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Etruscan Phrases

by Mel Copeland
(from a work published in 1981)


Miscellaneous Scripts

This section contains scripts "AB; AD; AE; AF; AJ; AK; AL; AG; AH, AO and Script CT" --all generally from tombs and tombstones, including a linear form of the Vetalonia Tombstone, script "T".

Script AL – Inscription below on statue of Prince/Lord Metelis: AVLE SI METELIS FEFESIA LECLENSI CEN8eLERESTECESANS LETENIN E TVRINES KIS FiLICS [Prince himself Metelis you carry (Lat. veho, vehere, vexi, vectum) there (le); he shook/tossed (l. vexo-are) there (le) to the Clensi of the clan (Lat.gens, gentis); you prevail (Lat. valeo-ere), you cover/protect (Lat. tego, tegere, texi, tectum) the race/family/blood (Lat. sanguis-itim) there; they hold/keep (Lat. teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum) out of (Lat. e, ex) the people of Turin (Lat. Augusta Taurinorum) the chair/seat (It. chiesa; Fr. chaise) of Ulysses (Odysseus, Lat. Ulixes-is). Note: AL16 should read KIS (IS). AL17-AL18, FLICS probably is ULICS, in as much as the F is the "U" or "F" in most cases. The "V" or "B" is an "8". AL9-AL10, 8LERES, is a common name/ephitet to script Z, the Zagreb Mummy with about 18 usages. This script will be updated as I learn more about the vocabulary.

The Following Script and its image below are from the Tomba dei Caronti at Tarquina. There seems to be another figure of Charin in the tomb who is carrying a club of sorts. The implement or pole Charin is carrying has a "U" shape at the end. It may be an old version of a shepherd's crook, since it looks not like something with which to bash one over the head but rather to hook around the neck. The inscription needs to be verified.

Script AO: AMAR LE ANA TE: To love there Ana your. Script is from a tomb in Orvieto.


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