2/12/06 When the Afflicted Soul is satisfied is a document that was part of my correspondence with Wm. F. Buckley Jr.
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When the Afflicted Soul is satisfied

by Mel West

Concerning the simple truth needed to preserve Human Dignity:
to Pastor Ted

This is one of many Tiny Books passed out
to passer-by in the streets of Berkeley by the Homeless

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I was afflicted and know what it is like to be alone and with no man there to defend me. Had there been a little light among them watching my affliction, who acted as those who thrive in graves, I would not have been hurt. Here we can apply my experience to a known truth: we say that the purpose of the Scriptures (we speak of the Old Testament, the teachings of Jesus, and the Koran – excluding the teachings of the Apostle Paul, another matter) is to satisfy the Afflicted Soul. The poor and the needy, the homeless and the beggars among even us, are protected by the charter of these Scriptures, and it is this which professes to be the final basis of Truth and that Truth is God. In the charter is one consensus about the author of its terms: God is capable of all things except to lie and His Truth is to provide for the Afflicted Soul.

We know that the Charter which provides for the poor and the Afflicted Souls among us (we speak against persecution) is in agreement with International Covenants, saying that from the lowliest of us to the highest our Human Dignity and Human Rights will be defended. We summarize these in our work, What Price Justice. To defend Human Rights we now have International Covenants which support our argument--so clearly expressed in the Scriptures – that when you draw out your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul, then shall your light rise in obscurity and your darkness be as the noon day . Hear now this point of truth: We can now quote both international Covenants and the Holy Scriptures to prove the case that many – I speak of Americans in particular – have abandoned this cause of God. I have seen sitting in comfortable church pews Americans throwing fortunes into baskets for their own salvation without concern for the salvation of others. They forgot the goal of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth, with the idea that I will teach the meek my way (Psalm 25.9). See also the Lord's Prayer.

It is quite right that we must all be merciful and charitable in order to receive mercy. The criteria of International Covenants and the Scriptures agree that rhetoric is not the answer to charity and Mercy. In the churches collecting enormous sums of money I have seen that charity and mercy are empty and forgotten objectives – only rhetoric – once the tithing baskets are emptied into the treasure chests. Our source of Human Rights says that besides preaching charity and mercy one must serve it.

Anyone intimidated by me because I can quote the Bible would be a fool to think that my arguments stop there. In addition to the International Covenants and the Scriptures which urge for the protection of Human Rights – to defend the poor, the persecuted, the afflicted among us – as our first cause, we can cite the scriptures of the Brahmins, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, and Confucius whom we have summarized in another small work called A True Historye of Unicorn Powder, Book II, Part 2 (Renamed, see The Romance of Anais) concerning teachings from the Forbidden City of Tabue [this is a children's book which carries extracts from The Tapestry of One ; ed. note]. These Oriental Teachings all agree with the point of view of the Holy Scriptures which we can boil down to the Golden Rule. So in addition to having International Covenants backing us up, in addition to the support of the Holy Scriptures noted above, we also have in support of our thesis the Wisdom of the East. Pastor, we have 3,500 years of the wisest lawmakers known to man to support our thesis; if necessary, I can call up the wisest rabbis--the The Fathers, the Oral Torah, Maimonides, etc. of Israel to support our thesis. With me is an army of ancients whose precept is summed by Isaiah 58.10, urging your priority to provide for the Afflicted Soul. We say, let's see some action.

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Nowhere in any of my army is there one teacher who would argue that our priority and cause is confusing, subjective, or open to interpretation (as Paul inferred so to undermine Judah). We include under our wings all Afflicted Souls. Those who snuggle to this truth we have asked to stand up and be counted; otherwise they should return the money they collected on our account.

The pearl from the depths of Egypt

No matter what platform of justice a man uses in this day to argue his agenda, that platform will always turn back to us.

The first part of our platform says that when we defend the Afflicted Soul we do not just go after a few lucky ones, but rather for all of them. We can illustrate our point in the case of Moses, when he was sent down to Egypt to save the children of Israel from their afflictions. They were then slaves and being forced to make bricks without straw from the dung of cattle. Other people in history have no doubt seen worse fates, but at this moment in time our mission was to bring the Afflicted Souls out of Egypt. The reasons for this are many, but generally lay upon a foundation that by keeping Israel others will follow--to provide for the Afflicted Souls among us – and, by doing so, many will see the Light of God. Call this God's Pearl .

When Moses was sent out of exile back to Egypt to gather God's Pearl (confusing the dragon guarding the Pearl), he was directed to collect all of the people. Surely there were some brigands and some brutes (typical of most peoples) among them, but the instructions were to get all of them. This is Mercy and our concept of Grace.

Judgment is without regard to person

From time to time a man answers when the call to Mercy is made. The Judao-Christian world is, of course, indebted to Abraham, Moses, and the great teachers of their scriptures, including Jesus. These authorities, as well as all of the others whom we have cited, intended from the beginning that when justice is served it is served for the protection of everyone hiding within its wings. All men are equal before the law and--from the point of view of the scriptures--before God. Americans, however, do not agree, and because of American distortions of this world view there is no man today to stand up for Mercy. The Homeless, afflicted souls in our streets prove this; America's religion of survival of the fittest proves it. You're on your own kid...

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Stations without Mercy

Men waiting on platforms of rapture (blessed for Heaven--the earth be damned), best illustrate the terrible faith," it's every man for himself", ignoring the oppression around them, and thus oppression thrives and the meek suffer. We forget the platforms which served the trains of the blessed also transported victims to Auschwitz in another time. For these and other reasons the call for Mercy goes unanswered: many are too busy making rods with which to beat others; many chewing the fat as it were.

To save an Afflicted Soul the rods of unmerciful men will be broken. We speak of leaders.
The Holy Scriptures contrived an unusual plan in breaking these leaders, the false kings and false shepherds among us. The Scriptures would prove their power over these false beings by embarrassing them!

Today, more than any other day, we have the opportunity to embarrass the greatest monsters on earth, to show the people what they are. The prophets predicted that when the people see these false kings and shepherds they will flee away from them, and they will be swept from us as one sweeps dirt from one's porch!

Let me illustrate how easy this will be. In What Price Justice we mentioned the case of Martin Luther. When the world finds out what Martin Luther stood for, must not all the churches after his name change their name? In order to survive, will not pastors finally have to start telling the truth about Luther and the six million deaths he caused? What the Truth can do to the Lutheran Churches – shutting out Luther's agents – it can do with many frauds who have forgotten their first love. Those who use the cause of Human Rights are under a franchise, and they must stand up and be counted or forfeit their license. Pastor, do you agree?


Postscript – the author never received a reply from Pastor Ted nor any other pastor or priest or person, from the thousands of these and other books which were handed out. People simply turned their heads away from the indignity, and the persecutions still continue. I cast this book , my testimony, before the Sons and Daughters of Heaven, and they answered, "Why do the Heathen rage?" I then saw many floods, earthquakes, and cold winters released to soften our cold and hardened hearts. And then came the great consumption.

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