Noah, and Shem, and Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, rising on the right hand in gladness.
Then shall we also rise, each one over our tribe, worshipping the King of Heaven, who appeared upon earth in the form of a man in humility.
And as many as believe on Him on the earth shall rejoice with Him.
Then also all men shall rise, some unto glory and some unto shame.
And the Lord shall judge Israel first, for their unrighteousness; for when he appeared as God in the flesh to deliver them they believed Him not.

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And then shall He judge all the Gentiles, as Many as believed Him not when he appeared upon earth.
And He shall convict Israel through the Chosen Ones of the Gentiles.

Even though we speak of Two, be not confused, because they are but One in the Holy Spirit. God has but One Holy Spirit. Even so, if you do not watch for the Two, you can never see the One. It is the same as looking upon the Mercy Seat: You see God where He resides there, in the Tabernacle, which is a Tent, Between the Two Cherubim. Between Two Cherubim you see God. In the reality of the Tabernacle and its Ark and Mercy Seat this is True; it is no less true in the epithets concerning the Two Anointed Ones. Through them you will see the Mercy of God. And just as the Mercy of God was portioned out to Israel who birthed the Messiah, so too is it portioned out to the Gentile who Delivered Him. ForHe rises midst the Gentile to Gather the Kingdom of God together. And that place where He rises is also glorified along with Jerusalem.

I am chagrined over the Christians who call out, The Lord is coming, the Lord is coming, whilst their eyes are caught upon the sky as if watching for a dead spirit to return to the earth. What are they watching for?

If a man came to them and said, Come, let us go and build the Tabernacle, even the Temple, of the Lord, they would not hearken unto Him. Even if He were to say to them that they would see their God residing in it, He and His Tabernacle would be denied. For they have already done it.

Revelation concludes the First Resurrection, who is The Word of God and carries a name known only to Himself, with the statement that the Tabernacle in Heaven was opened but no man entered. And then the Seven Candles poured the final Seven Vials out upon the earth.

I have proven this past two years that no man would enter the Tabernacle. For I showed it to Many and no man would come unto it. And I have now written you to prove it. That I asked them to enter and no man entered.

I wrote a small book and left it in Paris with Reverend Jahnes; long before that I left another book with Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong (Plain Truth  Magazine), Pasadena, California. I also left a copy of that book in Jerusalem; and upon the front of that copy I placed a curse, that it never be altered or removed from its place. If you write them you will find that I delivered the Tabernacle unto them, and they did not receive it. Therefore, they have brought a curse upon themselves and their Nation.

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You who watch for the Messiah should study Him, with open eyes, and lift off your blinders. For the Lord has put you into a deep sleep and you cannot see even the obvious for fear that you cannot deal with it. So you watch to the heavens and I am a man, no more holier than thou, here asking you what are you looking for?

I wrote many of the ministry and recently said, It is a good thing that I am not Christ, for I have knocked on all your doors and no one has let men in.

Even so, I said, Because you have denied me and my Tabernacle, so too will you deny Christ. You have already done it. Further, this has been prophesied, as above, even in Revelation concerning The Word, and in the glorification of Bands.

If you were God, and were to look down upon the earth, to whom would you give your inheritance? Surely there would be no one, for each man has his own God and His own mountain;2 and for God to climb them there would be no end to His Labour. Therefore, He would bring them to Him and build them His House. That House would be no less than the thing He originally conceived: The Tabernacle. For if it were true unto Moses and His People, it has to be just as True today. For nothing from the Lord can be true one day and false the next. Christ, being true in the Beginning, has to be True in the End. Otherwise, He has no basis in eternal existence.

The question we have to consider revolves around how the Gathering is to be done. In the Epistle of Ignatius to the Magnesians the issue comes to a head:

Epistle of Ignatius III.11 It is absurd to name Jesus Christ, and to Judaize. For the Christian religion did not embrace the Jewish, but the Jewish the Christian; so that every tongue that believed might be gathered together unto God.

The issue does not really involve who gathers whom. The issue involves the fact that all are gathered into One Holy Place, even One Barn as described by Job's unicorn; and in the gathering both Gentile and Jew are put to shame. That is part of the glorification. The Jew is specifically named in this regard, because they are prophesied to spit upon, abuse, and kill the Messiah when He comes. And as Isaiah and others describe this, the denial of the King of the Jews, it becomes a fact to consider that the prophesy also requires that one day the Jews will be brought to account for the Shame brought on by the murder of the innocent man. The epithets claim that the Messiah is an innocent man. It is this realization of Shame which proves Christ is who He said He is. And the essential Witness to this Proof is the fact that Israel is once again restored its land and even its Tabernacle. Because both the Tabernacle and Temple are mentioned in the Restoration, both will be built. In fact, you have to build, or know how to build, the Tabernacle in order to know what to do with the Temple. For the Tabernacle was, with modification, put inside stone walls and called the Temple of David.

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Implicit in the Tabernacle is the Promise that God resides atop its Mercy Seat between the Two Cherubim. So in the Restoration God is going to take up permanent residence and appear before you. This also means He is not going to need priests to intercede for Him. Because the Mercy Seat is also a place of Judgment (by name), the Tabernacle becomes a Place for your Judgment. And you who dare not enter are those who stand at the front of the line to be judged. You will literally be pushed into the way of your judgment. And this is what I have already set up against all of you. And you are my witness to that effect

I call the Two Cherubim atop the Mercy Seat my Two Olive Branches. For to hammer them out in gold you need a form against which to hammer. And I have used Two Olive Branches to make the form of the Two Cherubim.

For those of you who have not contemplated the Two Olive Trees, which thing I find to be the most remarkable instance of blindness ever demonstrated by the Bible, I urge you to read about the Temple. For Two Olive Trees were placed before the Temple Sanctuary; they stood about 15 feet high, and were carved in the form of Two Cherubim. So the Temple had Four Cherubim: Two atop the Mercy Seat and Two before the Sanctuary. And those two giants you had to walk under for about 600 years, or near so, to approach the veil. Yet, no one, except Zechariah, asked who they were!!!! It is as if you were to watch people walk through the Lincoln Memorial for 600 years and see that no one even bothered to ask the name of that statue (assuming no name were upon it)! Thus, you can see how shortened my arm has become that I would deign touch any of you. For you are all blind; and if I touch you it is as an invisible man touching you.

I am an invisible man. I am guaranteed it by your blindness! And I fear the day when one of you awakes and opens his eyes. May the Lord hasten me away before that day....

Go back and read the epithets of the Bible concerning the Two Anointed Ones and split them according to the characteristics of Beauty and the Bands. Beauty is the Lamb and Bands is the Tabernacle and Redemption. His is a day of Marriage.

Let me tell you a poem from the lost Odes of Solomon:

Ode 23. Joy is of the saints! And who shall put it on, but they alone? Grace is of the elect! And who shall receive it except those who trust in it from the beginning?
Love is of the elect? And who shall put it on except those who have possessed it from the beginning?
Walk ye in the knowledge of the Most High without grudging: to His exultation and to the perfection of His Knowledge.

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And His thought was like a letter; his will descended from on high and it was sent like an arrow which is violently shot from the bow:
And many hands rushed to the letter to seize it and take and read it:
And it escaped their fingers and they were affrighted at it and at the seal that was upon it.
Because it was not permitted to them to loose its seal; for the power that was over the seal was greater than they;
But those who saw it went after the letter that they might know where it would alight, and who should read it and who should hear it.
And there was with it a Sign of the Kingdom and of the Government.
And everything which tried to move the wheel it mowed and cut down.
And it gathered the multitude of adversaries, and bridged the rivers and crossed over and rooted up many forests and made a broad path.
The head went down to the feet, for down to the feet ran the wheel, and that which was a Sign upon it.
The letter was one of command, for there were included in it all districts.
And there was seen at its head, the head which was revealed even the Son of Truth from the Most High Father;
And He inherited and took possession of everything. And the thought of many was brought to naught.
And all the apostates hasted and fled away. And those who persecuted and were enraged became extinct.
And theLetter was a Great Volume, which was wholly written by the finger of God:
And the name of the Father was on it, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to rule for ever and ever. Hallelujah.

So I can say to you, The Dove fluttered over the Messiah, because He was her head; and she sang over Him and her voice was heard.

Critical to the Second Coming, or Second Anointed One is the fact that all men are going to be glorified and come to know God beneath the covering of the Vine and the Fig Tree. Christ said He was the Vine and told you to watch for the Fig Tree. In terms of God's concept of His Holy Seed, He described it again as Two Trees: The Teil and the Oak. I don't know what the Teil Tree is, but have always assumed it is like unto the Willow. The willow easily regenerates or buds from its branches.

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Also critical to the Second Anointing is the fact that he appears after the First has been murdered and Israel scattered. For He appears in a time when there is a great darkness over the land and must point out the Shame that God anticipated. It is a time, according to Revelation, when no one would really believe in God: thus we have the reason for the final outpouring of evil upon man in the Seven Sacrificial Viles. Seven is the number of Sacrifice. So He appears at a time when a Great Sacrifice is in the offing. Thus, you would fear Him who comes in the name of the Lord. And His Name is I AM. You have been told you will fear the name of the Lord from the West and His Glory from the East; you will be gathered from the West; seeded from the East.

If you should read Nostradamus, you will find even greater clarification of the times of His appearance. The tomb of St. Peter is discovered; Libya rises itself to terrify the world (of Hadrian); the world is polarized between two great princes; and a third prince enters. Nostradamus speaks of La Verbe appearing in France, which is called God's Temple, because it forms the heart of the conflict leading to the Apocalypse; and out of it a Divine Monarch is born. And I would name Him Michael. If you read about their times, you will be reading current headlines out of the newspaper.

In one of my early letters, to Pat Robertson, I complained that I thought something was being hidden from me: that not everything important which has been said by God has been included in the Bible. I complained that I believed something had been left out, even purposely hidden, from my eyes.

In the appearance, God says He will show you that He is wiser than man. He will open a Sealed Book before your eyes and those of you will say that you didn't read it because you thought it sealed. This is the gist of Ode 23 and other words which reflect the fact that you are going to finally see the Glory of God through His Word (letters) alone. It is not a time marked my miracles. It is a time when the Messiah finds His Church in such dire straits He, seeing them few in number, writes them. Also because He writes, He does not go into the streets. This, of course, prevents Him from really taking a place on a high throne and ruling in the name of God. His rule is like Moses's. And Moses was too timid to confront the people. Thus we have a description of the Messiah as being the weakest man in Jerusalem. And, being somewhat of a common denominator of the description of the Messiah, His Beauty and Comeliness is such that no one would desire Him.

Am I the only one who would lay a path for Him? Would I give Him a place for His Head alone? Would He not be helped by any other?

Believe me. All the prophesies are fulfilled this day and you would be wise to be in the forefront of them who would restore the Tabernacle. For this is my Witness and My Seal, and His Name is God.

Therefore, I would say to you, Why would you fear the Son of man who is become the grass of the earth and a man who dies?

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The Book of Inheritance

I approached the Ministry because they should answer to the things of which I bring, namely the Two Anointed Ones and the Tabernacle which Housed them. It is meaningless to argue over whether they are Two or One: for all of your thoughts concerning this are brought to naught. For if you cannot understand how the Holy Spirit can be reborn there is no way that I can describe to you these things.3

How can this my lord speak to this my lord? How many Lords are there anyway? What is their number? If you were to add up their names:Bands, Beauty, Shiloh, the Double, Moses, Noah, the Son of Man, He who rides upon an ass, He who is born in Bethlehem, He who is born of a Virgin, He who does not go into the streets, He who rebuilds the Tabernacle, He who rebuilds the Temple, He who appears after Israel has been scattered, the Plumbline, He who speaks in a foreign tongue and with stammering lips, He who fights the dragon ( as Michael), The Word, The Thief, the Cloud, even the Seventh Candle, and even more than these, such as the Reaper in Revelation who is One Like Unto the Son of Man, we see that we have an army of Messiahs. We even ask about Him who comes from Edom with his sandals and robes stained from the Winepress; even Egypt is given its Saviors.

The Bible is built precept upon precept. And the precepts begin with Adam and Noah. Because it is a book of Inheritance, it has to be read as a book of Inheritance. Noah set the first inheritance, after Adam, and Israel defined it in terms of His Twelve Sons. Moses further confirmed it, then known as the Will of Abraham, and added a new covenant to it. You should go back and read that covenant, for it provides both a blessing and a curse. The covenant formed the basis of subsequent prophesies. Many of the prophets lifted the very curses of Moses from His Covenant and put them into a more clarified frame. For instance, when the Lord is seen to come across the tops of the mountains, or even to have one foot on land and the other in the sea, what is conveyed is a precept; and eventually that precept shows The Word of the Lord coming from afar, like an Eagle, to descend upon the wicked, to punish the wicked, and bless the faithful to the Word of God. And in this precept we see a further clarification from Christ when he answered where He would be next seen: And He said, Wheresoever the Eagles gather.

The eagles gather over their prey. Some eagles feed on carrion, even the dead left on the battlefield; others fish. Wheresoever the prey are in abundance so will the eagle appear. Moreover, we have the precept that the Lord will visit the middle part of His Kingdom, or the earth. And apart from Jerusalem, near the middle of the earth is found France and Spain. So, using the precepts given, and there are more in this regard, it takes no genius to suspect that the Second Anointing will appear in connection with France or Spain, or both.4

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Nostradamus saw this and in fact connected the two nations together. In the Anointing the two nations will be welded together. He also suspected an underground tunnel or cave with a great treasure (as the Cave of Treasures in the story of Adam and Eve) linking the two nations together under the Pyrenes.5 And at the time of the Anointing apart from the other things I have mentioned, He also saw the northern Prince (Russia) united in an alliance with the Moslem nations; He also predicted the overthrow of a Persian King at this time and even the character of the Ayatollah Khumeni. Through the alliance, an unholy one, they are shown kicking off the Third World War (The Apocalypse) through an invasion through Turkey and into Southern France.

The world has shuddered whenever Russian troops invaded a new country: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and recently Afghanistan. But no one answered. And I suspect there will be no answer until the troops arrive in Southern France.

Southern France is a logical invasion route because there is a wall blocking the invasion route through the north. And Nostradamus sees, at the time of the invasion through the south, the wall (of the north?) coming down. In effect he sees as a sign of the times the Berlin Wall coming down, so it could be interpreted.6

Clearly, based upon the two previous world wars, France becomes a sign which causes World War. For the wars in the past did not become World Wars until France was invaded. In this sense she becomes a temple which has to be defended. For she has been known to the world as a Temple of Liberty.

The period of time which he predicted these things to occur, with the visitation of La Verbe (The Word) and His Divine Monarch, is just before 2,000 A.D. He shows the Apocalypse occurring by that date. It takes no great genius to figure out this date, for it represents the six thousand year time table previously mentioned in the Bible from the time of the beginning to the end. And in that time table Adam was put somewhere around 4,000 B.C.7

The timetable of Adam is a Biblical Timetable. Its relationship to actual scientific knowledge has no real bearing, for the Bible is prophesy and its prophesy is self- supporting through its own timetable. And that Timetable is formulated through the generations of men and their ages. Whether that timetable is historically correct or not, we need not bother ourselves; what is relevant is whether it is correct in terms of prophesy, i.e., we Assume Adam existed; we Assume all the generations between Adam and Christ, for instance, are correctly stated. This assumption gives us 4,000 years. Since Christ it has been another 2,000 years = 6,000 years at 2,000 A.D.

The Jews have come to know the timetable well. For they know that it provides for two dispersions, as in the Two Fig baskets. They know after the Second dispersion they will be gathered, together with all the Gentiles, as per Noah's Will, and Glorified in the full knowledge of God. And that, they know, will be done through a King sent them by God to set His Throne in Jerusalem and bring Peace to the World.

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Because of this Timetable, the Jews were not watching for the Messiah when Christ came.8 He simply was too early for them. Certainly, part of the Gathering involved the Restoration of the Temple and it had not yet fallen. It was no wonder, then, that they questioned Christ.

What they failed to see is that the Timetable also included a Supreme Sacrifice akin to the Sacrifice of Isaac. In fact it would occur on that place which Isaac was put. At the time of Christ, were Jews walking to and fro saying, Beware, for we have been told we will kill the Messiah when He comes and be dispersed across the earth because of it?

The prophesies certainly said this. Clearly the story of Jezreel and Loammi warns them. Certainly the fact that God said He would turn His face from Judah and to another, the Gentile, explains this. And the Virgin Birth glorifies this!

What therefore is God saying in all this? Why wouldn't He just send a great King to rule in His place and be done with it without having to suffer the pains and tribulations, the Travail, of murdering God's Son?

This question has to be answered. Why would God conceive of a plan of bringing the Knowledge of His Being to you through shedding the Son's blood? How can He be a King and rule in His Place when God says that He will be denied, spit upon, bruised, and killed? And His death an offering of sin atonement?

In truth, the precept in this Plan of bringing the knowledge of God to the earth and man by shedding His own Blood is a strange way of any god to look upon a way of showing himself to man. Other gods threw thunder bolts at most but this God, Our Father in Heaven, said He would throw a man, Himself, in the being of a man, at us. And because we have no idea of His Being or Wisdom, He claims that we would even deny that man. And then, to prove how powerful He is, He said He would punish them that denied Him. And it becomes the Witness of this punishment that is the first testament of the full Glory and Wisdom of His Being.9

To make the Witness a good witness, He contrived a plan which required that the Children of Israel separate themselves from all other men and stay separate so that all men can witness them in the end. For if Israel had intermarried, there would be no proof of God's Curse upon them. And it is the Curse which proves them, as in refining gold. Even so, the Psalms show us that in the knowledge of their Travail, Israel asks How long God will keep His Face turned from them.

Wormwood is the thing which desecrates the Temple of God. It causes the children of God to stray away from Him. For it tells them what they want to hear, those things which glorify them and not God. In Revelation Wormwood grows out of a precept, into a full being who sets himself in opposition against God's Anointed, who is called Christ. And he, Wormwood, is called by the name of AntiChrist. The coming of the Apocalypse is described as the great struggle between Christ, the King of Kings, and the Antichrist.

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The difference between Christ and the Antichrist is the fact that the Antichrist will attempt to mislead you into believing he is Christ. He does this to concentrate the power of the world in his hands and then betrays you and leads you into battle. The precept here is that the prophets have shown that man draws to words which tell him no wrong nor chastise him. All the ministry are waiting for a man to come to tell them what a wonderful job they have been doing, who will prophesy as they do and perform miracles as they do. And in this they attend Wormwood. For this is the description in Revelation of Wormwood: a prophet and a miracle worker like Christ! And though they wait for reward, the facts of the matter are that they deserve no reward.

The Anointed One who comes from God has been scheduled in the timetable during the times of Tribulation. Christ came at the time Israel was scattered by Rome. And that time was the greatest tribulation of Israel, for Israel was wiped permanently off the map for nearly two thousand years, longer than any other tribulation before. Further, its nation was nearly burned to the last man in the ovens of Hitler. In no other instance of history is there any incident laid in such a diabolical and world wide scale. It was not sufficient to destroy a part of them; in Hitler's mind all of them had to be destroyed. And in this sense, because of what he did and the bloodbath that consumed the world, Hitler is the greatest abomination ever to walk the face of the earth.

Is Hitler the end of Abominations? We see in the timetable he is the evil agent of the timetable. For through his agency great mercy was poured out upon the Jews, among the Gentile, and they were carried in Gentile arms and upon Gentile shoulders back to the Holy Land. They were carried because the Gentile-carrying them- had to wade from the boats standing off the shore, not being permitted to make a legal landing. Had Hitler not created his abomination, we probably would not see Israel upon the map today. This is a fact.

Even so, an abomination is an abomination. And what is greater than the greatest abomination? That is the issue I take with the ministry. They watch for abominations and claim that each one which is tossed at them is not a sufficient sign of the coming of the Lord. Rather than watching for Abominations, I have complained that they ought to be watching for The Word. For Christ said that you would recognize Him, as so did Mary, by His Word. The Jews did not recognize Him by His Word and you also will probably do likewise. For it has been prophesied that most of you will do likewise.

Thus, I have said that in the end I see two men arguing over the earth, as to who caused its end. And no credit was given to God, for they did not see the Abomination He promised He would throw at them. For every Abomination they had seen thrown at them was not evil enough for them.

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I remind you that God said He is capable of both good and evil. He proclaims over and over again, beginning with the curses of Moses, His ability to lay evil upon man. And He uses for His final proof Israel itself. And in Israel He says all men will come to see the final Armageddon and Apocalypse. He will gather all men to fight together in that valley. So it is we have the precept that Israel will be restored and found surrounded by its enemies and anyone who goes to help them will be consumed in the conflict. So it warns you to not go to them. At the same time it proclaims the burning of Lebanon, that even its animals are not sufficient for the sacrifice at hand; for there is a great Sacrifice to be made and in the offing.

The Promise of the Bible is the fact at this time all men will come to know God, beneath the covering of the Vine and the Fig Tree, and lay down together in Peace. They will turn their spears into fishhooks and swords into plowshares. So there is a Promise that something will be done to avoid the total annihilation, or flood (by fire) of the earth. That time is the Second Tribulation of the Timetable. It is the time when the Anointed One is set to come for the Second Time.

Behold, I am hidden in His hand. This is the precept of the Messiah.10 Something has been hidden from your eyes, and when the great day of the Lord comes He suddenly appears. That day is a day when a woman compasses a man. It is a day, in Revelation, which reflects the appearance of the Great Red Whore, who is called Babylon, Mystery of God. It is a day of reminder to you that what God said He would do to Babylon, He has also threatened upon all men. And on that day all men will Witness that nothing is left in the field which was once Babylon except wild beasts.11

So the Second Hand of God, or Second Rain, is not a time when God is going to pat each of you on the back for the good work that you've done. To the contrary, He is going to ask you what you have done to His Word, even what you have done to His Church and Temple. For He is going to accuse you of desecrating it. Implicit in the precept is the fact that He, from the Beginning, threatened to break His Other Stave named Bands. He describes this as feeding the flock of slaughter. And in the Latter Days He says:

Zechariah 11.16 For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws into pieces. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth his flock... 

The precept here is that this Messiah does not go into the streets. In fact, among the loudest parts of His Cry is the fact that He does not know you. And quickly He sets out to consume all of you with His word.

I complained to the Ministry, in several letters, that you all take pride in your gains, converting one to Christ here and another there, whilst behind your backs God is losing Nations from the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. You gain one lost sheep at a time; and I complained that we are now out of time and you are losing nations because you do not know how to defend the Word of God. Much of Central America is gone; much of Europe, even, is gone. And among the faithful to God who are left I see, among nations, only the Moslems.

page 204

Most of you have not considered the fact that the time of the Lord's Day, or Great Tribulation , involves the gathering of Nations. And no one has asked, "Who are God's Nations?"

You may recall that there were Two Nations, Twins, born in the womb of Rebekah. And God told her that the younger would be served by the elder. Thus it was justified that the younger, Jacob, would rob his elder brother of his inheritance; and because of the robbery his brother, Esau, or Edom, would be jealous of him and take up the sword against him, even to be forever a curse laid upon Israel. For God said that he hated Esau because of His sword that He had given him.

Out of the one nation, Jacob, who was renamed Israel, which nation was called to include all men, grew David and its offshoot called Christianity. And it, through the Gentile, as prophesied, came to cover the earth as grass. What, however, grew out of Esau? Was he not also promised that he would become a strong nation?

You should go back and read the Will of the near blind Isaac.

For just as Isaac had given Jacob Esau's Will, or Blessing, giving to Jacob the scepter to the Kingdom, he also gave to Esau a very similar Blessing. For he said to Esau, When the day comes that you hold the domain, the yoke of Jacob will be taken off your neck. And in the prophesies we find a reaffirmation of this fact, that the last day will include the glorification of Esau as well as Jacob. And Esau comes from across the Jordan.

Behold, therefore, that Esau holds the domain. For a man holds the domain, the Holy Mount of God, and He is not Jacob. And he comes from across the Jordan.

I wonder about all those questioning the Temple mount, whether at the time of the Restoration the Dome of the Rock must come down. Must they, as all others, decide for God? Hath God no answer in this?

You all put yourselves above God. My letters are evidence of this. For I inquire with you about the truth of the Two Anointed Ones and even the Tabernacle and its Mercy Seat and none of you answer! You all read some things which you call true and the others, which may controvert your belief, you pass over! Why didn't the Apostles describe Christ as One of the Two Anointed Ones? And then describe them, for the Peace is shared between them, as One Being, a Babe? Was their jealousy over their own understanding of the Bible, and Christ, so strong that they had to shield their eyes from things which controverted them? In truth, you are all that way: you shield your eyes from things upon which you are afraid to look. And since you live in fear and not hope and know no way to approach your Lord, or even confront Him, I suggest you hold up a mirror and look into it and walk backwards unto Him.

The Bible is your Mirror. Look upon it, all of it and you will be able to see the face of God. And walk back unto Him.

page 205

I sent many Television Ministers, even T.V. 42, my Tabernacle and no one would gaze upon it. I complained that no one in the last two thousand years has thought to Witness for Christ, that he was who He said He was. And I said this time, of all times, is the best Witness, because Israel is on the map again. This means, in the logic and precepts of the Bible (come, we must reason together in the valley of decision) that if Israel is restored theSacrificed Lamb of God, implicitly the First Anointed One, must have already come! For it is certain that a man did come and was murdered like unto Jezreel and after His Murder the nation of Israel was scattered. And if He did not come, then I asked, "Then Israel awaits to be scattered and sifted among the nations and refined as a refiners fire melts gold, so that its Messiah can come. O woe unto Jerusalem! Still there is no answer.

What I asked the ministry to put to them is the fact that Israel cannot exist until prophesies concerning the Virgin and the murder of the Anointed One are fulfilled. And no one answered...

Notes to Letter A
1) Looking back after the release of this manuscript, I wonder about this; because the Essene's certainly remember the Sacrificed Messiah in their Psalms. For they reflect the broken spirit so well described in David's Psalms.
2) The question I asked in my manuscript was whether Christ would see Faithful men. For it is they who shall receive His Inheritance. It is times like these when I restrain myself from the obvious.,
3) In my manuscript I could have said what Christ said concerning this: That if you have not the faith in Moses and the prophets, how could you be expected to believe a man raised from the dead?
4) We recall the Ships of Tarshish waiting to haul the children of Israel back to the Holy Land, after the great dispersion. Tarshish was a city on the coast of Spain.
5) Curiously, The Adam and Eve story promises Adam that He (his children) will be restored to paradise and redeemed after 5,500 years. In this Promise God says He will come again for the second time and save Adam's children and bring Peace (and Paradise) to the world. Using the timeline in My Bible, which is the King James Bible, scholars have computed Adam's time to be around 4,000 B.C. Exactly 5,500 years later Columbus, through Spain, discovered America and founded a people who never before existed in the world. Prophesy addresses such a people in connection with the Deliverance: A people who were not known to the Jews nor existed in Biblical times but were to be created in the future. This makes America unique among the nations formed out of the Old World. For she was Newly Created, being called the New World, as a result of a discovery in 1492 A.D. and was the first of the New Nations to be formed. Until America was formed there was no such nation which existed which could fulfill the prophesy addressing a people who would be created!
6) I wrote this several years before I added my Apocalypse to this book. My apocalypse addresses another wall: that containing the Golden Gate. So Nostradamus's prophesy could apply to this wall as well.
7) These relationships are interesting. For Nostradamus prophesied things to come which would follow him after 500 years.
8) I had not read the data in the Dead Sea Scrolls when I wrote this. Certainly the Essenes were watching for Him and expected Him to come any moment. And though Christ may have passed them by on the road, even ate with them from time to time, they certainly, from the evidence of their manuscripts, had no idea it was He who had visited them.
9) The Psalm even says, Behold, my members, are they not written in the book? He points to the book and says, "See, it is I"; and you should be able to examine that book and look upon His Members, which had been created in continuity, existing before even He existed, and say, "Surely, this is Truth".
10) Prophesy refers to these times of the Latter Days and these peoples as Babylon and Egypt. These are addressed in Revelation. But no one asks why the Anointed One has also been given an epithet called Zerubbabel. And Wise Men these days all ask," What does this mean? Born in Babylon?"
 page 206

Letter B

Harvest House Publishers
Eugene, Oregon
Attn: Hal Lindsey

Dear Mr Lindsey,

I know that you receive a considerable amount of mail concerning your popular books. I recently read The Promise and saw something in it which I know you would want to correct.

On page 10 of your book you say, speaking of the Messiah, Moses called Him Shiloh, the rightful heir of God's throne (Genesis 49.10). Your reference is correct, being a statement of Genesis, but Moses-except recording the book of Genesis- had nothing to do with the naming of Shiloh.* The person who named Shiloh was, in fact, Jacob (Israel); which being done was in the course of the Blessing of Inheritance given by Israel to His 12 sons (and also Joseph's two sons).

The interpretation, as to who Shiloh is, is also incorrect. Genesis 49.10 says:

Genesis 49.10 The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the lawgiver from between his feet, Until Shiloh come, and to Him shall the gathering of the people be.

Shiloh, by definition by Israel himself, who is our Greatest Authority on the Bible, is not a Jew! Shiloh is not necessarily a Jew. Further, the Scepter is another name for the Messianic King 1. He is also called the Branch, the Babe, another Moses, Noah, and, in Zechariah, The Two Olive Branches, God's Two Anointed Ones. Their names are Beauty and Bands, also called God's Two Staves. You may wish to refresh yourself by reading Zechariah, chapters 3, 4, and 11.

page 207

There is a voice of howling of the Shepherds, for their glory is spoiled. 2) I remind you of this, of the many Biblical passages which reflect God's conclusion concerning his shepherds-who are the principal adversaries of God, His Kingdom, and His King, or Messiah (Anointed One).

So it is we see God giving us plenty of warning concerning Shepherds and prophets who would mislead us and not remain faithful to the Word of God. Jeremiah, principally devoted to this message as being a cause by which the people of Israel are eventually scattered, warns us repeatedly about the false prophets and false shepherds. In chapter 23 he opens, saying,

Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture...Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them, behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord...Wherefore their ways shall be unto them as slippery ways in the darkness: they shall be driven on, and fall therein: for I will bring evil upon them, even the year of their visitation, saith the Lord...Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets; behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall...Thus saith the Lord of hosts, hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the Lord. (Jeremiah 23.1 thru 23.16

Please do not be offended by me that I would take such pain to remind you of the characteristics of a false shepherd. We know that to err is to be human, but to quote God we must take caution not to err. We have to try to think the way He thinks when we expound upon something which reflects a specific thought He had in mind. For instance, in the case of Shiloh we have a specific and very critical key to God's Plan of Inheritance set through Israel. That plan, to be true, has to be consistent with other observations He has made concerning the Inheritance. And ultimately we find that the Inheritance is divided between Two Anointed Ones, One of whom is described by Isaiah as the Double who is the Glory of the Gentile and the cause by which Israel is brought to shame (but not to feel shame); by which cause even Israel basks in the Glory of the Gentile. We see also here in these passages that the actual Deliverance of Israel is through the arms and upon the shoulders of the Gentile. This Double is the one who is the Gatherer whom Israel called Shiloh.

I have seen the ministry quote Zechariah to great length, justifying the cause of Jesus Christ, as you have even done in your book; whilst I have seen no one make mention of the key point Zechariah had focused his book upon: Two Anointed Ones.3 I have yet to hear any ministry address the Messiah in terms of Two Olive Branches, or Olive Trees, or even Beauty and the Bands. And this seems to me to be false dealings, even slippery dealings, when a pastor claims many epithets from a book to proclaim or advance his argument whilst ignoring other epithets which might create questions to his argument. For instance, in your argument you acknowledged that there seems to be conflicting epithets concerning the messianic vehicle and you answered those conflicting testimonies by saying that they are caused because we are dealing with a messiah who is born and raised again from the dead. But you must see, stopping there and not explaining the nature of these two mountain peaks of which you described leaves the whole issue unresolved, ambiguous, and steeped in controversy. And you allow yourself, by being afraid to pursue the question, to be misled, which, in turn, because you write on the subject, misleads others.

page 208

The failure to see Two Anointed Ones in the Messiah is a critical issue. It cannot lay unredressed. For it relates to a principal sign or signature used by God: He has always gathered things two by two, except things devoted to sacrifice are gathered in groups of seven. He went down to Sodom to see for himself the goings on in that place as Two Men; in Revelation He sends out Seven Candles to pour their Seven Vials upon the earth to bring to a close the First Resurrection, which is of The Word, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who is followed by Michael.

When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, He also gave the Congregation of Israel a small chest, in which the commandments would be kept, and a shelter for them and their congregation. Atop that chest, called the Ark of the Covenant, which also contains the Testimony of God, is a thin sheet of gold. Atop that sheet of gold was placed Two Olive Branches and they were carved in the form of Two Cherubim.4 And it was between these Two Cherubim where God said He resides and was evidenced to be seen and commune with the Children of Israel. This small place inside the Tabernacle, which was a Tent, was called the Mercy Seat. You see God where He resides between the Two Cherubim atop His Mercy Seat.

The Mercy Seat is a place of judgement. It was carried by means of Two Staves carved out of Shittim wood, which were inserted through two gold rings fastened on either end of the Ark.

Thus, we have on the Ark an image of God which is formed between Two Cherubim and coupled with that image, introduced by Zechariah, the concept that the Two Anointed Ones who are seated upon the Mercy Seat (they can be no other) are also the Staves by which God carries His Mercy to man. For there are no other staves in the Bible, except they be called Rods, which term applies to God's rights of Inheritance.

Among all of you, for the last 3500 years, thereabout, from the days of the Tabernacle to the destruction of Herod's temple-'till now- there has been but One Man who has asked who those Two Olive Branches are!!! And His name was Zechariah. Even so, no one has thought to ask where those Two Anointed Ones resided.

No one asked about the Two Olive Trees in all those years, except Zechariah. And even so, no one asked where those Two Olive Trees resided!

On the other hand, all of the Children of Israel witnessed the Two Olive Branches atop the Mercy Seat from about 1450 B.C. until the time David abandoned the Tabernacle, which was situated in a place called Shiloh and later moved to the Temple Mount and abandoned when the temple was built, about 1,000 B.C..5 So for about five hundred years (since 1492 B.C.) the Children of Israel gazed upon the Two Cherubim and never thought to ask who they were. Then, in 1,000 B.C., David was given plans for the Temple, which plans were given by God under protest, as He stated that He preferred to live in His Tent. In those plans of the Temple God added Two More Cherubim, placing them before the Temple Sanctuary. They stood 10 cubits high, had 10 cubit wingspans, and were 15 feet high in our measure. They were carved out of Olive Trees.

page 209

For nearly six hundred years, at least until the taking of the children into captivity in Babylon, which was about 600 B.C., the Children of Israel gazed upon these Two Olive Trees before the Temple Sanctuary. For eleven hundred years no one thought to ask who those two Olive Trees and the Two Olive Branches were in the Temple Sanctuary. Only Zechariah asked, about 500 B.C., and even then no one asked Him as to where they resided!

By comparison, it is like Americans walking through the Lincoln Memorial for 1100 years and never thinking to ask who the statue in the memorial is.

This is particularly relevant, for we are told that the God of Abraham despises false images and false names and forbids any name or image being given unto Him. Yet, He cast His image Between Two Cherubim in the Tabernacle atop His Mercy Seat. Someone before Zechariah should have asked who those Olive Branches are!

Zechariah 3.8 Hear now, O Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the Branch.

One of the repeated epithets of the Messiah is the fact that He is wondered at. God knows that the priesthood will not accept them. Thus we have the Psalms speaking a good deal about how the Messiah actually feels in His Times concerning the things He sees; and many of these things coincide with the observations His People also see in their times.

When we examine this Messiah we find, in the Psalms alone, but augmented in the Prophesies, that He is really two different beings. One is a Sacrificial Lamb and a King who is killed; the other seems to become transformed, like Joshua the Priest in Zechariah, from the unclean to the clean. When this latter rain speaks He seems to carry more the heart of David, who knows He has sinned against God, than the Perfection we know in Jesus the Christ.

The thing in common which the Two Anointed Ones have is the fact that the Priesthood will not be willing to accept them. No one will accept them. For all are so consumed with the preservation of their own vanity and the truths they would wish to protect, which justify their own causes, that no one would recognize the Messiah when He comes. For He does not chase after them who chase after the objects of their vanity. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His Anointed, saying,

Psalm 2.2 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

The Messiah is one who is constantly grieving for His Lord. And He says things like this so often: Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping (Psalm 6.8)

page 210

A premise in the Bible, concerning Justice, is that The wicked are snared in the work of their own hands (Psalm 9.16) Ultimately this is voiced where God speaks of His Sealed Book, stating that one day He is going to prove that He is wiser than all of us and on that day we will find ourselves stumbling and falling back into His Snare. The Snare, of course, is the snare of the Bible: its precepts. For precept is built upon precept, line upon line, and you cannot go through them and deviate from them without one day finding yourself falling backward ensnared. So it is that you and many others, even as many as thirty some odd other ministry whom I have written, can make deviations to the Word of God, so to reinforce your understanding of God; but I tell you all now that your deviations are going to ensnare you.

Psalm 9.15 The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. 

One of the precepts of the Bible, in the spreading of the knowledge of God, is that it will be done through the Gentile and Heathen of the earth. For all men are destined to come to know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: The Lord looked down from heaven, upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no not one. (Psalm 14.2, 3)

One of the Anointed Ones is hidden in the hand of God: Behold, He hath hidden me in His Hand. One reason why He is hidden is the fact that He is the weakest man in Jerusalem: but I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people (Psalm 22.6)

When He is seen correlates with the precept of which Jeremiah speaks, when He speaks about the Two Fig Baskets (referring to the Children of Israel). The one basket is pure and clean; the other is wicked and corrupt. The pure and clean basket God decides to send into captivity, into Babylon, and then return them in great Mercy to always live and abide in Him. The other basket He leaves in Jerusalem and claims that one day He will cause it, because it is so wicked, to be scattered and sifted midst the nations of the earth: but even then He would restore it to Jerusalem in His Great Mercy. Just as in the restoration after the captivity in Babylon, where Zerrubabel is Anointed to restore the walls and temple of Jerusalem, so too do the Deliverance epithets, concerning the Deliverer or Gatherer and his Generation refer to Him as another Zerrubabel: i.e., Born in Babylon. In any event, concerning the Deliverance, this latter basket, God makes a reproach to all men; and of these people the speaker for them says:

page 211

But thou has cast off, and put us to shame and goest not forth with our armies.
Thou makest us to turn back from the enemy: and they which hate us spoil for themselves;
Thou hast given us like sheep appointed for meat; and hast scattered us among the heathen.
Thou sellest thy people for nought, and doest not increase thy wealth by their price;
Thou makest us a reproach to our neighbors, a scorn and a derision to them that are round about us.
Thou makest us a byword among the heathen, a shaking of the head among the people.
My confusion is continually before me, and the shame of my face hath covered me...all this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten thee, neither have we dealt falsely in thy covenant...
Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.
Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord? Arise, cast us not off for ever. (Psalm 44.9 thru 44.23)

This is the epithet of both the Nation and its Anointed. For the sake of their God, they are both put to travail and even shamed among men. The nation is put to Travail, as we see in the prophets, so it will give birth to a Son. The Son is put to Travail also because He is born of a Whorish Womb. God calls His Wife Mt. Zion (and also the Gentile) a Whore. He tells the prophet to go out and marry Two Whores. The first Whore gives birth to Two Sons and a daughter. The first son, Jezreel, is murdered and God takes revenge upon his death. The second son, Loammi, is then called by God to go before His People and declare unto them, You are not my people, and then, on the day He declares, You are not my people, He then says, You are my people and redeems them to God. This is another name for the Deliverer. He is not going to want to know you or call you His People.

You have to look at the situation from the perspective of Christ. He was put upon a cross, being perfectly innocent of any crime (the prophesies preceding him speak of His Innocence, that's why He is hated); and in the course of that trial there is absolutely no one who stands with Him. He has no witnesses, except the witness of His Executioner, Pontius Pilate, who claimed He was innocent. Among thousands of people who claimed to know and love Christ, and benefited from His Miracles and Healings, there was virtually no one willing to Witness on His Behalf; and the closest man to Him, who carried His purse and sopped with Him, betrayed Him; He who Christ appointed as His Rock (like another Mt. Zion), who is Peter, even denied Him three times! You know the story well. But have you ever thought what the Messiah, returned, may have to say about it? He knows what all of you really are underneath your bright scarves, great hats, and well purchased booths. You are all capable of denying Him. Thus, any Messiah returned will expect no more that what He already knows that is in you. And even then He will tell thee that He would take thee for his wife. For the Precept all along is that God knowingly decided to court and take to wife a whore; and it is the second whore whom He finally succeeds in redeeming.

page 212

In spite of this flood which is forced upon Him, like a bitter cup, He has yet Hope: Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God..(Psalm 42.5)

He hopes He will not be sacrificed. Christ, even unto the end, hoped He would not be sacrificed and cried out, voicing the Psalm, Father, why hath thou forsaken me? That psalm also covers epithets of an individual after the cross: O that I had wings like a dove! For then I would fly away and be at rest. (Psalm 55.6) This expresses how the Anointed is raised early every morning to record the Word of God and, knowing it will put Him in strife with those about Him, bringing a flood of angry waters upon Him, wishes He could avoid the responsibilities daily laid upon his shoulders. For the more the flood comes upon Him the more He realizes for Him there is no escape. I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest (Psalm 55.8) That storm and tempest is called in another place a Pavilion of the Lord; and in another place the Anointed declared that He hath been hidden in the secret of the Lord's Pavilion and Tabernacle. The two thoughts are connected by significant purpose, because this particular Anointed comes at the time of the Deliverance, a period of Great Darkness overspreading the earth; a time when all men watch for Noah and know that they need to be delivered. It is a time of great glory also, for all men will come to know their God underneath the covering of the Vine and the Fig Tree. Christ, incidentally, said He was the Vine and told you to watch for the Fig Tree to cast His leaves and then you would know that summer (the sign of His return, which He had been talking about) is nigh come or at hand.

We say the Messiahis hidden in the secret of the Tabernacle because the Sign of the restoration or Deliverance of Israel is accompanied with the restoration or Deliverance of the Tabernacle; and the Tabernacle has always been considered a special secret of God. The Messiah delivers the Tabernacle and reveals the secret. The revelation, of course, involves the revelation of Himself, how He also had been a secret.

page 213

Be merciful unto me, O God: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me...I will not fear what flesh can do unto me. Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil...Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle. Are they not in thy book?

When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back. (Psalm 56.1 thru 56.9)

How long will ye imagine mischief against a man? Ye shall be slain, all of you: as a bowing wall shall ye be, and as a tottering fence. (Psalm 62.3)

Save me, O God, for the waters are come in unto my soul...reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none: and for comforters, but I found none. (Psalm 69.20)

The Anointed One is the loneliest man in the world. For on any appearance among men He is something which will not be believed. That is the first Precept in the word of God. He will not be believed. But in the time of the Deliverance there is the Promise that He is finally believed. And that is because of the evil laid upon man (or planned) by God which follows at His heals. He is One whom all men are warned they will Fear. For He appears upon the Lord's great and frightful day, the Last Day.

In Revelation, with the appearance of the King of Kings, whose name no one knows (is known only to Himself) and who is called The Word and appears in a time called The First Resurrection, the Tabernacle in Heaven is opened up. And Revelation declares, and no man entered. Then it says the Seven Candles released their Seven Vials upon the earth.

You all claim that you await your lord. But you all watch for a Cloud, thinking Him but a spirit, something all men will recognize, and neglect to think that there is yet another who appears before that Cloud; and He is described by Christ as a Thief who, in my estimation, and I may be in error, is The Word, the First Resurrection. The Cloud is the Second Resurrection. And you who have been watching for the Cloud, I have said, have denied The Word.5

To understand the Two Olive Branches, as to what they are and what is purposed in them, even how they feel about themselves, you have to read the prophets, even Christ Himself. They all agree. When you see the Two Olive Branches, you will see that they all agree.7

In Isaiah we are told that the Messiah's person is of such comeliness and beauty that no one will desire Him. So this is a good place for you to start in your inquiry concerning the Tabernacle of God. No one will desire Him. He knows that He is so different from you that He can walk to and fro upon the earth as an invisible man.

page 214

But His works are laid out before Him. And those works are to show you the nature of your God, even His Glory and His Blessing.8 In the showing the Bible (Isaiah most specifically) says that to prove that you do not know your God, you will kill your Messiah when He is sent unto you. And that is called a Sin Offering by God. In the prophesies He states over and over His Chagrin for your false offerings and fasts; for whenever you make your sin offerings or other you quickly go back to your old ways. Consider your ways, so saith the Lord, When ye fasted and mourned in the fifth month and seventh month, even those seventy years, did ye at all fast unto me, even to me?

Zechariah 7.13 And when ye did eat, and when ye did drink, did not ye eat for yourselves, and drink for yourselves?....Therefore, it is come to pass, that as he cried, and they would not hear: so they cried, and I would not hear, saith the Lord of Hosts:

But I scattered them with a whirlwind among all the nations whom they knew not.. 

The point here is that with the occurrence of Two Anointed Ones so goes the problem of communication; in which case, the Anointed is considered to be probably not heard. In Revelation, concerning The Word, there is a possibility that He might not be heard. But that possibility is clarified by the statement that The Tabernacle in Heaven was opened up and no man entered. Had man entered, one might guess that the Seven Vials may have been avoided.

When you discuss the Messiah you should look at things from His point of View. He is a stranger in the land. Even His neighbors and brothers do not know Him.

When you analyze the Messiah, group His epithets according to the purpose which is in Him: for instance, I group them according to Beauty and Bands. Beauty sets the Model; Bands sets the Marriage and Redemption/Deliverance. And remember, concerning the Branch:

Zechariah 6.13 Even He shall build the Temple of the Lord; and He shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and He shall be a priest upon his throne: and the Counsel of peace shall be between them both.

When the Anointed One is not heard, then God turns His Face away from those to whom He was sent. In the threats against man, first and foremost is the threat against Jerusalem/Judah, who fails to profit from its son. For God anticipates beforehand that it is like a woman in Travail which can do no more than produce wind. God asks this womb, is there no King in you?

page 215

Then He says, because they did not listen to Him, He turned His Face from them to another who is the Gentile of the earth, who would glorify Him. Because He turned His Face toward them, one should anticipate that the Gentile will be caused to produce something: that is the other half of the Messiah. The other Anointed One is put inside their womb. Now it is for the task of the Gentile to produce their son. And the prophesies all anticipate that they will do so. And in the doing Jerusalem will be glorified once again.

The Glorification of Jerusalem and Judah is based upon Shame. Because God prophesied that they would kill the Anointed King, it produces a cause for eventual Shame: In the day of Deliverance they will see that they killed their Messiah. How is this done?

First, Israel will have been discovered on the map again. The prophesies clearly state that God will disperse its Nation twice (like the Two Fig Baskets). First to Babylon, and then God asks, Where is Babylon? He has done unto Babylon what He said He would do. Then He points to Israel and asks the same question, and in the Psalms the nation of Israel (actually Israel Himself; another name for the Messiah or Deliverer) laments that He has been abandoned by God. And He asks His God, How Long? And the answer to that, in several prophets, but distinctly in Daniel, is until the Abomination which maketh desolate overfloweth the earth.9

So the key to the restoration of Israel becomes basically the evidence that Israel has been restored, even surrounded on all sides; and even the evidence that Lebanon (God's Fruitful Field) is burning. At the same time the Abomination of Desolation is scheduled to appear; and when he appears so is tuned Michael, the Prince, to appear.

Whilst Daniel shows Michael as the Anointed One who comes to fight the Dragon, Revelation shows Him being preceded by the King of Kings, known as The Word. So Revelation clarifies the scene of the Deliverance into Two Missions: One which is the Mouth of God, whose Tongue is His Sword, and the other which is He who has previously fought His Battle in Heaven and casts the Devil down into the pit for a thousand years.

The thing which brings all this together is the correlation of The Word with the appearance of Israel on the map again.

When you think of this character you have to think about His Mission. It concerns the Salvation of all men. For the World is in dire straights. It no longer is prophesied to be limited to Judah: it involves the Gentile and the Heathen as well for this is the day of the Latter rain. This is the day of the Latter House; and it is prophesied that the Latter House shall be greater than the former.

Critical to the Anointing is the Mystery of the Tabernacle. For it is opened at that time.

page 216

Psalm 102.16 When the Lord shall build up Zion He shall appear in His Glory.
Psalm 40.7 Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me.
Psalm 71.7 I am a wonder unto many; and thou art my strong refuge.

Psalm 73 For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked...Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment...concerning oppression they speak softly...And they say, How doth God know? and is there knowledge in the most High? Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches...If I say, I will speak thus; behold, I should offend against the generation of thy children. When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; untilI went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end.

Psalm 88.10-12 Wilt thou show wonders to the dead? Shall the dead arise and praise thee? Selah. Shall thy lovingkindness be declared in the grave? Or thy faithfulness in destruction?

Shall thy wonders be known in the dark? And thy righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

Psalm 89.35-49 Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David. His Seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me..Lord where are thy former lovingkindnesses, which thou swarest unto David in thy truth?

Psalm 94.16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Psalm 98 The Lord hath made known His Salvation: His Righteousness hath He openly shewed in the sight of the Heathen. He hath remembered His Mercy and His Truth toward the house of Israel: all the ends of the earth have seen the Salvation of our God...Let the floods clap their hands: let the hills be joyful together before the Lord; for He cometh to Judge the earth: with righteousness shall He judge the world, and the people with equity.

Psalm 110.1 Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

In the context of the King who is killed, the Messiah is taken back to the right hand of God until God has finished His Works:

page 217

Psalm 111.6 He hath shewed his people the power of His Works, that He may give them the heritage of the Heathen.
Psalm 118. 22 The stone which the builders refused is become the Head Stone of the corner.

Implicit in the precepts of the Anointed One is the fact that He will not die (though pierced) and will be restored the Kingdom. And to clarify the appearance, through the Two Anointed Ones, we have statements, such as Psalm 118, which assure us that even he who lays the Headstone in the field is the same as the Headstone. And all of his characteristics are thoroughly defined, as we see in Psalm 139.16:

Psalm 139.16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
Psalm 144.11 Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood:

The substance of the diaspora and regathering of Israel involves the possibility that the scattered children will be swayed over to the thinking of the heathen and Gentile, as even in the days of the Babylonian Captivity. The Psalmist only knows this by means of the prophesies which had been made before him. He knows by the prophesy that the children will be brought up even in a nation which had not yet existed; and he anticipates that there will be one day a conflict, or controversy, concerning the redemption of Israel and the restoration of David, the King, and His Seed. David knows that God would not lie to Him, that one day His Seed will be restored to the throne and them after them. And that is a time when a man is compassed by a woman.

A key to the Anointing of the Babe is the fact that the Woman plays such a great part in it. In the Anointing the Babe is born, for instance, of a Virgin, who also must be of the lineage of David. This Anointing through a Woman (Rebekah anointed Jacob), is forseen even into the Deliverance; and there it is connected with the precept of a man being compassed by a woman. Revelation picks up on this theme, describing, about the time of the appearance of The Word, the Great Red Whore. And in the course of Revelation, as well as other prophesies, even the Psalms, it is anticipated that somehow the knowledge of God comes into terrible decline-such that His Anointed can write His Ministry, they being so few in number.10

In the days of the Apostles, we have the letters written to the Seven Churches of Christianity.

page 218

In the prophesies we have Seven Women asking the Anointed One to be able to live according to their ways but still be called by His Name. The concern here is that the church will change from that which is set when God follows through on His Vow to put His Faith and Tabernacle in our hearts. That is to say, Christ fulfilled this prophesy, of putting God's Tabernacle in our hearts; even so, because the Tabernacle and Temple are both prophesied to be restored at the time Zion is restored, by the Deliverer, it is apparent that the Church set in our hearts will eventually come to be reinforced by God Himself seated atop His Mercy Seat between the Two Cherubim.11 Note, however, that this prophesy of changing our hearts from stone to flesh clearly pertains to the Deliverance period and not to the period of the Virgin Birth.

Revelation calls the descent of Wormwood that of the AntiChrist and His False Prophet.12 In Revelation, as in the other prophesies, God reinforces His threat to allow you to believe the vanities in man.

Psalm 49.11 Their inward thought is that their houses shall continue for ever, and their dwelling places to all generations; they call their lands after their own names.

But all this is in vain, for they store up their treasures not knowing who will come to gather them.

Psalm 27.4-5 One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his Temple.

For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His Pavilion: in the secret of His Tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock.

The conflict in the Deliverance comes between the Messiah and the thing which is called Wormwood.13 His adversary, who is the Anointed One, waits, hidden in the hand of God, even in the mystery of His Tabernacle. Then, when He becomes as a bud from the horn of David, emerging, all that which lies before Him crumbles into the dust. For all He need point out is the work of Wormwood.

Most Christian Ministers seem to spend more time watching for the Antichrist than they would spend for their Promised King restored. And the stage, through Wormwood, is such that they would even expect their King to come to answer for the lies that they know have deceived them. Rather than watching for Him who would address the Tabernacle and its Mercy Seat, as Promised, they watch for something else; and that thing is the thing which they hope will tell them the lies they already believe.

page 219

It is easy for a man to come and claim that He is Christ Resurrected; and perhaps easy for many to believe it. But if they believe it, it is a lie. For we await the First Resurrection, for those who believe in Revelation, and the man who comes has no name. He is known only as The Word.14 And if He were to take a name, because of the task before Him, of gathering all of the seed of God into His Tabernacle, as Job describes the Unicorn; He would have to take the name originally given for Him for the time of the Deliverance: That name is Israel (Israel calls Him Shiloh). For Isaiah tells us there are Three Witnesses of God. The first is of God; the second goes by the name of David (Jacob); and the third subscribes unto the Lord with the surname of Israel. Israel is the end of all things prophesied in the Bible.

As to His nature, He carries one that is somewhat different from Christ: First, as Shiloh, even because He addresses His People in a foreign tongue and with stammering lips (like Moses), He is not or cannot be a Jew. So He must adopt His name at best, and that name would be Israel. He would call His Nation by the Name of Israel. He would call them by Name. And if Christians know this name they would be wise to go to it.

I like to think of Him as Bands, however. For the redemption of Israel, which is a time when all men are brought into the Tabernacle of God, is like a marriage. The Tabernacle is held together by gold bands; the ceremony involving its restoration is with bands of love. And as He restores the Tabernacle, its bands and cords, it is anticipated that there will be those who will seek to cut them and break them. And they will be the workers of Wormwood.

This is not to deny Christ His right at the throne. For we must recall that that which was the cornerstone is also the headstone. There is but One Holy Spirit, or Holy One of Israel. And you who would think that He is affected by one name or another ought to go back and read Him. For He really needs no name to do His Works. The most I could call Him, I suppose, would be the Branch. That's basically the perspective, anyway: you see God through the Branch and you come to commune with Him where He resides between Them atop the Mercy Seat.

For those of you who take this lightly, there is a Warning. For God said that He would break both of His Staves, Beauty and Bands. If I were you I would pray that He would not break Bands, as the other, for what will be done unto Him has been prophesied unto you [the womb] who contain Him.

Psalm 80.12 Why hast thou then broken down her hedges, so that all they which pass by the way do pluck her?

For those of you who do not believe in God, becauseHe makes mistakes, give thought to the hedges of Israel, for they have been restored. Therefore, we are no longer in the time of Psalm 80.12. Yet, whilst in Jerusalem I heard many crying that their Lord must have made a mistake. Even so much as many would deny the name of Israel itself, because they saw their land but no Lord within them. God had forgotten to include the Messiah in their restoration, so it seems.

Why is it that the pen speaks but no one can hear? Hast thou heard the secret of God? And doest thou restrain wisdom to thyself? What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? Shall it declare thy truth?

page 220

Man's wisdom this day is so great I feel sorry for the Messiah when He comes. For He faces many mountains and no single man can climb them. For every man worships his own god, and every man requires his own of his own god. Therefore, there can be no god for these.

When I was in Jerusalem I was told about the Golden Gate, even prevented from walking up to it. Yet, I walked up to the iron fence about it, in the graveyard, and wondered why they had taken all the trouble to block it up. For I was told that they believe that the Jewish Messiah will come through the Golden Gate, from the East, the Mount of Olives. And they believed that no Messiah would dare walk through their cemetery. Somehow, those who hold the dominion of the Temple mount have arrived at the conclusion that the living should fear the dead.

I had a friend tell me about her neighborhood's complaints about a funeral home relocating from a downtown location to their place. The entire neighborhood was up in arms about it, resisting the relocation of the funeral home to their neighborhood. I thought it odd and told my friend that her neighbors had greater cause to fear the living than the dead.

You all fear the dead and if something were dead and raised again you would fear Him. And you should fear Him for He knows your inner secrets. For those of you who have read of the Deliverance, tell them who guard the gate that the Deliverer comes not from the east but from the West. For you have been told that you will be seeded from the east and gathered from the west: furthermore, you will fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the east. And you have also been told that His Name comes even from the far isles and the far coasts. For He comes from the place where the sun sleeps in the imaginations of men.

So to fill the expectations of men whose lips utter the words of their own vanity and not the Holy Word of God, let that gate come down. You who wait for the Wisdom of God by the wayside, watching for mountains and valleys to be cleaved in two and their walls broken down, then I say to my Lord and God, let it be! Those of you who watch for death, give them death; for I see no life within you. But I remind you that your God is a God of the living, not the dead, for his anger endureth for a moment; in his favour is life: Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. So I write to the Living.

What right have I to chastise anyone? I have none, for I am the least of all of you. Even less, for I am not like you and have not laid any claim upon the inheritance. And I leave those claims to you who would be gods over God.

Let me tell you what I have done, so you can better appreciate the problems of the Messiah when you finally see Him.

I took up the Bible and read it through the eyes of Christ, as best I could. I listened through the ears of Christ as best I could. Then I spoke with my pen through the mouth of Christ as best I could. For I learned that the Body of Christ is between me and any other man who might call in His Name in agreement with me. So I called for another in Christ's Name and no one heard me. I called out louder, asking for comfort and even refuge, and still no one comforted me. I even told some of them that I was a lost sheep and felt hurt that no one bothered to gather me or come after me.

I looked into the Tabernacle in my early days and wrote others about it, how to build it and why to build it. I told them what the Tabernacle really is, in my view, and how it can change the world. For God resides in the Tabernacle atop the Mercy Seat between the Two Cherubim. And if the Cloud of God is there by day, and His Fire there by night, then I know He can lead us into the New Kingdom which Christ had told us to pray for. And I knew if the Cloud of God were there, where all could see Him, then so would the man known as Jesus Christ be there.

page 221

I wrote many of the ministry, great and small, and no one even let out so much as a peep. I described the Tent as a Shoebox, so that all those who had heard of it will never forget it.

In my early letters I suggested to one minister, a television ministry, that a good thing to do to get this new world coming set off right would be to gather the Peacemakers. For I suggested to him that they are the Children of God and the first to be gathered. I suggested that the next Easter several congregations, or demonstrations, in large fields could be organized. Those that come need only be Peacemakers, and I cared little for any differentiation they may wish to make regarding religion. For to me it is the Peacemakers who keep the faith above all others. For God is a man of peace. My letters were ignored altogether, even those which dealt with the Tabernacle were ignored.

I wrote others of these things, including the Two Olive Branches, hoping to generate some interest in the building of the Tabernacle. I even offered to pay for its basic construction. I had $10,000 saved and felt it could cover the initial cost of the boards and curtains, making the metal parts out of brass and steel. Then, when it is seen, I believed all will come to if offering their gold and silver so that the brass rings could be changed to gold and the steel tenons and their sockets to gold and silver. Even though I offered to pay for it, no one showed an interest in the project. They seemed more interested in talking about rumors of those building the Temple in Jerusalem and how the Dome of the Rock must come down to allow for it. Yet, none of them considered that you cannot appreciate what the Temple is without knowing what the Tabernacle is. For the Tabernacle was essentially moved into the Temple, with modification. And when they speak of the Temple, I ask, Which Temple?

So I ask those who are trying to build the Temple, or would do so, What are you building?

Let's build the Tabernacle; then the Temple can be built.

I thought it strange that no one in the ministry has arrived at the conclusion that the Tabernacle must be some kind of image of God, being not only important to the Children of Israel and man, but also God Himself. Why would He design it or give it if there were no reason for it? Does He design things so that they can become corrupted like man and return to the dust? Are God's Designs susceptible even to the moths? Or does He design things which can live and whose truth will be as great today as it is forever?

Needless to say, no one seemed interested.

I wrote many letters and several books about the subject. I sent one book to Clyde Schuller, another to Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong, who seemed most enthusiastic about interpreting Revelation, and another I left in France. So as to assure all these that I really have no claim to any of it, I left my name off my correspondence wherever possible. For what I have discovered and offered, being important to me, is something I could not claim for myself. For anything I developed came right out of the Word of God: His Bible. And if I have done anything it is that I have opened the Bible and read parts of it to you, asking you why you haven't considered these things.

page 222

In my letters I asked those of you to pretend that you have the eyes and ears, even the mouth, of Christ, and think like him; even act like him. For to me this is the Substance of the Body of Christ and the end result of the thing planned by God in the Bible. God wants to live on earth in our Body. And to do that He concluded the Body had to be purged of its vanities and brought down to His level so that He could live in it. And all the while that God has spoken to you, saying, I am below you; all of you create high towers and high flying stairs to celebrate Him. None of you realize that Hecan see up under your robes as you climb up your high stairs.

What would Christ do if He were here standing as a man before you today? You know the answer:He would first fulfill prophesy; and the key element of the prophesies involving the Deliverance is the Tabernacle and Temple. In them are the mysteries of the Bible, and they include the Two Olive Branches atop the Mercy Seat and the Two Olive Trees in the Temple Sanctuary. So He would address these things.

You who watch for miracle workers and live day by day claiming your own miracles in Christ's name must also know that Christis going to have a difficult time competing with you on that scale. But you should also know that He would know that miracles prove nothing anyway. The miracles were certainly no asset when it came to His Trial, for there was no one among them at the Trial who witnessed for Him. Moses is no less disenchanted with Miracles. Whilst miracles fed the Children of Israel they did not sustain them. Within forty days after Moses went up on the mount the children backslided and fashioned themselves a Golden Calf and worshipped it. in spite of the miracles, even Aaron, God's Prophet, participated in it! And who among you can say you are as faithful as Aaron?

Seeing these things in the Tabernacle, I said in my letters that I would be to them as a trial run. And if you deny me, certainly you will deny Christ when He comes. And that seems to be where we are at the moment. I have proved that you will all deny Christ when He comes...

You have already denied Him.

Something you have failed to consider is that the Anointed One has to address certain issues and certain peoples. For He has to gather all men into one barn. How would you propose that He do it?

I proposed that He would do it through the Tabernacle; for everything you know about your God has come through, and been preserved in, the Tabernacle. Yet I proved that no one would enter the Tabernacle.

In my letters I complained, writing from one minister to another, that you are all making me a witness against you.

I had hoped that you would have taken the Tabernacle and built it as I asked: With no name upon it. Building in the Body of Christ. I told you that you have a legitimate right to do it, for Christ said He would fulfill all things prophesied16 and, further, it was His intent to live between any two or three men gathered in His Name. Between any two or three of you, you could build the Tabernacle, a thing already approved in prophesy. And I thought that it was odd that no of you could see yourselves in such a Body that you could do it.

page 223

Christ said He would be seen three ways: In the Body, as a Thief, and as a Cloud, in a Cloud or Clouds. Yet, all of you who mutter mutterings about being of the body all look to the sky for a Cloud. The Cloud comes in the Second Resurrection or the Second Death, as you prefer, of Revelation. There are things yet to be done before that Cloud comes. First the Tabernacle is opened up...

You all claim to have a personal relationship with Christ, even those who work in their death factories make such claims.

I heard one minister who would run for office claim that so and so, referring to the Libyan Leader, ought to be killed. I hope that I misunderstood Him, for I cannot imagine the Body of Christ saying such a thing, or even thinking it.

What is going to come of all this?

I hope nothing comes of it. For what is to come is something I would not touch. And I would rather, at this stage, be someone who goes to his dust having nothing following at His Heels than the things which lie behind my heals. For I know what follows behind my heels.

In my early letters I wrote to a minister saying, I prefer to leave the church standing.

My letters to the Ministry opened up the issue of the Tabernacle. And because that issue was ignored completely, even that it involved Two Anointed Ones, it exposed the ministry to a coming challenge. And that challenge will ask, Why didn't you go into it?

When the challenge of which I speak comes, and I tell you it is here already, you will all be caught standing naked exposing your rotten members. And when the challenge is heard, your house will come crumbling down upon your heads. For it is so eaten up with wormwood, it will not be able to stand in the face of the witness before you.

Thus, I have said you have made me a witness against you. Because you have not taken and eaten the obvious.

I love the Psalms and you are the first to whom I have used them. Not because you have done anything against me or offended me: for you have not. But you think like the others:

Let's build the Tabernacle; then the Temple can be built.

I thought it strange that no one in the ministry has arrived at the conclusion that the Tabernacle must be some kind of image of God, being not only important to the Children of Israel and man, but also God Himself. Why would He design it or give it if there were no reason for it? Does He design things so that they can become corrupted like man and return to the dust? Are God's Designs susceptible even to the moths? Or does He design things which can live and whose truth will be as great today as it is forever?

Needless to say, no one seemed interested.

I wrote many letters and several books about the subject. I sent one book to Clyde Schuller, another to Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong, who seemed most enthusiastic about interpreting Revelation, and another I left in France. So as to assure all these that I really have no claim to any of it, I left my name off my correspondence wherever possible. For what I have discovered and offered, being important to me, is something I could not claim for myself. For anything I developed came right out of the Word of God: His Bible. And if I have done anything it is that I have opened the Bible and read parts of it to you, asking you why you haven't considered these things.

page 224

In my letters I asked those of you to pretend that you have the eyes and ears, even the mouth, of Christ, and think like him; even act like him. For to me this is the Substance of the Body of Christ and the end result of the thing planned by God in the Bible. God wants to live on earth in our Body. And to do that He concluded the Body had to be purged of its vanities and brought down to His level so that He could live in it. And all the while that God has spoken to you, saying, I am below you; all of you create high towers and high flying stairs to celebrate Him. None of you realize that He can see up under your robes as you climb up your high stairs.

What would Christ do if He were here standing as a man before you today? You know the answer:He would first fulfill prophesy; and the key element of the prophesies involving the Deliverance is the Tabernacle and Temple. In them are the mysteries of the Bible, and they include the Two Olive Branches atop the Mercy Seat and the Two Olive Trees in the Temple Sanctuary. So He would address these things.

You who watch for miracle workers and live day by day claiming your own miracles in Christ's name must also know that Christis going to have a difficult time competing with you on that scale. But you should also know that He would know that miracles prove nothing anyway. The miracles were certainly no asset when it came to His Trial, for there was no one among them at the Trial who witnessed for Him. Moses is no less disenchanted with Miracles. Whilst miracles fed the Children of Israel they did not sustain them. Within forty days after Moses went up on the mount the children backslided and fashioned themselves a Golden Calf and worshipped it. in spite of the miracles, even Aaron, God's Prophet, participated in it! And who among you can say you are as faithful as Aaron?

Seeing these things in the Tabernacle, I said in my letters that I would be to them as a trial run. And if you deny me, certainly you will deny Christ when He comes. And that seems to be where we are at the moment. I have proved that you will all deny Christ when He comes...

You have already denied Him.

Something you have failed to consider is that the Anointed One has to address certain issues and certain peoples. For He has to gather all men into one barn. How would you propose that He do it?

I proposed that He would do it through the Tabernacle; for everything you know about your God has come through, and been preserved in, the Tabernacle. Yet I proved that no one would enter the Tabernacle.

In my letters I complained, writing from one minister to another, that you are all making me a witness against you.

I had hoped that you would have taken the Tabernacle and built it as I asked: With no name upon it. Building in the Body of Christ. I told you that you have a legitimate right to do it, for Christ said He would fulfill all things prophesied16 and, further, it was His intent to live between any two or three men gathered in His Name. Between any two or three of you, you could build the Tabernacle, a thing already approved in prophesy. And I thought that it was odd that no of you could see yourselves in such a Body that you could do it.

page 225

Christ said He would be seen three ways: In the Body, as a Thief, and as a Cloud, in a Cloud or Clouds. Yet, all of you who mutter mutterings about being of the body all look to the sky for a Cloud. The Cloud comes in the Second Resurrection or the Second Death, as you prefer, of Revelation. There are things yet to be done before that Cloud comes. First the Tabernacle is opened up...

You all claim to have a personal relationship with Christ, even those who work in their death factories make such claims.

I heard one minister who would run for office claim that so and so, referring to the Libyan Leader, ought to be killed. I hope that I misunderstood Him, for I cannot imagine the Body of Christ saying such a thing, or even thinking it.

What is going to come of all this?

I hope nothing comes of it. For what is to come is something I would not touch. And I would rather, at this stage, be someone who goes to his dust having nothing following at His Heels than the things which lie behind my heals. For I know what follows behind my heels.

In my early letters I wrote to a minister saying, I prefer to leave the church standing.

My letters to the Ministry opened up the issue of the Tabernacle. And because that issue was ignored completely, even that it involved Two Anointed Ones, it exposed the ministry to a coming challenge. And that challenge will ask, Why didn't you go into it?

When the challenge of which I speak comes, and I tell you it is here already, you will all be caught standing naked exposing your rotten members. And when the challenge is heard, your house will come crumbling down upon your heads. For it is so eaten up with wormwood, it will not be able to stand in the face of the witness before you.

Thus, I have said you have made me a witness against you. Because you have not taken and eaten the obvious.

I love the Psalms and you are the first to whom I have used them. Not because you have done anything against me or offended me: for you have not. But you think like the others:

He said: Love one another as I have loved you..

Look around you at all those who claim to be in the Body of Christ. They have created the darkest period in human history! For they have left no inheritance in the earth for their children, even my children. And what now remains of it, which can be lost in but an hour, is far less than the earth given to Abraham and the earth blessed in Him and His seed.

I suspect many of you will be standing, waiting to be hauled up in a cloud to Heaven, midst the dust and ashes, saying, "For the love of God, this was destroyed". I can tell you now, if it is destroyed, and it is near to it, by pollution alone, it will not have been done by the love of God but by the wrath of God and your negligence. And since you know where we all stand in this, kicking the ashes off our feet, you also know where it places us!

page 226

I write for no purpose, for no reward. My blessing is that I am a slave of God. For there is no benefit for me in these things.

I am jealous of my Lord. But I thank my God that you cannot hear and your hearts are hardened like stone. For they keep me in obscurity and hidden under the shadow of God and I am safe from the hands of men. Even so, I know that as long as I write eventually I will be heard, for I have my 12 witnesses. And I fear that day. For it will be like the shaking of the Fig Tree and all the fruit will at once drop to the ground.

You should look for the Fig Tree. Christ said to watch for it. But do not take my word for it, for I am no prophet nor would choose to be one. For what is there left to prophesy? About what happens after the New Beginning?

Verily, I tell you, I fear that there is now not sufficient left of the offering from which to fashion a New Beginning. For you all await the Apocalypse, even justify it as the love of God; and I can't see a thing after it. But you who feed on the dust of the earth may continue feeding on dust.

Notes to Letter B
* The original passage in this letter said, "Moses had nothing to do with Genesis" and referred to the fact that Moses did not make the promises recorded in Genesis. This statement showed my own ignorance at the time, since I then did not realize that Moses wrote Genesis! Though my premise was correct, that Israel made the Promises – not Moses – leaving the comment noted above would only promote confusion; so I changed this part of my original letter. I should have been corrected on this.
1) It is interesting to note that in chapter 11 of Zechariah two staves are mentioned who are called Beauty and Bands. It is my understanding that the Hebrew word for stave is the same word for lawgiver. Thus, the Two Staves to which Zechariah refers in chapter 11 can also be read as Two lawgivers. This is an important correlation, since in chapter 4 Zechariah speaks of The Two Anointed Ones who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth; then, in chapter 11 he refers to Two Staves, which could also be read as lawgivers; And in the context of the Two Lawgivers or staves we have the names Beauty and Bands (according to the King James Bible). Jewish Bibles have translated Beauty and Bands to read Favor and Unity. In the context of the Biblical use of Scepter, among the prophets, the reading of Beauty and Bands and Favor and Unity are pretty much in agreement with each other, for a favor would be something considered precious, i.e. beautiful while bands, either in construction or for purposes of a wedding, create unity.
According to the Genesis Rabbah, XLVII:V2.D:, translated by Jacob Neusner, The word for tribe and for staff, or rod, in the cited verse (referring to Genesis 17:19-20) are synonyms, both meaning tribes, both meaning rods, and so these tribes would endure like rodes that are planted. In this context the Two Anointed Ones, or Staves/Lawgivers would be kings over the generation of their visitation; thus the nation and the King cannot be separated from one another.
2) Zechariah 11.3

page 228

3) This was written before I discovered that the Essene Dead Sea Scrolls, buried for the last two thousand years and discovered in 1946, very clearly described the Messiah as Two Anointed Ones (or Messiahs). But my ignorance, in this regard, went even further than this, for the Oral Torah of the Rabbis, also passed down for the last three thousand years, reflecting common Jewish conceptions on this subject, also make mention of the Messiah as Two Anointed Ones. The Jews have always been watching for Two Messiahs. And reflecting upon this I wonder why the ministers whom I wrote never wrote me back pointing this common knowledge out.
4) The Biblical Testimony says that the Two Cherubim were of beaten gold, beaten out of the two ends of the sheet of gold called The Mercy seat. I thought, in writing this, that the Two Cherubim were beaten around molds carved out of olive branches, but I now find that I can find no reference to this. But the fact remains the Two Cherubim had to be formed by beating the gold around some kind of form. In all probability the form was carved out of olive wood. (I have since discovered that Jerome's Bible Commentary notes that the Two Cherubim were made out of olive branches, then had gold beaten around them).
5) Actually the contents of the Tabernacle were moved into the Temple when it was finished upon the Temple mount. According to II Maccabees, the Tabernacle continued to exist until the time of Jeremiah, who, it is reported, hid the Tabernacle in a cave on Mt. Sinai.
6) Revelation speaks of a time called the Second Death, which is the time when the Cloud of God descends upon Mt. Zion with the New Jerusalem. It is a time when the souls of the wicked are cast into the lake of fire; it is called the second death because their first death was of the flesh; the second death is of the spirit and soul.
Because Revelation speaks of a First Resurrection, it also presupposes an event following it called the Second Resurrection. Otherwise it ought to simply mention The Resurrection which presumes there would be no other resurrection following it.
7) In the Gospel of Thomas, which resembles and is linked to the synoptic Gospels and the "Q" text ("Q' for German "quelle", "Source"), Christ says, When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?(11); and When you make the Two One, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, Mountain, move away, it will move away.
8) Once again, the Gospel of Thomas says:The images are manifest to man, but the light in them remains concealed in the image of the light of the Father. He will become manifest, but His image will remain concealed by his light...When you see your likenes, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die nor become manifest, how much you will have to bear! ((83,84)
9) One of the epithets of the Deliverer isHe who inherits the desolate heritages.
10) In the final analysis it will be seen that the entire issue of Jesus Christ, whether He was the True Messiah, rests upon the Sign of the Virgin mentioned by Isaiah. For that sign can only come before the diaspora; now for the truth of God's Word and prophesy to be known, it is imperative that the issue of the Virgin be resolved. If Israel still awaits that sign, it is a sign from them that they know that they will be once again scattered off their land and it turned into nothing but briars and thorns.
11) I'm afraid I was patronizing the Ministry when I wrote this. This prophesy of changing our hearts from stone to flesh clearly pertains to the Deliverance period and not to the period of the Virgin Birth. In patronizing the Ministry I was acknowledging that a prophesy can be fulfilled before its time, which I really don't believe is possible.
For every prophesy, being prophesy, is linked to a specific instant in time. If this were not so, there would be no way of measuring whether the prophesy were fulfilled correctly, as prophesied.

page 229

12) The name, Antichrist, appears also in Jewish documents. I wonder whether John developed this term independently or from Jewish sources.
13) Wormwood is a bush whose leaves are bitter to the taste. In my original letter I compared this to the eating away, as with canquer worms, at the foundations of the Word of God. In Revelation it culminates with a man coming to set his foundations in such a manner that they are like Wormwood and will fall at the slightest blow of the wind. But in the true sense of the notion, his foundations would be so bitter to the taste that they would be spewed out of the mouth. According to a Soviet spokeman on T.V. the name Chernoble means Wormwood.
14) If one does not know His name, surely the Ministry cannot suggest that they would know Him as Jesus the Christ!
16) The Ministry and I have a slight problem. They seem to believe that Christ meant, I have come to nullify prophesy. Every prophesy has its own instant of time; those instants of time which would be in another day to Christ would have to be fulfilled then, according to Christ's Word. Christ cannot pick and choose the prophesies He would like to fulfill, nullifying those He does not agree with, as you Ministry seem to prefer to do.
17) We have a slight problem here. When I wrote this letter I thought that Christ had made a New Covenant (probably because I had heard it from the mouths of the Ministry and did not question them on it). But there is no evidence in the New Testament, coming out of the mouth of Christ, that He made a New Covenant. Speaking of the wine and the bread as being his blood and his body, He said This is my New Testament... In the English language there is a marked difference between the words Covenant, Testament, Testimony, etc. Otherwise, the King James translators would have always used but one word wherever those words appear and that word would be Covenant. So Christ, in His Testimony, said This is my New Testament. I am surprised the ministry did not correct me on this.

Letter C 

Michael Baigent
% Delacorte Press
1 Dag Hamarskjkold Plaza
New York, New York 10017

Messr's Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln,

I am enclosing a book which may interest you concerning your investigations of the Holy Grail. It should also interest Monsieur Chyren Legrand. I would like to offer some comments regarding your book and some of the conclusions you have drawn.

You are on the right track, but there are some routes you have taken which will lead to a dead end. Let me explain. Your theory that Christ was not crucified creates an enormous problem in Biblical prophesy. For it suggests that the Messiah has not yet arrived and, if so, Israel is about to be scattered again. That is to say, your theory is okay for two thousand years ago; it can no longer be valid in these times.1

page 230

There are Two Anointed Ones specified in the Bible: Hence, the Duality. They are basically a resurrected being. One part of Him is born according to prophesy, denied, scourged, and killed. This I call the Suffering Messiah, or Lamb. He can also be called by the name of Beauty.2

The other is the Deliverer. He is a man named Shiloh, Michael, and, as I prefer, the Bands. Bands is He who stands at the time of the Deliverance and shows the marks on His hands, explaining that they were gotten in the house of his friends. He is also the cause of mourning, as one would mourn for her lost son. His Wife is a Widow, telling us that Her Husband had been previously killed. And of course, if you are to look upon Him whom you pierced, it should mean that you are looking upon a man who had been resurrected. For Old Testament Prophesy (Isaiah), as well as others, distinctly show that the Messiah is killed at least on his first occurrence.

His divinity is clearly defined. He is a man, yet carries the seed of God in Him, as in the Teil and the Oak, for instance. Isaiah, chapter 9.6, clearly tells us exactly who He is. He is God in the Flesh. To suggest that the Messiah is not made in the image of God is foolhardy.

Your work, however, has greater credibility than most Christian teaching.3 For it is headed in the direction by which the wheel of God is turning.

Men have always, like Esdras, tried to put an image on the Voice of God. Yet, none have considered the image that God provided: Two Cherubim atop His Mercy Seat, between whom He Resides: and these are things whose beauty and comliness are such that no one will desire them. In this context, the Bible tells us that they will basically be invisible, like God, to us. Yet, they are men wondered at.

A case in point involves the Two Olive Trees placed before the Temple Sanctuary. No one, except Zechariah, ever asked who they were. Even So, since His Time, no one else has asked.

As you know, what you have discovered is but a drop in a large pail of water. And when you read my book you will suddenly see an enormous undertaking which had completely escaped your eye.

The question of Christ's sacrifice is an important question. For the precept of the Bible is based upon the realization of shame and lack of wisdom in man in not knowing His God. For the Bible, God's Word, predicts, like no other, that He alone is God, exists, and will one day prove it. And what you have been digging into are innuendos leading to the proof. That proof is illuminated in human sacrifice (regrettably).

page 231

The world, as everyone can taste, is on the brink of catastrophic failure: and if not by our nuclear weapons the inheritance is certainly shaken by our pollution alone. These are the darkest days ever for the children of men to set their feet on earth.

The Deliverer, unlike the Christian View of Him, is not so much concerned with the salvation of souls, but the Salvation of God's Nation, Israel, in whom all men are blessed. The fulfillment of this Promise involves a Restoration of sorts, like putting Adam and Eve back into the Garden of Eden, for instance.

We are, of course, inhabiting an island which is far removed from the Garden of Eden. Once it was a garden, but in these days of my generation such days have been removed. So, in these days, when we speak of Salvation, we are now speaking of saving what is left of the earth and restoring some kind of order that will perpetuate a healthy earth, not destroy it. So we must keep the Deliverer in this perspective. He is a King.

A king who is sent, according to prophesy, to be killed cannot be much of a King. The only right of Inheritance He can have (because He was denied) would be in His Resurrection. And of course that happens to gravitate to the key issue of God: That His Spirit, and yours, need not die. To prove this He wrote a story showing how He would set a Kingdom on earth and reign one day directly as its King. And that Kingdom would include all men, where all men would one day bow down unto Him. That King--even like Osiris--conceived of the idea of visiting the earth, allowing Himself to be killed and then in judgment resurrected. The time of the Resurrection is distinctly identified. It is a time of great darkness, greater than any other time before or even to come. For it is a time when all men know that the end is come. The ultimate description of the end, of course, makes one consider that after the holocaust there can be nothing remaining upon which to rebuild His Kingdom. In this sense we can see that by the hands of man alone, our children, in perhaps the next ten years, may be the last to know this garden, and all that may remain of it would be smoke and dust.

The protagonists in the end are also distinctly identified. You can call them the Children of Light against the Children of Darkness. In the context of our day, the Children of Darkness would be those who are perpetuating those things which are creating the dark clouds over our children's inheritance.

The Bible is a book of inheritance. That's really all it is about. Once again, He who inherits the Promise in the Book, on behalf of all men, is identified as a King, an Anointed One like David (and also like Moses).

Most people, when they read the Bible, read those things which can best fulfill their own vanity. The children of Benjamin, for instance, may dwell upon the vanity of being in possession of Jerusalem; but we must also calibrate their portion of the Inheritance with Jacob's Words: And He described them on the order of beasts and scoundrels, like wolves in the night. Surely, He who first set the inheritance in his 12 sons, would not put the king or scepter in Benjamin.

The fact is the scepter was put in Judah. Benjamin never had any claim to it. And the King, like David, was prophesied to come out of Bethlehem.

page 232

With regard to Jacob's Will, there is a provision which lays the groundwork for transfer of the Scepter out of Judah. And His Name is Shiloh. So according to Israel's Will, the Scepter remains in Judah until Shiloh come, and to Him shall the Gathering of the people be. This tells us that there are a least Two Kings or Anointed Ones: One is he who sets the Scepter in Judah and the other is He who (as Shiloh) takes it out of Judah (or has the ability to do so). As one can see, the belief that Christ had a Twin is based upon good insight into the scriptures. The Twin, of course, is a Double yet to come, and He is more accurately described by Isaiah as appearing midst the Gentile, whom He glorifies. The Double is yet another name for the Deliverer.

The only hope that Benjamin could have in the Inheritance is the fact that He is the youngest son. As you may note, from the Inheritance of Noah on, the Inheritance (the Covenant of God) has always been passed on through the youngest son. Jacob, for instance, was the younger Twin of Esau.

Benjamin's hope stems from the Babylonian captivity. If you read about the Two Fig Baskets, you will find that only one of them becomes the fruit who is glorified in the end. The Good basket of fruit, which is Benjamin, is that which is sent to Babylon into captivity. The Messianic Deliverer, therefore, could have ties to this basket of fruit; and your discoveries suggesting that this fruit leads to France is not wishful thinking.

As for the Royal Blood line, somehow it is tied together from two different parts. One part Judah the other part coming out of Shiloh (who could be of Judah).

As for the incorporation of the Spirit of God, or Holy One of Israel, in this Bloodline, it is clear that its rod is from Judah and from it a branch is grown. However, to think that God cannot pick another man in whom to put His Spirit is absurd.5 For the whole premise of the Bible is the fact that God would one day inhabit the bodies of all men and they would all be unto Him as One Body, or Kingdom. In this context, though it sounds pernicious, He intends to take over our bodies: and is in modern parlance a body snatcher!

This leads us back to the question concerning the Messiah. He is clearly described as God, but still no one really knows who this or what this God is.

In my Father's House there are many mansions. Perhaps the most readily identifiable thing about this House is the fact that it is a House of Wisdom. The entire creed of the Bible is based upon the eventual birth of Wisdom in man which will rule over the earth in the name of its Maker.

We see in Isaiah an expression of Duality in this Wisdom. For He describes Him as The Holy One of Israel and His Maker, among other things. He calls Him also Saviour and Redeemer and His Maker. So the fact that some have suspected a duality, not only in the Messiah, but in the God, is well founded. For even Daniel asks, How can this my Lord speak to this my Lord?

page 232

However you look at God, there is but One Voice. It has a distinct personality and stated objective. It never wavers from that point of view. Even Christ's Word incorporates and is faithful with that point of view. Further, Christ Himself used terms which are critical terms used in the expression of God's intentions and purpose. For instance, both Christ and His Maker spoke about the Vine and the Fig Tree. And they are things by which all men come to know their God. Christ said He was the Vine.

I don't know how much the others know about this issue, which is of the Grail, but there are things you must consider in exploring it further. First of all, the Bible is based upon prophesy. And the prophesies are precepts built one upon another. If you pull one precept out without holding it in the framework of the others, it will collapse like a bowing wall before your very eyes. This is the basic problem involved in the New Testament and its editors. They edited themselves into a snare which will eventually cause the foundation they are creating, like the Tower of Babel, being unintelligible, to collapse. The problem, as you have seen, is the fact that there is evidence that someone has conspired to defraud the reader. For there are major errors which, if followed, would lead one right to the edge of disaster. The disaster, in Christian Teaching, would, of course, be first seen in the fact that the Ministry would deny the Anointed One when He comes. That was also prophesied, incidentally. The other error involves the Tabernacle of God and how it is ultimately envisioned on earth. Once again, the conclusions you reached concerning a day when priestly intercessors would be scuttled, is well founded. The concept involves the fact that, as in the days of Moses, God would reign in His own presence between the Two Cherubim. All the congregation witnessed Him there, even standing before the door of the Tabernacle, many times. So like as to those days, the God yet to reign will not rely upon Faith but reign in the actual proof of His own Existence.

As for the Mary Magdalene, whether she carried the Holy Seed in her is really of no importance; for the Proof of God, carried in the Tabernacle, is the ultimate Proof. Being born of a Virgin, for instance, was a Sign of God, but it was not proof; for who can prove that Mary was a Virgin? Christ's mythical marriage to Mary Magdalene, though conceivable, causes us to ask why the Sinoptic Gospels didn't report it; and though such a marriage could produce holy children, the seed of God, such seed would likely be no different than any other, even David's. And as one can see, Only David's younger son, Solomon, seemed to have Wisdom attending to God's Seed in Him. The others don't exactly stand out in measure as godlike seed.

What they are really searching for is their King: He who will set the Kingdom to come. As for His Seed, they would be no less mortal than any other and endowed with the same vanities of other men. But it would be hoped that somehow a duality in the Father and Son, like David and Solomon, might come again to enlighten the world. And hopefully their seed would not stray too far from them.

I am not sure whether I understood you, but God certainly does not see Himself as the type of an Olympian god. The Olympians could sit atop their mountains and throw lightening bolts down upon men, visit them from time to time to influence them, and even create their own demi-gods on earth through union with women. The Old Testament God is not this kind of God, for He does not see Himself as interfering from time to time to put things right. Rather, He appears to be more like a playwright who has created a story line and cast of characters and proclaims to all men that the story He has already created will be seen in the end to have been created by Him. Even so far as putting villains into the story, this God says He created it. For He says He creates both good and evil and if a false prophet is found to prophesy wrongly it is because He made him do it. Clearly, from His point of view, we are all actors.

page 233

As for the immortality of the Soul, the concept of the Day of the Lord, the judgment, is securely fastened with the concept of immortality. For one of the principle signs of that day, reflected both in Old Testament and New Testament thought, as well as the Koran, is the raising of the dead. Like Lazarus, they will all be restored to life (those who are dead are dead; those who are alive are alive).

God is a God of the living, not the dead. And to Him, even the living, whom we see as living, can be in reality dead. By the same token, the Bible predicts that you will see a day when a man will come before you, whom you thought to be dead, showing you, along with his saints, that He is really alive. How He proves this is, once again, demonstrated in the Tabernacle.

Of course, there are those who would look between his shoulders for a mark of God (Benjamin was promised by God that He would always be between his shoulders). In terms of marks between the shoulders, the first thing I would suggest you look for is the head. Birthmarks mean nothing.

It is as with the matter of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, which was sealed by the Moslems against the intrusion of the Jewish Messiah. I asked a Jew, whose name was Jacob, whether a man, perhaps drunken, were standing next to the area of the gate at the time of an earthquake; and if the earthquake should bring down the stones sealing the gate and the man walk in, would He be their Messiah? The Jew replied, Probably not. So signs such as the material things men watch for are really no proof of God. For man puts his own limitations upon such miracles. Let's face it, if I were to tell you of simpler miracles, easier to verify, involving myself or someone I know, who would believe it? Or who would inquire of it?

The story also illustrates how opinions can be formed which, if followed, can lead one to ludicrousness. In our example, one should ask why the Moslems have taken to seal off the gate against a being whom they do not believe can exist.6 It is this kind of logic which contrasts the wisdom of men with that of God. If they were to look from their God's point of view they would see what others can see in them: that they are fools for not believing their own Bible.

In like token, we have the Christian attitude that before Christ no man had the Spirit of God in Him. Such men who would make you believe this simply ought to be avoided. For they are not teaching you the Wisdom of God but the folly of their own heads.

The question all this boils down to is whether Christ is who He said He is. In His time there was no proof. For the ultimate proof is the Restoration of the Tabernacle and Temple. Certainly He died without too many witnessing for Him at His Trial.

In the Apocrypha* there is the statement that Christ was seen laughing and exclaiming that they had not crucified Him but another, a surrogate, in his place. If you were to lay out the words of Christ you would find that they all have one point of view, one personality, and certainly one objective. The view, first of all, must involve the precept that He, being the Messiah, knew exactly why He had come and the job expected of Him. Because there had been no other Messiah before Him, it was obvious, certainly to Him, that He had to be the Suffering Messiah or Lamb offered for atonement of sin, as described by Isaiah. Because He would know this (to be the Messiah) He would necessarily go to the slaughter like a lamb. And for Him to avoid that destiny, He would know that He would not be or could not be the Messiah. It is a cup of trembling He would know He would have to drink. In the same manner, the Second Anointed One, whom we can call Bands is given a similar cup out of which to drink. Thus, you have stumbled across the concept of the Sacrificed King7. It is not particularly new in mythology, even as I have read, being a common practice until recently by a tribe in Africa.

page 234

The cup of trembling of which we speak is couched in the times in which the Messiah is scheduled to appear. In the first, it is a time of Roman Dominion and, from it, Jewish rebellion. Christ would necessarily become identified with or confused with the rebels.

In like manner, in the Latter Days, we find the times described as a great darkness and great tribulation from one end of the earth to another (out of which emerges the holocaust, leaving the dead scattered from one end of the earth to the other). During these times, which don't speak to highly of the Messiah's Ministry (for the darkness is a reflection upon them), it follows that a raised Messiah might also be confused with the rebels who are feeding the Latter Day Tribulation. For instance, a Christ like figure today might say things which would threaten the Ministry and cause them to exert their influence to quiet Him.

Christ was a prophet; the Second Anointed is definitely not a prophet.8 But there is a thread which runs commonly between them, and that is the fact that a nation tends to kill its own prophets.

Inherent in the concept of the prophet is the fact that a man of God is sent to warn of God's Wrath. The Anointed, on the other hand, does not come to Warn but to Rule. I suppose that is the basic difference.

By measure of Christ's Anointing, we can ask how it was that He could think of Himself as a ruler. For He was a ruler over those after His own kind. And in the closing of His Rule, He declared, I have conquered the world. His concept, we see, was a concept of ruling in death. This correlates with the precept of the Sacrificed King described in Isaiah which He would have to know and become.

The other part of this story has to do with the placement of a New Covenant. Actually, the epithets relating to the New Covenant are identified with the Deliverer. And He is not Christ, the Christ of whom you know. Nevertheless, Christ made a New Covenant which is most interesting indeed: 9)


By measure, Christ could not have made a greater covenant than this. For it reflects the thing a God would say who would come to earth to rule.

One of the greatest peculiarities of the God of the Bible is the fact that He is extremely Jealous. Saying that He is the only God and there is no other, and being Jealous of other gods, is like the Moslems sealing a gate against something which they believe does not exist (in spite of the fact their Koran requires them to believe it exists). So the jealousy of God is really oriented in another direction. He can't really be jealous of your worshipping another image, because He knows they can't speak or hear: they don't exist. So He is jealous of something else.

This issue of jealousy leads us to the main conflict between God and His adversary. For it is not a conflict between God and other gods, as in the Sumero-Akkadian religions. Rather, it is a conflict between God and Man. This point of view is clearly established in the Old Testament. And one can see that God's attitude towards man is not exactly with unremitting confidence. For He sees Israel (and man) as a whore. In fact, Israel, in this sense, is probably typical of man; but he does have some redemptive qualities and those qualities are based upon his Faith or Allegiance to God in the end. One can see in the Psalms, for instance, with Israel asking when His Travail would end, reminding God the while that in spite of the Travail and Torment He still remained loyal to his God. The psalm asks all of us, in the end, to witness this fact.

page 235

The concept of the whore is seen quite easily in the prophet, Hosea, who is asked to marry two whores. This is also reflected in the Two Fig Baskets.

The greater threats to God are the false shepherds and false prophets (even though He may have caused them to be false). For they lead his flock astray.

Its like saying to One's flock, I'm going to lead you, but now and then I'm going to send someone to mislead you.

Why would a God conceive of such a thing?

The answer involves the glorification of His Wisdom and exposure of your vanity. Now and then He can send you someone who will appeal to you own exaltation so that in the contrast illuminated in the end He will be glorified. In a sense Hebreeds fools to feed Wisdom.10

The whole issue of theSuffering Messiah is a Proof of Wisdom. God said in the Bible that to prove He is Wiser than you He will send Himself (His Angel) and you will kill Him. Then, reflecting upon this, as in the case of Jezreel, He vows to put the flock to slaughter. And then, as if this is not enough, He vows to feed the flock of slaughter.

In the case of the first flock, which is put to the slaughter, there is the clear offering of the Messiah or stave known as Beauty. Then He talks about another flock of slaughter, which, in turn, is fed with his stave named Bands. And in another prophesy, correlating with feeding the flock, we find in Isaiah, And they shall return and be eaten, as a tenth, as the Teil and the Oak, which is the Substance of His Holy Seed.

This precept becomes a concept steeped in blood, the blood of the Messiah and the blood of those in whom He is nurtured (His Womb). The premise, once again, being that one's own nation would deny Him, and because of the denial blood will be seen to be pouring of of that womb.11 In this sense we have two Sions. Thus, I have said in my writings, whatever is done to him will be done unto you.

As for me and my reason for writing you is the fact that there is a time-table by which all these things are known. At the core of that time-table is the vision of Israel on the map again. That tells you that one of the Messiahs has long since passed and the other is now come. For Israel could not have been gathered unless Jezreel had been killed; and the other cannot come until those who look upon Him could see that He had been at one time pierced. The one depends upon the other. And they are seen when Israel is found upon the map again, flowering, as it were, like a Fig Tree.

When you see the Fig Tree it is like the setting of a stop watch. The clock starts ticking and it has but about seventy years, a generation of men. If, for instance, the Messiah would be expected to arrive much after the turn of the century, it would be foolhardy to believe. For the Messiah is keyed to the same generation as the Restoration of Israel.

page 236

All this business about the Bible, of course, is highly speculative and can only be measured as fact when all men, declaring out of the darkness, plead that their Salvation is come. My theory, as I state in my book, however, seems to be pessimistic on this point. For I don't see anything in men which enables them to differentiate between darkness and light. For even in the end I would anticipate that two men might be seen arguing, saying that it is not yet dark enough for them to see their God; even though they had been the last two men on earth standing midst the smoke and dust of the earth's final holocaust. For to them there can be no proof of God.

I would stop the flood if I could. Even so, you who are the wise, who can see where only the blind can see and can hear where only the deaf can hear, would ask, What flood?

How, therefore, can anyone speak to them? Why even bother?

Nevertheless, there are many who are seeking the name of the Rose. And that is like matching an image to a voice.

Yet, there are many things you should know. For everyone knows the image of a woman in Travail. For it is like asking, can a crying woman have no tears? Or can a nation be born in a day?

I don't know how much you know and can only rest in my pavilion until the wisdom of men clothe my secret parts. Nevertheless, my child shall be born before the next moon and I would rejoice in her except the dark thoughts of men do breed, and they thirst for their quarry. Therefore, we hide and take refuge in our flour mill until the winds from mine own fury blow over.

In the meantime, ye men who guard the gate from the east, I ask, do ye guard also the gate from the west? Must my own arm save myself? For there is no one beside me. And whilst I cried, there was no one to answer. Therefore, I said to myself, they will fear the name of the Lord from the West and His glory from the East. For I have already created it, so saith the Lord.

Page 237


Notes to Letter C

* I'm afraid we created a generalization when we used the name, Apocrypha, for when we used that term we had grouped all of the Jewish Pseudepigrapha and the Apocryphal documents under one general classification, Apocrypha. When we refer to that word we are pointing to the ancient Christian, Gnostic, and Jewish scriptures which are not in the King James Bible. Call them Book II of the Bible, if you like.
1) American History is so attached to the fate of Israel that I wonder whether Americans would like to hear that Israel, its only ally in a critical area of the world, would be scattered.
2) After scanning Jewish literature on the subject, long after sending this letter, I discovered that the Jewish Rabbis agree with me. But they call the so called Suffering Messiah Messiah Ben Joseph; the other is called Messiah Ben David, who would presumably follow Ben Joseph, who is considered the Warrior of the two.
3) Another case of over patronizing-- Most Christian teaching, to me, has no credibility; not because of Christ, but because of the inept ministers. What more can I say of these guys, except to credit them with a small point of truth?
5) The Double appearing midst the Gentile and Shiloh keep this option open.
6) The Koran unquestionably endorses the Jewish Bible as it is written: with no exceptions; in fact, the angels dictating the Koran to Mohammed stated explicitly that their only purpose was to confirm that the then known Bible is true. See, for instance, the book of Jonah, which says:
Book of Jonah: This Koran could not have been composed by any but Allah. It confirms what was revealed before it and fully explains the scriptures. It is beyond doubt from the Lord of the Creation.
The Book of Joseph: This is no invented tale, but a confirmation of previous scriptures, an explanation of all things, a guide and a blessing to true believers.
The Cow: And now that a Book confirming their own [the Hebrew book] has come to them from Allah, they deny it, although they know it to be the truth and have long prayed for help against the unbelievers. May Allah's curse be upon the infidels! Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls. To deny Allah's own revelation, grudging that he should reveal His bounty to whom He chooses from His servants! They have incurred Allah's most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits the unbelievers.
When it is said to them: 'Believe in what Allah has revealed,' they reply, "We believe in what was revealed to us'. But they deny what has since been revealed, although it is the truth, corroborating their own scriptures.

page 238

Adoration 32:21 We gave the Scriptures to Moses (never doubt that you will meet him!) and made it a guide for the Israelites. And when they grew steadfast and firmly believed in Our Revelations, We appointed leaders from among them who gave guidance at Our bidding. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will resolve for them their diferences.
The Creator 35:25: Your only duty is to give warning. We have sent you with the truth to proclaim good news and to warn your people; for there is no nation that has not been warned by an apostle. If they disbelieve you, know that those who have gone before them also disbelieved. Their apostles came to them with veritable signs, with scriptures, and with the light-giving book, But in the end I smote the unbelievers: and how terrible was My Punishment!...What We have revealed to you in the Book is the truth confirming previous scriptures. Allah knows and observes His servants.
Counsel 42.13: He has ordained for men the faith He has revealed to you and formerly enjoined on Noah and Abraham, on Moses and Jesus, saying: 'Observe this Faith and be united in it.' But that to which you call them is unacceptable to the idolators. Allah chooses for it whom he will, and guides to it those that repent.
Houd 11:21: Are they to be compared with those that have received a veritable word from their Lord, recited by a witness from Him and heralded by the Book of Moses, a guide and a blessing? These have faith in it, but the factions who deny it shall be consigned to the flames of Hell.
Kneeling 45:25: Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. On the day when the Hour of Doom arrives, those who have denied His revelations will be lost.
You shall see all the nations on their knees. Each nation shall be summoned to its book and a voice will say to them: 'You shall this day be rewarded for your deeds. This book of Ours speaks with truth against you. We have recorded all your actions."
Kneeling 45:16 We gave the Scriptures to the Israelites and bestowed on them wisdom and prophethood. We provided them with good things and exalted them above the nations. We gave them plain commandments: yet it was not till knowledge had been vouchsafed them that they disagreed among themselves from evil motives. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord Himself will judge their differences.
AL - AHQAF 46:12: Yet, before it the Book of Moses was revealed, a guide and a blessing to all men. This Book confirms it.
AL - AHQAF 46:15: Say: 'I am no prodigy among the apostles; nor do I know what will be done with me or you. I follow only what is revealed to me, and my only duty is to give plain warning.
Women 4:47: You to whom the Scriptures were given! Believe in that which We have revealed, confirming your own scriptures, before We obliterate your faces and turn them backward, or lay Our curse on you as We laid it on the Sabbath-breakers. What Allah ordains shall be accomplished.

page 239

The Cow 2:116: The Jews say the Christians are misguided, and the Christians say it is the Jews who are misguided. Yet they both read the Scriptures. And the pagans say the same of both. Allah will judge their disputes on the Day of Resurrection.
The Cow 2:252: Such are the Revelations of Allah. We recite them to you in all truth, for you are one of Our messengers. Of these messengers We have exalted some above others. To some Allah spoke directly; others He raised to a lofty status. We gave Jesus the son of Mary veritable signs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Had Allah pleased, those who succeeded them would not have fought against one another after the veritable signs had been given them. But they disagreed among themselves; some had faith and others had none.
The Cow 2:281: The Apostle believes in what has been revealed to him by his Lord, and so do the faithful. They all believe in Allah and His angels, His scriptures, and His apostles: We discriminate against none of His apostles.
The Table 5:44: There is guideance, and there is light, in the Torah which We have revealed. By it the prophets who surrendered themselves to Allah judged the Jews, and so did the rabbis and the divines; they gave judgment according to Allah's scriptures which had been committed to their keeping and to which they themselves were witnesses....After those prophets We sent forth Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming the Torah already revealed, and gave him the Gospel, in which there is guidance and light, corroborating that which was revealed before it in the Torah, a guide and an admonition to the rightous. Therefore let the followers of the Gospel judge in accordance with what Allah has revealed therein. Evil - doers are those that do not base their judgments on Allah's revelations.
And to you We have revealed the Book with the truth. It confirms the Scriptures which came before it and stands as a guardian over them.
The Table 5:64: If the People of the Book accept the true faith and keep from evil, We will pardon them their sins and admit them to the gardens of delight. If they observe the Torah and the Gospel and what is revealed to them from Allah, they shall be given abundance from above and from beneath.
The Table 5:67: Believers, Jews, Sabaeans, or Christians--whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does what is right--shall have nothing to fear or to regret.
We have made a covenant with the Israelites and sent forth apostles among them. But whenever an apostle came to them with a message that did not suit their fancies they either rejected him or slew him.

page 240

The IMRANS 3:45 The angels said to Mary: 'Allah bids you rejoice in a Word from Him. His name is the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary. He shall be noble in this world and in the next, and shall be favoured by Allah....(3:56)..He said: 'Jesus, I am about to cause you to die and lift you up to Me. I shall take you away from the unbelievers and exalt your followers above them till the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me you shall all return and I shall judge your disputes...(3:60) This revelation, and this wise admonition, We recite to you. Jesus is like Adam in the sight of Allah. He created him of dust and then said to Him: 'Be,' and he was.
It is, of course, unfair to encapsulate such a prophesy as we have just surveyed in such few phrases. But owing to what we have witnessed here, we can conclude that Jesus can't take issue with the things the Koran says about Him, except the controversy it persues with regard to Jesus being the Son of God. The Koran understands Son of God to mean another God who could compete with God, to whom men would pray in lieu of God. And in this strict understanding of the matter, I think Jesus would agree that, in this sense, He is not another God and is, perhaps, more like another Adam unto God and mankind. And as we have mentioned earlier in this work, Adam was the firstborn son of God made in His Image. I should think Jesus would agree that it is God's intention through Him that all men will reflect the new image of Adam conceived in Jesus. Looking at Him any other way only tends to promote confusion.
With regard to the Bible the Koran does impose the laws of Moses on a stricter basis. It is easier to be a Jew than it is to be a Moslem, so it appears. All this means is that the Koran requires the Moslem to believe in the validity of the Promised Messiah(s). And to seal a gate against the coming of the Messiah seems to be a contradiction in their values. Perhaps I am wrong in my understanding of the problem; perhaps there is some place in the Koran where Mohammed cites exceptions to the truth of the Bible.
As for the dispute between the Jews and the Moslems, they have very little source of disagreement, principally being focused upon Jesus the Messiah alone. And in this dispute, perhaps this book of remembrance can be of help to resolve.
7) Another factor to be considered with respect to Bands or Unity is that the Hebrew word for Bands and Cords is also the same word for Vapor.
8) One epithets says, I am not a prophet, for I was taught to raise cattle from my youth.
How, therefore, could He claim to be a prophet or be considered as such?
9) Christ actually called this His New Commandment. You have to stretch His Words a bit to resolve that statement into a New Covenant.
10) I suppose I am such a fool. Had I known that the precept of Two Anointed Ones was well established in both Jewish understanding and the Dead Sea Scripts, I would have approached this matter altogether differently: writing as a Jew to the Christians. I would have been taken as a Jew, I suppose. But rather, having approached the subject from the Christian angle, I seem to have made myself look like a fool. Hopefully one can gain a bit of wisdom out of this whole episode. In sum, the Ministry ought to have answered my inquiry, as it was a fair inquiry, and, as it has emerged, well justified by the faith of the Dead Essenes and the Living Jews, if for no other reason. Now they have a man with His Testimony saying to them: You don't practice what you were taught and what you preach; I knocked and you did not answer! And I don't really feel very good about this role they have put me in. But I do stand before you now with Two Witnesses: the Sons of Zadok and the Rabbis.
11) Isaiah's prophesy warns Ephraim that it is not good to remain in the place of the bringing forth of children.

page 241


Letter D


New Society Publishers
4722 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19143

Dear Barbara H: 

Because your response to my inquiry concerning my book, Hidden Pavilions, recited such a clear mandate concerning the types of books you would dedicate to peace, I have thought to compose this letter in reply for incorporation in my book. And perhaps we may all find that in this our paths have truly passed in the name of peace: you going in search of it one way and I another.

My book, or approach to peace, has left few stones unturned, even addressing the issues cited in your mandate. Most particularly striking of all the issues I address is the issue on feminism: and it takes on a two headed form.

Peace, hope, and love are things which are easy to think about, discuss and try, but hard to hold. Generally, they are sought most by those who do not hold them. If a man were to come selling peace to a nation already at peace, few would listen to him.

Just as peace, hope and love are hard to trade in effectively, so too are some of their subordinate parts hard to secure: i.e., wisdom, happiness, prosperity, good health, praise, and good will. All of these things pass through our lives like Will-O-Wisps in the moor.

You, in your publishing endeavors, are trying to lay a path for a New Society which presumably would secure for us all Peace in the World. Did you know, however, that there is no philosophy, no idea, no work of man, which has yet been introduced to the world which can now save the world? With all of our thoughts and technologies, man today, in spite of his greater reason, has led mankind and the earth further away from salvation. Not salvation in the religious sense, but Salvation with a capital "S". Most people believe today that by virtue of nuclear war or our pollution (either one is sure to eliminate the earth and its blessing), the world has but a few years left to live. I have seen peace marchers on television who were crying, saying that they were firmly convinced that their children would not live to grow up. No other men in history have had to deal with this realization. We are the first ones and it is our children, their inheritance, which is now seen on the sacrificial block. We, their fathers, are, of course, holding the knife.

page 242

God, of course, is a wonderful leader to peace. The problem here is the fact that a large part of the world believes in such a leader, letting Him or them guide them, and few concur exactly who it is that is guiding them. In a sense, New Society Publishers is guided by a god, called their mandate. It is through the sacred Mandate which things are seen and heard and changes are brought about. The hope of the New Society, of course, is to become glorified in the eyes of man in having brought Peace (and things cited in the mandate) to the world.

We must always keep in mind that more men have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason. And in terms of the near future, it seems that the killing in the name of God is going to increase, like a repeat of the old days of the Crusades. For the Moslem world seems to have reawakened to strike out in the name of Allah. Terrorists (like the Japanese Kamakasi) get a sure place in the Moslem heaven if they have killed in the name of God.

As for the evidence of things which can take control over our lives (other than a god) we find that historically the things which have had the greatest control over men are books. A book of the Wisdom of Confuscious, for instance, led China for thousands of years. The Bible, the Koran, the teachings of Buddha, have all had a substantial control over the world's population these past six thousand years. More recently, the world has become polarized through the work of one small (I'm afraid misguided) masterpiece: The Communist Manifesto.

Do you search for such a book, something that is in the same league as the Koran or the other model earth shaking books I have just mentioned? You see, as great as those books are, none of them have managed to bring the world to Peace. Rather, the world seems ever more divided because of them.

My book is divided into two parts: Secret Pavilions and, book 2, Letters. Secret Pavilions is written in an unusual voice, called, The Shepherd of Arcadia. He professes to have existed before all other voices existed, even to the effect that when Wisdom itself was created it was created for the end purpose of leading to Him. In this sense it is a prophetic voice raising up out of the past. For those of you who know who the Shepherd of Arcadia is in mythology, you can catch a glimpse of whom we are talking about and why we are using that particular simile.

The Shepherd of Arcadia is the very essence of that word you claim to possess: Peace. And He, referring back to the Bible, reminds us that of all the voices who have ever been heard on earth, there is but one who says the He alone can deliver Peace. That is the Promise made in the Bible, that one day all men will live under one King, who calls Himself God, in Peace. In those days He says even the lamb will lay down beside the lion in green pastures blessed with peace.

The premise of my book is that your work, if it does not endeavor to understand the Shepherd in the Bible, helping to lead others to what He desires, is for nought. Further, Hidden Pavilions even goes so far as to express before all men that it will be proof that your works will be brought to nought. And it uses for its vehicle of proof your children, that one day they will read the book and point to the examples in the book as a witness that the things people claim to profess as truth or Peace are really narrow sighted and as a whole selfish desires for self glorification. For instance, modern man will be seen to have glorified himself, through his technology and greater reason, at the expense of his children. His greater reason, it will be found, is just another excuse or disguise for robbing his children of their inheritance. What appears to one as a model of peace is to another a calamity. For another example we have Christ Himself who was Peace personified yet claimed that He had not come to gather you but to divide you; not to bless you with holy water, like John the Baptist, but with the fire of God. Further, He cursed the Temple of Herod and prophesied that not one stone of it would be left standing. So here we see a Divisive Force claiming to be Peace personified. To understand how He could claim to be Peace, though dividing the Jews (and the world), one has to dig deeply into the Bible to discover, in the final analysis, whether He knew what He was talking about, whether He was who He said He is. Hidden Pavilions takes you on this kind of journey.

page 243

To bring Peace to the world, you have to change the world. One way of changing the world is by building upon one precept upon another. Where people err in their building is that they become selective in the blocks they would put into their building. And the final structure resembles what it was constructed of: for instance: if the basis of a building is formed on the precept, feminism, a raft of theories derived around a new source of wisdom in the feminine model, the final structure will lean.

I like to use the parable of Wormwood. Many people build for themselves, and humanity, a platform of truth. Then they call the world out onto it, showing them the wonderful platform they have built to stand upon. When the world stands upon it, they find, looking down at their feet, that the wood is ridden with thousands of tiny holes and starts crumbling beneath their feet. For all theories to date have had many holes in them. Obviously, if our children are given the ill fortune of living through a nuclear war, or see a dry and dying paradise, far from the one we had in our hands (circa 1940 and before), then they can say to all of us that we stood on platforms thoroughly eaten by wormwood. And none of these platforms, Communism, and other economic and age of reason isms, Buddhism, Christianity, Mohammedism, Judaism, etc., succeeded in gathering us off that platform. In fact, they claim that we doomed ourselves and them by our power of reason and new found wisdom.

How can any of the books you have published to date deal with this problem? Do you hope that one day, little by little, the world will come around to your light and be saved in it?

I draw upon the common Christian belief that once the holocaust is over, Christ will descend in a Cloud and resurrect the dead, taking the blessed souls back up with him to Heaven. I claim that I could gain no satisfaction from that. What consolation can I take in being lifted up to Heaven so that I can look down upon the bones and ashes of a dead world which I helped to create? What can I say to my children, that I left them this kind of world? A nonworld.

Of course, such a world is completely antithetical to that world promised in the Bible, isn't it? And we see all of those who profess belief in the Bible, using God to their own satisfaction, seem to really be the agents of the demise of the world. How can they, then, expect to find themselves in good standing with God in Heaven, given that they believe God exists? Or that they would believe He would forgive them in participating in destroying the very world He said He created, loved, and would bless with peace?

So it is when we are dealing with pragmatic systems, we have to look at the structure which is really being built.

We find in dealing with Peace an exchange has to take place. In that exchange you have to make a sacrifice. The thing you have to sacrifice is the thing you love most dearly. For it is your love for a particular thing which causes you to deprive another of what he loves or cherishes. One man cherishes another's wife, for instance. The one's gain is the other's loss. So, in the example, we find that to maintain the peace, the one man must keep his hands off the other's wife. We call this Fidelity, another of those things we all say we would like to have but often cannot hold. In the one case, the man must lay off the other's wife in fidelity to that other man; the other man's wife must lay off the suitor in fidelity to her mate.

In the cause of fidelity, which formed our constitution, the world came to learn that safety and security is in fidelity to one's nation. And that worked quite well up until the modern era of Atomic bombs and world wide pollution. Now we find that our nations are no longer guarantors of our security or peace. In fact, on a world wide scale, we find that nations are now interfering with the rights of others on a grand scale. For instance, the pristine forests of Norway, Sweden, etc., including our own in Vermont, are dying at an alarming rate. The lakes are dying, the streams are dying; our pollution and other works of our hands are affecting the climate of the world on a grand scale, displacing millions of people off once fertile lands now turning to sand.

page 244

How can any of the books you have published or would hope to publish stop this problem?

We talk about making change little by little. In the past it could work. Today there is no time. For we are in a tiny space base spinning through a very tiny solar system in a rather small galaxy in a quite small corner of our universe. And the bubble in the canopy of our spacebase has a hole in it. How can you patch that hole within the next forty years? Forty years from now it may be beyond patching.

We see that the word Peace really is a symbol of what we all would like to have and to which we all would give lip service, but its gain now involves monstrous proportions which I should hesitate to claim any man living can solve. And that is unfortunate for us all, that we don't have a leader who can show us an escape from our self-created monster, which lives in ourselves.. And on a scale of comparison, I would say that he is far mightier than the other monsters we have seen walking this earth: like Hitler for instance.

My book does offer a solution. And the solution involves building a structure that used to be in the world. And through that structure I claim that you will see the rapid change we require to stop the thing which is eating away at our world.



 Although this letter is addressed to you, it is really not written for your benefit. Actually, it makes little difference whether you have read this far or not. And I would wager that odds are in favor of your not reading the contents of this letter. Is is these odds which I am using which aid in illustrating the scope of the problem I am fighting against. That is to say, I am in a current, a very strong current, which is flooding your direction. You happen to be in the way of it, and because you have placed yourself in the way of it, you are put into the position of either climbing aboard the raft I am on, or being inundated. Strong words? You should read my book.

You have advertised yourselves as leaders of a New Society which can bring about peace in the world through greater understanding, etc. Having put yourself in this position, you should not be surprised to attract someone who just might have the necessary ingredients, or substance, to make a substantial change in this world. Had you advertised sixty or more years ago, you would probably have attracted Karl Marx, for instance. Since his time, millions of people have died in his name. I'm speaking of Cambodia. So it is that the vision Karl Marx had, which presupposed Peace, actually became employed as a vehicle of terror and destruction. In this regard, the things which you attract can carry a double edged sword, appearing to promote peace but being employed to disrupt the peace.

Often things built upon hatred are disguised as instruments of Peace. No matter how well they disguise themselves, however, the current of their hatred flows through and becomes the driving instrument in their effusion.. We can call this process the mismanagement of the Word of God, or, in other terms, misinterpretation. I can speak of the Koran, for instance, which is a document which professes complete faith in the Word of God.. That document records the fact that the Bible, even Christ, are true. But it takes issue with Christ as being the Son of God, the premise being that no God would create another God who could compete with him. Rather, the Koran says that both the Virgin Mary, whom we shall discuss later, and Christ are equal signs of God; and that to carry the proper perspective of Christ one should think of Him as Adam. Adam was, according to the Bible, the first born son of God made in His image. I think Christ would be happy with this perspective of Him.

page 245

So what is the problem with the Koran? There are two things in it which put it in conflict with the Jews and the Christians. And both parts deal with the sword. First, the Koran says (the angels speaking to Mohammed, an issue, incidentally, with which I will not quibble) that the only reason it is being dictated to Mohammed is to warn of the day of Resurrection and to confirm the Bible and Christ are true, with the exception noted. This means that obedience to both the dictates of the Jewish Bible, including the Mosaic Law, and Christ are mandated. These things are in natural conflict with the use of the sword.1 Yet, Mohammed authorized the use of the sword in the propagation of the religion. From this stemmed the belief that if you kill in the name of Allah you will be given a place in Paradise. This, then, is what the world is dealing with in respect to the Moslem struggle for self identity and liberation from Western influences, i.e., colonialism.

The other part of this corollary is Mohammed's claim you are not your brother's keeper. This is in conflict with God's question to Cain, asking him, Where is thy brother, Abel? Cain had just murdered his brother and replied, How should I know? Who am I, my brother's keeper? But in all fairness to the Koran, I have to admit that the Bible is quite clear, as well as the Koran, that each man will stand on his own merits in the Judgment of the Last Days. The Bible, through a prophet whose name escapes me at the moment, says that not even Abraham, or Jacob, or Moses could stand up for someone in those days to obtain grace for them. Each man stands alone in judgment. And if this is what the Koran means, we are in agreement on this particular scale. But it does not mean that one must forget his neighbours and watch them flounder under the persecution of another without offering to help them. In this sense, one is responsible for his neighbor and is his neighbour's keeper. I have explained this elsewhere in my book.

Mohammed, dealing with his situation, had to conclude that it is all right to kill the enemy (who ever it is). Initially the enemy were pagans; later the enemy became expanded to include Christians, then other Moslems were added, and now we see a clash between one Moslem sect and another in the case of Iran and Iraq. Do you know what they are fighting over?

Those who possess nuclear weapons and those who are creating world wide pollution are no less culpable than those I have just criticized. We Americans can justify taking the entire world with us in the event we are attacked with nuclear weapons. What right do we have to commit suicide whilst murdering everyone else along with us? The Soviet Union has this same posture; everyone with nuclear weapons has this posture.

When I was in France I asked my friends which direction their nuclear weapons were pointing. They, along with the Germans and other discontented Europeans (over the polarization of the world between the U.S. and Soviet Union), seem to think it is acceptable for their nation to possess such destructive power (justified as a third balancing force in the world) but consider the Soviet and U. S. possession evil. I used to listen to them deriding the United States for possessing this power, and yet no one could point out to them that even they are as evil as the evil thing they are condemning.

page 246

To put the issue into perspective, I asked them whether it would be all right if the United States unilaterally transferred all of its nuclear weaponry to another more responsible entity. I suggested that we need security and if we are to entrust our security to another, I asked who they would suggest to transfer the weapons. I offered the United Nations as a possible interim repository, or guardian. No such guardian could be offered in answer to my question.

Which direction are France's missiles pointed? Or India's? China's ? are they no less a threat to world security than the U.S. or Soviet Union? Why, therefore, are all the so-called nuclear disarmament treaties made without them?

It is easy to claim, I am better than thou. Yet, by old world standards, we can see that the most vocal people crying this claim are probably tenfold more a threat than the worst beasts ever to populate this earth. For it is the threat of being better which creates the Beast in us; if we were no threat there would be no fear. As long as anyone allows himself to be a threat there will be, among his neighbors, fear; and today we are all very close neighbors to one another. (Simply speaking if one humbles himself before his neighbours he is no threat to them). I wonder how any of your books can resolve this problem.

We see, therefore, how things tend to flow. The flow of thought was that the U.S. and Soviet Union must disarm. Nothing wrong with that. We see the flow in this kind of thinking really does not stop there, and we find that selecting a few in the nuclear club whilst ignoring the others is not reasonable. And the failure to address the religious zeal in all of us, wanting to kill and destroy for God, is ludicrous.

Archaeologists are trained to know currents. They look for signs of stream beds and the successive layers and directions of their course, so to predetermine where stream scattered ruins may lay, or the ages of a particular site's history. People who sail on ships certainly have to know the currents and the tide tables. One day while sailing there was a particular lady who wanted to be captain. At the time, in this sailing club, she was studying to become qualified as a skipper of one of the sailing club boats. There was a problem with her, however, for she was deaf. On a sailing boat a skipper who is deaf puts the entire crew in danger. The other problem with her was the fact that she tried to prove she was qualified and did not let on or ask questions concerning matters she did not understand or know. One day, while she was at the helm and the boat was about to reach the harbor estuary, she drove the boat nearly into the breakwater and passed over an area which two hours before, in low tide, would have put the boat aground. She could neither read the buoys marking the harbor entrance nor the currents and their tide tables. The problem here is that she made everyone believe that she knew them. So this is a lesson showing us that we would be wise to avoid leaders who are hard of hearing (she could not hear the warnings at the breakwater) and who would leave us with the false impression that we are in good hands.When you enter or study an area you look for the current, where things tend to be flowing and where the maximum force of the current lay and tends to be heading. For when you enter that current that is the direction you will be carried.

page 247

Hitler warned the world the direction his current would carry it. Karl Marx also warned the world the direction his current would carry, for he advised that communism or social revolution must be hastened by violent change. Peaceful means, according to the Manifesto, would not be adequate or quick enough to accomplish the change which he concluded the world so badly needed. All to correct inequalities between those who possess the wealth of a nation and those who labour to create the wealth. How many have died so far in the correction of this inequality? How many more await their death until Marx is scuttled as a solution to social ills?

There is an irony in this current of thought, for none of the nations trying to tailor themselves after Marx and Engels (or some other modification of them), appear to have concluded that in terms of the international relationships capitalism still takes place. The Soviet Union, in trying to sell its goods and services to other nations (often selling finished products back to their resources), is no less capitalistic or exploitive than any other nation trading in the international market place. And today the world is becoming so small that the slightest perturbation in the international economy can become an enormous flood hitting a small country. The Arab Oil Cartel demonstrated how little ripples become big currents; and the United States still some thirteen years later has not recovered from the Cartel's measures.

We see that little ripples can become big waves. Karl Marx certainly became a flood.

Aside from those mentioned above, other noteworthy men have flooded the world by their acts and words. We cannot do justice to them all, but recent men include Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, one being influenced by the other; and before them we can mention Napoleon, Louis the 14th and General Ulysses S. Grant. They all had a great deal of influence on our current history.

Let's begin with the failure of the three: Grant. At the age of forty years, though a West Point graduate, he was chopping fire wood and selling it in the streets to make a living. Before that he had served in the army, tried and failed in a haberdashery business, and largely failed at everything he attempted. The current of American history (or desires) changed, however, and swept him up in a war of succession. Others could call that war a revolution. At the time, though he wanted to join the regular army, the regular army would have nothing to do with him. He joined a local militia and became the leader of a small unit. That unit was led by Grant's uncanny instinct into the principal movements of the confederate forces and distinguished itself sufficiently to come to the attention of a greater influence on American history: President Abraham Lincoln. The rest of the story you know.

Grant is in technique another Napoleon. Napoleon distinguished himself by employing a new kind of warfare: canons with grapeshot. He decimated his enemies and, like Grant, became known for his brutality in war. The use of the grapeshot, being new, by comparison is like using chemical warfare today. Because of this and perhaps other Napoleonic techniques, rumors preceded his army such that Napoleon's troops were believed to eat small children. Such was his infamy in Europe.

page 248

We mention Napoleon because he made a critical decision which affected American destiny. He needed money to finance his European campaigns and used the sale of the Louisiana Territory, one third of the present U.S., to finance them. This, in turn, allowed the small American states to realize a destiny that they believed was in them: to spread west. The fact is, the current of Western Civilization has always been a westward flowing one. The Bible even takes this into account, crediting the peoples of the far west as being instrumental in the final restoration of Israel. In any event, had Napoleon not sold the Louisiana territory, America would not have had the strength these recent years to stop Hitler. And it was America (with its allies and principally the Soviet Union) which made the difference in the final balance of the War. The reason it made the difference, apart from its new found industrial strength, was the fact that it was not being bombed every day, as in the case of England, for instance. Our factories could work out of harms way. So we became Saviours not by choice (we resisted engaging ourselves in the European War until the event of Pearl Harbor). So we can all say, in respect to world history, in spite of what Napoleon was, Thank God for Napoleon. He did make the difference. If you should read the prophesies of Nostradamus, you will see what a central part that character played in the formation of the prophesied world history.

Before Napoleon we had Louis XIV of France who inherited a kingdom which was not really a kingdom. He was king in name only. The real rule was vested in the various land barons which had divided up France. They raised their own taxes, armies, and wars. The young Louis was smart enough to know that with his almost nonexistent treasury he would continue as a ruler in the same vein as those before him: without any power. Rather than trying to gain power through force, he came up with another approach. He would build a house and cause all of his Lords and Ladies to move into it. In the process he created a new dress style, the foppish style, and literally brought many of the powerful lords to financial ruin. For he asked that they live with him in Versailles and with them all under his thumb he caused them all to compete for his favors, dressing as much like him as possible, for instance. The lords and ladies found that they could not support two homes, in the first instance, and when they caught on to his style of lavish dress and living, they found themselves spending the monies formally raised for their armies on the dress code. Here we have a sublime example of conquest without spilling a drop of blood. Louis did not invent the idea by himself. It seems that a Shogun in Japan had the same idea and did in Japan, another feudal state, very nearly the same thing.

We mention these things because underlying Napoleon, Louis XIV and Grant are forces which reflect the current of Western Civilization. For all of them involve the need for dominion, just as America and the Soviet Union today have need for dominion.

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The current which lays underneath all of us is the desire of a nation to have world dominion for a thousand years, just as in the days of Rome. Before Rome experienced its thousand year dominion, there were the Etruscans who really did last just a thousand years, causing the Romans to want to emulate them. To the Romans the Etruscans were the blue bloods of their times; even Cicero took pride in claiming to the Roman Senate that He was of Etruscan heritage. That legacy continues today, for at the heart of the Renaissance is Florence, and today Florence still carries the aura of the finer things in life, being, like Paris, a center of Western Culture. Florence was one of the city states of the Etruscan Confederacy. Today that area of Italy is still called by the old Etruscan name: Tuscany.

Charlesmagne wanted to revitalize the Roman Empire and create another thousand year civilization; after him we have his legacy of the Holy Roman Empire, and after that we have the raising of Bismark's ugly head and after him Hitler. Hitler called his new thousand year empire the Third Reiche. Rome was first, the Holy Roman Empire second and Nazi Germany third. The Nazis were a new order, a New Society of man, which Hitler believed would continue forever.

All nations would hope that they would continue forever. We Americans are no less wishful in that respect. But we are a little different than the other dominions of the past, for we are a relatively new nation, at most a Babe, and we hold and have developed a power greater than any power ever to come upon the world scene. We have the power that all nations before us have sought and yet we have no experience in dominion. To the Europeans, and justly so, we are novices on the International Scene of diplomacy and state rearing. Because we are novices, the Europeans and others have good cause to mistrust us. It is, to them, like giving a child a canon to play with.2

We were caught up in the current of history. We did not create it. But we changed it. And who would have guessed beforehand that Japan would ally itself with a genocidal maniac and draw us right into the mainstream of that current? You see, the process is really quite simple, with one precept flowing into another. To begin with, in this particular current, you have the murder of Christ by the Jews, then you must match that with the current of Rome (without Christ being propagated by Rome the world might never have heard of Him); then, over time, propagate an increasing resentment of the Jews, and cap the entire episode off with a man like Hitler who resolved that the final solution to the world's problems was to exterminate the Jews. And for all this to happen it was necessary that the Jews be programmed to be distinct and separate from all other peoples, preventing even their intermarriage with other nations. In Biblical terms we can see that what was intended to happen to the Jews was very effectively carried out. The prophesies of the Bible became history. Had the Jews not obeyed their religious commandments, the course of these times would have flowed entirely differently. Therefore, in discussing present world history, one cannot analyze it without taking into account the Biblical currents which created it. Whether you believe in the Bible or not (it really makes no difference), that which was prophesied by God has come true. And now, in the current of World History, we find that through the Mercy of Western Civilization (Christianity) Israel has been restored to the map again. The way it was restored was also prophesied, being done by the vehicle of the Gentiles who would carry the Jew's children in their arms and upon their shoulders back to the Holy Land. They carried them back to the Holy Land upon their arms and shoulders because the ships which carried the Jews could not land in Palestine. Thus, they were secreted ashore from boats carrying them from the ships standing off shore to the beach. They waded ashore with the children held high.

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We mention these things because the New Society Publishers should take them into account in their endeavor to create a New Society through the Word. There are undercurrents which we all have to deal with and which we cannot change. We can only ride them and flow with them, awaiting a new current to arise and flood humanity.

Such as it is I said a man of Peace cannot sell peace to a nation or world at peace. Because we are not in a state of peace, having less peace in the world than ever before known in history (I don't thing the threat of a nuclear war or the earth polluted such that our children may inherit a desert is very peaceful), these times certainly demand a Man of Peace.

I suppose I have said nothing new to you. I really haven't said anything which isn't already known. What I am saying, however, is that you should be encouraging the man the world needs to bring it Peace. But by your mandate you have eliminated him. Because you don't chase after the Gandhis, the Martin Luther Kings, but await them to rise and become known to the world; then you would acknowledge them.

I am not a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, nor a Napoleon. I am a man who has a heart a little different than yours. The principal difference is the fact that I cannot communicate with you. And that is our first example of why a Man of Peace is hard to find.

I took it for granted, at face value, that you are Men of Peace. Somehow you have concluded that what I have proposed cannot add to the flow of Peace on earth in any substantial way. You have concluded the same as many men before you. For I wrote to many, at least thirty Christian ministries, as well as some Jewish Rabbis. They also concluded as you that what I have to say falls outside of their mandate. Among these was Harvest House Publishers in Eugene, Oregon which published a series of books dealing with the reconciliation of Biblical prophesy in the Latter Days,dealing principally with the Messiah; and they also felt that my book, which was sent to them, was not the kind of book they would publish. Yet, they are dealing with the harvest, a Biblical Concept, which is a substantial theme of my book.

I sent my letter to you and many others, forty all toll, and I suspect that the verdict of all will be the same. Altogether, I have sought out at least eighty publishing sources and none of them can see anything worthwhile in my mandate.

I mention this because any Biblical Man of Peace, or Messiah, would certainly have the same problem: communicating with you.

Let's look at it another way. What if a man from outer space were to land at your door, making contact with you? Who would believe you? How would you deal with Him? Because He landed at your door, He had greater knowledge than you. He sought you out; you didn't seek him out. The fact that He had an ability to travel through space to greet you puts Him on a plane of wisdom far greater than yours. Could you face Him?

The Messiah is that kind of traveler. He has occurred and reoccurred. He even can show you the wounds in his hands which he got in the house of his friends. He would show you that you are even less than his friends, those who bruised Him. For I don't think there is anyone who can stand up and claim that they are equal to Peter, for instance, who denied the Messiah three times and would have nothing to do with witnessing for Him at His trial. And he called Himself Christ's friend.

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Is there any man in the world who is as faithful as Aaron, who, after but a short time whilst Moses was up on the mount, helped the children of Israel build a Golden Calf, forsaking the God who had led them out of Egypt? And God called Aaron His Prophet!

During the trial of Christ, where were all those people He had fed and healed? If there is a supreme wisdom on earth, don't you think for a moment that it would remember this? How, therefore, can you stand with them? Can you be as great as the Saints who denied even their own master and maker?

You, of course, may not see any relevance to yourself and the Bible. You have created your own world and would sterilize it with your own precepts. But I will tell you a precept which you cannot meet; and that precept involves the world well beyond you. Look up in the sky and you will see that the Bands of Orion have been loosed. When you see it, you will ask, How can any man have known that? Somehow the author of the Bible knew that. And that involves a current, a very small current in Universal Terms, which is well beyond you.

I said I would talk about the Virgin Mary. If you are a mother, it should interest you.

When she was in her sixties it seems that she was brought to a place in Turkey called Epheseus. I went there, a place now called Ephes, which is reckoned for two points of interest. The first point of interest is that it is a sight of an old Roman City which was abandoned owing to a lowering of the sea level and turning of the harbor into fields of malaria breeding marshes. Yet, because it was abandoned and not destroyed, it has some of the most magnificently preserved Roman ruins from the ancient world.

The other point of interest is the fact that the town nearby, Seljuk, is a sight of the relocation of the city and also the Place of Artemis. The greatest temple to the mother of the gods, who was there called Artemis, was built right at the entrance to the now modern city of Seljuk. The temple was cited by Herodotus as one of the seven wonders of the world. Yet, barely two miles away from that spot was the house of the Virgin Mary.

The most unusual thing about all this is the fact when you go to the Seljuk tourist office to gather brochures on the area (which are quite professionally done in good detail), you receive a sheet of paper concerning Mary's House. It was built outside the walls of Ephes (you may remember the letters in the Bible from Paul to the Ephesians). It is reported that there was a road leading from her house up the mountain beyond the walls of the city which she walked every day of the remaining days of her life, having been brought there by Paul. The story says that she walked that road, having marked out the stations of the cross, crying. So for the remaining years of her life she is reported to have walked every day that road crying. And this, of course, does not seem to coincide with the traditional image we have of Mary.

Such is my message to all of you. You shall all learn how she felt and find yourselves lying down in sorrow as if you had lost your only son.

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The House


Forget your mandate for a moment. Instead of calling it a mandate, let's call it a house.

Because I sought you out, I am seeking a house in which to live. I knocked on your door and you were not interested in letting me in. And you are typical of all those people who live in different houses to whom I wrote. You see, though you all live in different houses, you are all really the same person.

My book has other letters in it like this one. And in those letters I complain about having knocked on so many doors and no one has let me in. You, who sit on the other side of the door, don't look at it that way. You think you are a book publisher.

You can see then, if the God of the Bible truly did exist, which would also mean the things He prophesied also truly existed, including His Two Anointed Ones, then He would have some difficulty entering your house. In fact, all of those houses I contacted would be foreign to Him. My reasoning is quite simple: I picked as my issue a clear and concise statement in the Bible, which is not open to interpretation, and threw it at all of you. Among all of you I even approached some Occult publishers, whom I abhor. For the Messiah to exist, He has to approach the same issue as I. How could He avoid it? Can you imagine the Messiah coming and not having anything to do with the statement by Zechariah concerning the Two Anointed Ones, or even the Will of Israel concerning Shiloh the Gatherer, a nonjew? Can the Messiah say such things have no meaning? Can He negate some parts of the Bible and call other parts true? Certainly not. For the precept of the Bible is that the Messiah is the same Being who wrote the Bible. He, then, would confirm all of it (Which is what Christ also said: I have come to fulfill it.)

In my issue, which is a case taken before a world court so to speak, involving all of you, I have pleaded a special cause of certainly no small proportions in the Bible. That case is grounded in the fact that there is no House of God in any of you. That is to say, in no one have I found even the slightest receptacle of curiosity concerning the Two Anointed Ones. Isn't that odd?

In your case, you have a defense against this accusation of mine. For you can maintain, if you will, that there is no God and that the Bible is not really worth much more than the paper it is written upon. And in this perspective you could maintain a posture of innocence. However, should you read my book, you would find that this really doesn't let you completely off the hook. For one of the precepts in my book, considering the lack of a suitable receptacle in which to live, I concluded that an aetheist would be more receptive to me than the religious. For I concluded that they have not invested anything concerning my project in which they could lose. They certainly would not be biased towards any particular perception of God (except that He doesn't exist).

With this in mind, I constructed for them a means of verifying the conclusions I reached. So I built for them something simple which they could understand: a House. And I told them, as well as the ministry, that if they go into that House they will see God and know that what I have told them is true.

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How can anyone possibly claim to see God?


In all the books of man, in all the testimonies of the ages, there is one group of people who claimed to have seen God. And they are the Children of Israel. Obviously, then, since they are the only ones who have really made such a claim, the only possible chance any of us today could have of discovering a real, measurable God, is to make an inquiry after the reported sighting of the Jews. Actually, it was more than a sighting or casual encounter: He said and they said He lived with them.

The common perceptions of men through the ages included the image of God existing everywhere, in the trees, the rocks, the mountains, the lakes, even the streams and oceans. Then, as man progressed in Wisdom, God got chopped up into a myriad of pieces, like Osiris in Egyptian Mythology, and scattered about. And each of those parts was assigned a particular residence in which to live. The cult of the mother goddess, for instance, became centered in the ancient world in Ephes. She was also known as Cybele, Isis, Ishtar, Ashtar, Gea, Hera, Juno, etc. Ishtar is a name which continues with us to this day, among Christians, as they celebrate Christ's passover feast and resurrection on the day of Ishtar:Easter. I am writing from memory so you ought to check me on this.

So when we Christians celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ every Easter, we celebrate Christ in the name of Ishtar. Interesting, isn't it? Well, what's in a name anyway?

If you can catch my drift, it seems that people like to hang names on things so that they can claim them for themselves. Apparently the early ministry were not successful in changing the name of their most celebrated festival. Certainly they could not change the date of their most sacred festival, to remove if from the conflict with the festival of Ishtar. Their early proselytizing would have to be content living on the day of Ishtar. Or to change it a bit, we can actually say they agreed to live in the House of Ishtar in order to bring Christ to the world. As it turns out, what they decided brought absolutely no harm, for no one, except the scholars, remembers Ishtar anymore.

So you can see, anyone building a new house needs a temporary place, or covering, in which to live. Almost any covering will do, it seems, for if the House grows it will eventually inundate the thing which was its host.

Perhaps the most unusual house ever designed or built is the Tabernacle of Moses, which is the Place in which the Children of Israel actually saw and communed with their God. The Testimony of that part of the Bible, Exodus and Numbers, tells us that they were not only visited by God and saw Him but that He actually Resided with them in a strange Tent which He had built. In that Tent He had constructed for Himself a small chest, about knee high, upon which was placed a thin sheet of gold; and upon that sheet of gold, actually formed out of the ends of it, were shaped Two Cherubim. And the Testimony says that is where God Resided with Israel: Between the Two Cherubim. And there, it was said, that He appeared on a regular basis and actually resided among them, between Two Cherubim...

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He also was seen at the door of the Tabernacle, or Tent, before the gathered multitude, including tens of thousands, in those days.

This, then, for anyone wondering whether a God does exist and would want to demonstrate it, is about the only information we have upon which to investigate. We have no other places to explore. Obviously, if you were an explorer, a scientist, you would dig for your facts in the areas of the highest potential. In these terms, then, it would be a waste of time to go to India or some other place and dig, since no one else has ever reported to have sighted any God.

This is the spirit in which my book is written: an exploration to seek out and expose God.

Who would dare do such a thing?

We recall that God, speaking to the ancient prophets, told them to watch out for their nakedness. He told them, for instance, not to build an alter of man hewn stone or lay stairs up to it, so that He could not see their nakedness as they go up the stairs. This is certainly an unusual point of view, which runs consistently in the Bible. God has always pictured Himself lower than man, even so far as revealing His Image upon the Mercy Seat of the Tabernacle, a place, as we have mentioned, about knee high.

We recall that Noah was overly concerned about revealing his nakedness. One day his son Ham stumbled into his room and saw his father naked. The other two brothers, Japheth the elder, who would become the Gentiles of the earth, and Shem, whose children were the Children of Abraham, seeing the accident, quickly grabbed a blanket and walked backwards into the room to cover their father's nakedness. The result of this episode is interesting. For Noah, in his Will of Inheritance, gave everything to Japheth and Shem and cursed his son Ham. And Ham, He said, would be a servant of the other two brothers forever. This episode, incidentally, brings into mind the myth of Perseus and the story of Jason.

Moses was reported to have seen for a moment the face of God (Enoch also is reported to have gazed upon it). He saw something there which caused his hair to turn white overnight.

Ezekiel saw an image of God cast midst Four Cherubim. Atop the Four Cherubim was seated a Man; and beside each Cherubim was a wheel and there was a wheel within a wheel; and the spirit of the Thing was in the wheels.

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Abraham found himself talking with a man one day and found out that he had been talking with God. And that man said, whilst He was talking to Abraham, that He was displeased with the reports He had heard coming out of Sodom and thought to go down there to see for Himself the goings on. As He was talking with Abraham, and as Abraham argued with Him to save Sodom, where his nephew Lot lived, God descended upon Sodom in the form of Two Men (angels). Everyone, of course, knows what happened in the tale of Sodom. And from the story we can see that should it have any basis in fact, or a parablic value in the language of God, God has a terrible image in the form of Two or Three men.

Jacob, later renamed Israel, by God, found Himself wrestling one evening with a man. When He awoke He realized He had been wrestling with God. After He realized with whom He had been wrestling, God renamed Jacob Israel, giving Him the name of a Nation intended to reign on earth one day as God. That Nation, incidentally, was, in the naming, intended to include all men: Gentile, heathen, and Jew. For God, in the precepts of Biblical Testimony, vowed that all men would one day kneel unto Him. This, in turn, creates an interesting point of view of God. For all other gods or god images fashioned by the hands of men never made such a universal demand. The God of Israel has never been happy, as with other gods, whom He claims really do not exist, living side by side them..

Like Louis XIV, He decided that to bring all men on earth to Him He would fashion for Himself a House. Its original form was in the Tabernacle of Moses and later, David, arguing with God, convinced Him to build the Temple, a structure of man hewn stone. Actually, the Tabernacle was moved within stone walls so to give it a more permanent House in which to live3 . Within a few years after Christ's crucifixion, in 70 A.D., that house was demolished by the Romans. It is no wonder then, in the argument with David, that God complained that He was perfectly happy living in His Tent. At least the Tent could be moved quickly out of harms way. Also, there was a greater reason why He claimed He was happy living in His Tent. But you would have to see the Tabernacle in order to appreciate it: another reason why my book should have been of interest to you and the others.

With these perceptions in mind, we can see that God thinks He is a Man. And in the Visions of Him, He generally looks just as normal as any other man; Just a man walking down the road; or, as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, Two Men. Once again, if these things have any value with respect to God, or one's sighting of a God, one should hope that the sighting does not involve Two Men. That could involve some pretty bad news, I should think.

This God, who thinks He is a man, called Abraham His House. All of the seed of Abraham would become His House; then in the precept He claimed that all men on earth would be blessed in Abraham and they would be brought into that House. This, of course, correlates with the Old Will of Noah, where He said both Japheth (the Gentile of the earth) and the sons of Ham would live in the Tents of Shem (Israel).

We see, in this precept, for the Moslems, through the Koran, to confirm the Bible, they have to recognize that they are really agreeing to live in the House of Israel. But as we have seen in the case of Ishtar, people tend to become confused over names. And if the Moslems were to read their Bible they would see that there is more to Israel than meets the eye: for, by definition, they are as much a part of the Promised Kingdom of Israel as the children of Israel. Sound confusing?

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The Bible actually resolves the problem with the names. On the day Israel (the sons of Jacob) are glorified and returned to the Holy land, the place will be renamed. The name it will be given is Beulah. And in this name it becomes known as the place which gave birth to God on earth, in the womb of the Children of Israel, or Zion. This distinguishes them from the thing that is finally seen as God's Kingdom in the end: that thing called Israel, ruled from Jerusalem. According to the precept you are finally going to see God as a man. And as that precept goes, when you see Israel finally restored to the map again, you are going to see that man.

Because a denial is prophesied in the Bible, concerning for instance the fate of the other Anointed One, a Stave named Bands, probabilities show that we will deny that man.

Such as it is, I explored these things which I thought the Messiah, if He should exist, would encounter. And you, once again, are typical of what I encountered.

By now, assuming you have read this, you must have come to assess the personality on this paper. To you, you see, I can only exist on this paper,. You will never meet me in person, nor would you have any need to want to know me. You have a job to do, a rather voluminous one at that--I should think--and have little time to evaluate what has merit and what hasn't. You base your decisions drawing upon the only tool you have: your knowledge. If your knowledge and mine were to match up, for instance, then we might be on the same wavelength sufficient for me to be received. Since I am transmitting to you, I depend upon you to have the knowledge I need to be received. If I could read your thoughts, it certainly would be a boon to me. But all I have to go on is the thing you advertised, and, of course, I have a copy of your mandate.

Can you imagine what it would be like for the Messiah? To find someone who can understand Him, particularly when He has to talk about the Two Anointed Ones? You see my point? It is impossible for you to be in tune with Him. You, if God existed on earth (I am referring to the God of the Bible) and wrote to you, you would not understand Him. Once again, you are typical of the impression I have received.

Writing of these things to Harvest House Publishers, including my letter to them in my book, I then sent my book to their House soliciting publication. Just as I have dealt with you, I have dealt with them. Their name is in my book and they, in returning the book after a month, did not comment about it. Strange for a publisher, wouldn't you say? And my book tells them that they made a gross mistake concerning the name of the Messiah. For they, in their book, said that the Gatherer, or Messiah, whose name is Shiloh, is a Jew, and is in fact Jesus: they further said that Moses named Shiloh. Moses had nothing to do with the name of the Gatherer, for that name was determined by Jacob (Israel) long before him. Moses, however, did deliver the Tabernacle and during David's time it was located about twenty or thirty miles from Jerusalem in a place called Shiloh. How that place of the Tabernacle came to be called Shiloh I will never know. The fact is the restoration of the Tabernacle and Shiloh are linked together as signs of the final proof that God really and truly does exist and has always existed.5 That proof comes about in the Latter Days, as day of great darkness and gloominess, a day of evil compared to no other day. The Messiah (David) knows that His Protection in that day will be the Tabernacle.

page 257

Can you see the shape my book is taking? It is becoming a living work, living for and by itself. And it is the interaction between people like you and Harvest House Publishers which gives it life. You, like the pharaoh in Egypt, are beyond appeal and I should think so far hardened in heart no amount of sensitivity in me could get through to you. For I don't write or communicate what you want to hear.

The irony to all this is that Harvest House could have responded to me by publishing the work which criticized them. But then they would have had to make an enormous sacrifice to do that. Just as you now have been given the same opportunity.

Following this flow through, we see that those who have demonstrated what the book claims would be done must pray that my book is never published. Suddenly, you and the others, to defend your pride, would want to suppress the book. And as you stand in the way of it, if the book has any merit at all, you will be inundated by it. For we are a contrast, one to another, and it is my guess that between the two of us, one will be seen to be laying down in sorrow.

Behold the Lowly Ant 

Behold the lowly ant
for he provides for the winter;
As he crosses to and fro my floor below
I wonder, does he notice the tiles?

Have you ever wondered how it is that the lowly ant discovered the geometry of his nursery, always making each chamber's sides equal? Why the hornet, the bee, maintain the same kind of geometry?

Have you ever wondered how the lowly ant looks upon his world? For everything including most of life's creatures (apart from the microscopic, which are surely in greater abundance) is above him. Yet, he protects the mighty acacia tree from marauding insects and vines much larger than he or his tree; He herds the aphid to gather its milk; and the army ant makes bivouacs and bridges out of his own body, not needing any other materials for his crossings or his home. And no stream, nor plant, creature, or man can stand up against him. Have you ever read the story, Leningen and the ants?

How many of them have you smashed as you stepped down the side walk to your car in the morning, not knowing they were there beneath your feet? And how many have you fed, not knowing they have entered your home during the night?

Everything we see in the ant we can see in ourselves. For he is both a marauder and a gardener. He makes contracts with things, such as the Acacia tree, which cannot speak, and yet, as lowly as the ant is, we can witness the very tiny fruit fly which makes its nest inside the fruit of the fig. At the tip of the fig is a tiny hole, so tiny no other flying insect can enter it. By means of that hole the fig has made a contract with that particular fruit fly to allow it to pollinate its fruit; in turn, the tree gives off a sweet nectar to nourish the tiny worms of the fruit fly as they emerge. The female, who laid the larvae, dies inside the fruit, and the fig secretes a particular acid which erases the evidence that a tiny fly had entered its chamber and died.

page 258

If you were to have read my book, you would have seen that I tried to make the same sort of contract with you.

I am capable of entering the tiniest hole, which I call a gate, like the tiny fruit fly; and the sad thing about this is the fact that I have gone to so many places, to so many houses, and have failed to find even the slightest hole. All of the fruit I have discovered to date I have found rotting on the vine. And I have appealed over and over to my God, that there must be some fruit out there to receive me, and there is no answer. I appealed to you and others who, unlike my God, I can touch and feel through all my senses to be near me; and there is no answer.

Several months ago I gave a copy of my book to my family doctor. We had been talking about my travels, my visiting him for a routine checkup; and in the course of the conversation he suggested that I ought to write a book. I told him that I had written several of them, all unpublished, concerning various subjects, and that I had just finished another. He inquired of it and I briefly described the substance of the material I furnished in my letter of introduction to you . He asked me to send him a copy of the book.

In sending him the book, I included a personal letter to him, which is now an integral part of the book (actually the Introduction).

What is unusual about this event is the fact that he knew me personally and was aware of my personal history. Because of my travels and experiences, he, being also about my age, reflected that he envied my liberty at being able to do the things I wanted to do. Like many I have known, the need to reap the fruits of their labours tended to interfere in taking off and doing things as I have done. The good doctor could not leave his practice to travel for a year and a half as I had traveled. For he had a wife and family that depended upon him. And they depended upon the way of life he had provided: the bills, the charge accounts, the mortgage payments, and all the rest that go into providing for a comfortable living in this day and age. I had turned my back on these things, though I would love to have them together with the way of life charted through my past.

While in the Middle East I often slept on roofs of pensions, paying about a dollar a night for my lodging. Its a good place to sleep, if you own a sleeping bag, because you can see the stars and the beautiful Middle Eastern Crescent Moon; and you are rarely bothered by mosquitoes, as I had so often found when renting a room below. The mosquitoes seemed to be attracted to the white chambers and, of course, the light of the room.

To live this sort of life, you have to carry the smallest amount of luggage. I carried two pairs of shorts, about four shirts (two too many), a bathing suit, a towel, and two pair of sandals and some handkerchiefs. I did carry a razor and a toothbrush/dentifrice. The most valuable thing I carried, leaving my bag on the roof during a day's excursion, was my sleeping bag. So I never worried about thieves, though there were many about.

The less you carry, the less you have to lose. And whilst I enjoy the finer things in life just as anyone else, I found that there is a certain peace of mind which comes when you can cast off the extra baggage in life to enjoy a world with no strings attached.

page 259

Somewhere near the Black Sea, in central Turkey, I met a group of young travelers, traveling as I, and went with them about a week. On the third day traveling together, as I recall, one of them said to me, By the way, what's your name?

While on board a ship heading back to Israel (for the third time) I met a young Australian named David, whom I had traveled with in various parts of Turkey at various times. The last time I had seen him and his girlfriend was in Ephes. I had left them several weeks before, going in a different direction, and had believed that I would never see them again. As soon as I had stepped off the bus in Ephes and secured myself my rooftop suite, heading to the tourist office, I saw him standing at the local dolmus (minibus) stop, waiting to go to the ruins. They called out my name and I joined them in visiting the ruins. After that I was convinced I would never see them again. And heading back to Israel several weeks later I found myself on board a ship with him. We were on the sea the the very same time as the Italian liner was hijacked, but we did not know of it until we had reached Israel.

I like to mention David, because he was heading back to a Kibbutz on which he had lived the previous year, having been traveling for over a year, as most young Australians are wont to do; and he said to me, You know, the thing I have learned most in my travels is about myself. He added that he had found himself doing things which he never believed he could do. Then, later that evening, seated along the aft rail of the ship, he brought up the subject of God. I had rarely talked with him or even others about the subject, so he seemed a little awkward about broaching the subject. In the course of the conversation he told me that he had a very unusual experience, and had come to know God. Just as he was set to tell me about that experience, I interrupted him, saying, I believe you, David, that you know God. His face, radiating like a bright red flower about to explode, suddenly deflated, and he lost his ability to talk any more about it. I felt badly about having interrupted him, for I would like to have heard about his experience. And I wonder why even those who know me, as the good doctor or David, seem to clam up when I correspond with them on the subject of God.

I live on a sailboat now; a very gentle 37 footer. Over the door to my sleeping quarters I placed two small cherubim carved out of olive branches, which I had purchased in Nazareth. I have had many guests aboard my boat and only one of them has asked whom those two cherubim are. A friend, who knows who they are, asked me to tell them who the two olive branches are. I didn't know how to talk about them such that they would understand. For their story is a long one and hard to cover in just one sitting. I despair over it, like David, and can only hope that one day someone will have the time out of their busy schedules to learn about them.

But I must admit I fear that day, because of the name I have come to know most of you by: for most of you appear to be Cain. And you are my keeper.



page 260

Notes to Letter D
1 Both Christians and Jews have justified using the sword in the name of God to further their purposes, as well as the Moslems, in this case. But they should all note that the scriptures referring to the Latter Day prophesies, when they refer to God's War, talk about God conducting His War Himself. I don't see any blanket authorization to anyone to go out and attack another nation in the name of God. God's disposition is for Peace, not War. Christ clearly explained his position on this issue.
2 I wrote this before the Ollie North fiasco. Barbara did not have the luxury of this example for me to illustrate what I meant by our naivety and how dangerous it is. But you do...
3 I have frequently made this statement for purposes of simplicity. When you see the Tabernacle and then gaze upon the Temple, you will see that they were not even close to being the same thing. The Tabernacle had a Beauty in it which was totally lost in the Temple. We have explained this elsewhere.
4 Zechariah, chapter 11
5 Psalm 27.5 of the Tanakh, the standard Jewish Bible, says:
He will shelter me in His Pavilion
on an evil day;
grant me the protection of His Tent,
raise me high upon a rock.

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