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Items of interest on this old map of Judah:

(The map is from the Yakov Aviel & Eretz Israel Collection; map by Fuller, 1650)


1. The Vallis Zephathah is the site of the battle between Zerah, the King of Ethiopia and King Asa (2 Chron. 14.9-10). King Asa was the third king of Judah (b.c. 955-914) and engaged Zerah near Maresha. According to the chronicle, God miraculously drove Zerah's army away. King Asa's son was Jehoshaphat, who headed to battle against Moab, Ammon, and Mt. Seir, was told by God not to worry, since the Battle is mine. When Jehoshaphat's army marched to the watchtower, singing praises to God in the wilderness of Tekoa, they saw bodies everywhere (II Chronicles 19-20).

2. Mizpah is the place where Jacob made a covenant with Laban, his father-in-law, and raised a pillar and a stone heap (called Galeed) to mark the peace between them.

Laban was a Syrian who gave Jacob his two daughters to marry (Leah and then Rachel). Jacob ran off with the women and his flocks and Laban caught up with him here at the mount of Gilead. 

3. Centered in this section of the map is an unusual structure which appears to be a tent with three pennants on its roof. Next to it is a smaller ten-like structure. The boundary between them is marred.

The Tent carries the proportions of the Tabernacle of Moses (see The_Acceptable_Day_of_the Lord.html) The high pitch of the roof is curious.

Not shown in this map but appearing in the original are two more small tents with soldiers lined around their sides. The tents therefore are probably representations of armies; the two clashing tents would be two armies.

4. The map (a larger view is at Maravot's web site: Treasures_Copper_Scroll.html) shows most of the cities of Judah and cities of refuge of the Levites and seems to be a copy of older Hebrew maps.

List of important sites listed in the Treasure_Copper_Scroll.html

Valley of Akon (Achor)
Asla, edge of
Valley (and town) of Sekaka
Solomon's Cistern and Solomon's trench
ha-Kippa stream in the approach from Jericho to Sekaka
Queen's residence
Burial mound of the Ford of the High Priest
Doq, east corner of the citadel
Outlet of Koziba
Achzar, east of
Plowed land in ha-Shave
In landmark of ha-Shave
Dovecote on edge of Nataf
In the Second Estate
Cellars of Choron, the one facing the sea
In Qobah
Pass of Beth-Tamar, in rocky ground of Ger Pela
South of the Second Estate
Cistern in Beth ha-Keren
Water tank of the Valley of Zok
Absalom's memorial, on the west
Latrines of Siloam
In Zadok's tomb
Opposite Zadok's garden,
under the large slab which covers the water outlet
Grave under the colonnades
Beth Esdatain, very close by the grave of the sons of Ha'amata of Jericho
Under the upper tunnel staircase of Mt. Garizim
Spring of Beth-Sham
Burial chamber's large conduit up to Beth-Hakuk
Tunnel in Sechab, north of Kochlit

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