10.12.03 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns and vocabulary. Translation and commentary on the major scripts.

Copyright © 1981-2003 Mel Copeland. All rights reserved.


Panel 1, Fragment

...she strives after here
...you make joyful/person's name, Hilare, the eagle
...to a greater extent to be on guard against
...we rejoice

Panel 2, Fragment

...supposing that in time I honor out of the prayers
...I am gentle; the double she raises up
...the bones there indeed
...the he-goats

Panel 3

........from the thunder; I am you; from the thunder
the trellis; serene she assembles to the god Dis; you sail/pass......Veler
the disease here; they would influence; whether the serpent born of wrath.....here
I revealed; I do there; whether; they sing? to us....however
the trells; serene you cherish there which they sing of the vine stock; I do there
at the altar you do not reign; by the sea lest you cherish; the shield; you struggle

Panel 4

the wine of the bones; three at a time; Velere; in drunkenness she stands
one; I am gentle/soft; not to reign; and indeed of the matters; the wrath of things; she summons there
you [pl.] have made mild the wine from ourselves the whey of the lady
to yours we speak; you lived of the chaise; the chariot; you roll around; I carry; the kidneys
through the years poor of pine-wood you care for things; you merited; you are moist/wetted of the rich
(or alternatively you merited the Homeric).

Panel 5

wandering about myself; of the God Tin himself; we speak to yours; you lived of the chaise; behold!
in here; I cover Veler of the resin to us the chariot you possess...
she has wealth I cover; they got again/discovered here; my lords; you join together the lords here; you join together
the house of honey; I watch; they move the wax you leave/allow; the chariot/wheel

Panel 6

(fragment missing) if you arise of the matters/things the blackbirds I raise you escape
(fragment missing) the disease/stigma; to come of the light you lifted up; I do not reign
(fragment missing) to the ladies; in drunkenness she stood; the trellis
(fragment missing) to recounte she watches the galley of wine
(fragment missing) the goddess Leto I love; serene you assist; to recounte; the sister
(fragment missing) the bones you raise I do not reign....the matters

Panel 7

to the bandages/swaddling bands of the trellis; the serene you assemble of yourself; I carry the grain
to reconte; to watch over not to reign; the vases; CN I take up/assume; woe! I carry
the grain I hid; the sister of the galley of wine; three at a time; Velere
in drunkenness she stood; one I soften; I do not reign; the god Dis; you pass from state to state here
the vases; you possess the chariot; I carry the kidneys; she has wealth I bury; they got again / discovered here
my lords; you join together the lords here; you join together here; or whether the house; of honey; I watch

Panel 8

line unreadable
they move by what way?...........supposing that you die
of the blackbirds of wrath here; you escape; if however Velere in drunkenness you stayed
at the chaise you pass from state to state here; the vase if however; to the bronze I wander the vase; but if
of the bronze;I lament the birth of a vase upon I recount here; the skirts; I hid
the sister; to them truly sometimes I wander of the wine I draw in

Panel 9

line unreadable
from CN I joined together; they ordain; in here; the vases; well just look! but if to us
the sack unless which the three; you hasten you spit out the three here
you escape; I wander over the matters; of the god Tin himself; to yours we speak; you lived; the chaise
of the chariot; you are in the possession of; alone the kidneys to rise, to hang onto the things they get again rich

Panel 10

the sac unless evident/bright to hasten we shall spue out from the stream I merited
you escape; to recount of the sister; not to reign; by the thunder they shall change
to the bronze you wander; Zeus of the trellis; the serene you assemble together; I reconte here
to the sister not to reign; you are three; to the swaddling bands; herself I carry
......not I reign to the chaise you pass from state to state here; I change

Panel 11

the chariot you posses; I carry the kidney of the sister; to hang on to things they get again rich
the sack unless I made clear/illustreous; to hasten there; we shall spue out from the river I merited you escape but if;
to be cast ashore in this way; or if here; to the chaise you pass from state to state here
the vase; but if; to be ejected/cast ashore the vase that thing; to recount; the skirts/cassocks
I hid of the sister; I do there; the resin upon I recount; you create; you join together the defendants
you have here the hideous region I hid; the god Ep of the house of the borders to us; whatsoever three at a time

Panel 12

the beech trees and also he releases the bronze I lament the birth; the frightening object you pull up; to be angry
whatever; I do there; not to reign you are or; you pay money they reveal
to them you wander; Zeus we honor; I am gentle not to reign woe! I trusted
you go I had faith here; the vases of the chairot; they reveal; the bones of wool here
you soften; the reigns/whips you joined together here; Aurelius of the sack unless she calls
to hasten there; she spues out there; to the blackbirds you are here; you escape here; they reveal her

Panel 13

line unreadable
SN to the river I am frantic who to them I cease years and indeed death/Orcus' to the fruitful the offspring
the old bucket (or Hamphes--a person) you long for; the towers; the king; to be bound/ being bound you are free from
you deny the years and indeed; we deny death/Orcus; you perish you swam back; N N the river Rage
the vase of the lights; from the thunder; you rejoiced; also I recount however

Panel 14

the accused person you renew; the he-goat here you have of it; she was born; she will pay money of herself
from the thunder; the great queen there; from the thunder; ai! she celebrates there; I watch the perfect;
hereupon the sack unless she calls
you (plural) did not bring forth; they illuminate Velere; the bucket of the treasury; this thing she joined/collected together
line unreadable

Panel 15

from the thunder; to them truly of that person; Veler you are; she creates you
you watched truly you watched Veleres

Panel 16

you are the theme; we bring forth that person she summons there; you pay money in/towards her sea
your ghastliness; I recount; you regard; you summoned; to the people of Cato I am absent from the ghastliness; we conceal
the tops of the earthen pots; the eagle I have unless; of Pania
even like the sole martyr

Panel 17

because she possessed; from the thunder; in what manner; I make there the wrath not at all of the king
of evil; because she possesed; from the thunder; in what manner; I make there the bronze you deceive
evil; because; she possesed Triner; from the thunder in what manner you nourish
evil; because; she possesed; from the thunder; in what manner; I make there; the daughter; you deceive
you stayed her; you stayed her; she possesed; in what manner Triner she takes to her own the sack unless of the god Tini

Panel 18

whether to hasten any of the year; the salt she eats of the men I recounte
to wander Chaos to hasten she unites there; we are accustomed; they chop, they guard
I reign over whom of hers; we wonder; they chop/separate; they bewail the comrades here of the men
you I am; from the thunder; to us the place of slaughter; the he-goat she cherishes
you have summoned the bronze indeed; to the staff whether we hunt; I kill; the bones/bodies there

Panel 19

line unreadable
to the cellar you wall in yourself; from the thunder you reconte here of their bones; she refused to give
the eagle she loves; we wonder; to hasten she ruined Hilare the eagle
I make there; they chop to rase where that you escape the eagle we wonder
I strike the staff to distress the comrades; the man you meet with, the eagle, from the thunder
you I am; from the thunder; I hide CN, I do there; the altar I watched
line unreadable

Panel 20

line unreadable
CN thine CN until they wax the vine of the Arno here I like whom from
the comrads of the men; from the thunder; the great rite; from the thunder; ai!
I make there the brazen footed unit; you took an oath, they wax, they chop
the defendant of Orcus, from the thunder; hereupon we subdue the comrades here of the men
they wax, they chop the threshingfloor I watched; from the thunder, they wax

Panel 21

your king, within you weed; she trusts; I make there the thunder
you till, she unites; you watched; from the thunder now you were trusted the sole heir of the funeral pyre

Panel 22

I hid this/her hour; we weeded Veler she cherishes; they wove there
the mother-in-law you preserved her she is herself absent to pray of the whole I reconte; of the gods
you lead the prison there; I am soft/tender I have left the wine

Panel 23

her we avoid; Aquilar you love; the kidneys ......
the matter of the aversion she permits; to draw out the double she lifts up here to a greater extent the hinderance of these things
the matter of the aversion you leave alone of yourself to leave behind the wine of Aquilar you love
she works at the mill in her season; in time I honor I make there the bones; you shall drain
the goats of the rich leg; I make there ; I farm of Velere the things; the sack unless hers
thereupon CN I bargain with the lords the three together of Velere; they interweave there, you are united

Panel 24

I am soft purified......
to the rose resin of our moon she was satisfied; I am satisfied of the moon
the sack unless here of Sires the swift you spit out three, you escape
wandering about myself of Tini himself we speak to yours, you lived of the chaise of the beech trees
and indeed there the god Tin of the bronze I lament, I arise of the resin Veler I make there
from the thunder you I am; from the thunder; I hide CN of the three someone/something

Panel 25

she was born......the queen
out of the covering there you are ignorant
one and the same I am soft; I do not reign
the covering there lest the wine you escaped
the vases here, the sack unless a house of the three
line unreadable

Panel 26

to the island of Fescennia you transport CN; tomorrow the Picene towards the gods
at the lord the resin which the sack unless whatsoeveer swift
you spit out three; you escape, you wander to the god Tini himself of yours we speak
you lived, the chaise, the chariot; you are in the power of the divine; the kidneys you hang onto
From the queen of the sac unless evident/brilliant here in/of the bronze you purify these things

Panel 27

the blackbirds I raise; you escape to reconte; I tend the galley
of the wine of the three of Velere; they interweave one and the same I am soft
I do not reign to the double you lift up; the successions of the ancestress....in
they ordain in the dryness Veler of resine......the lambs of the house of the three
you hasten, you spit out the three, you escape...the god Tini himself
line unreadable

Panel 28

line unreadable
you hang on here of the booty here; the sack if not evident to hasten the bones you purify the things
the blackbirds I raise; you escape to reconte of the sister not to reign
thine you raise the vases here; they shall change to the Velerie they interweave themselves
to reconte the serene trellis you regard; not to reign
you are three to the swaddling bands; the double you raise; to reconte of herself I carry the grain
line unreadable

Panel 29

line unreadable
I carry the grain I hid; the sister not to reign Velere they interweave there
one and the same I am soft, I do not reign to the chaise you pass from state to staate here; in the vases
of the chariot you are in the power of; I carry the kidneys; you cleave to here; the booty here
of the sack if not evident to hasten there; you spit out the things, the blackbirds I raise
you escape without the wine of Velere; they interweave there of the god Dis

Panel 30

we adorn the bronze indeed of Hineru; the wine I draw out; I demand indeed
We call by name where someone esteemed I cleansed to them indeed I reconte frequently

Panel 31

I carry, you perish you swam back; we call by name where someone they hollow out
by the sea; the fortune-teller you love; we arise; they chop; to the strong I act
I make there; adorned with gold I sail through the Furies
to the plowed land you love, of the lambs, the ibis, we join together at the riches of the lake
of the king of whom you sail; to the eagle Hamphes of delight you are alone to yourself

Panel 32

I watched Serphoe the eagle, the ibises she whirls around, CN there ; I say nothing of these matters
the six alone you assemble in you of the flesh to herself of Canin the market
you go; the ibis MNR she assembles to; she loves of the three the beech grove indeed there of the god Tini
to them I groan indeed here; hereupon in this place she is covered; from the thunder; to you I am; from the thunder
I hide CN; Hiner I reign over; the Chimaera of the Anio here you escaped; I make there
line unreadable

Panel 33

Rome of the isle of flesh to myself I gather the cattle; the day of the Romans to honor
I have the lands of Ipa; I demand the dish she likes; I am born; I summon
of Hineru the sixth; you are veiled; at the sea you engage the young married woman CN
to Mars indeed of the bones the gods she watches in the flesh in the kingdom
I set straight the branch alone she cherishes of the sea she engages here the watchman in these matters

Panel 34

of sound mind I trust in Vulcan, Pluto of the gods yours I enjoy; he rests himself
at the altar we confirm the bronze indeed; we rejoice; the sister she is carried up of the brine
you went out here that/where the heights I weed; you went out here from the salt/brine
she strives after the holy here
I reconte indeed; they snatch the sac of the procuress of Fiera; I bring; you bless indeed
I empty yours, her opening you sew; she sailed away by/through the King of darkness

Panel 35

line unreadable
she has here in this place herself the king of the stream that she rests but Rome herself anything
of the darkness although the prison cells I am put in the power of for she asks of the Latins
the gods; the procuress she has of/by the door; you escape; she got out of the consuming fetters
I spit out you alone of her; the grand-daughter of king Lais of the staff out of the darkness
line unreadable

Panel 36

line unreadable
I make there, the consecrated wine of the god Dis; I hid the feather of the Trojans
The things you plunder of the god Dis; the Trojan she takes to her own of the Hanerin; I hid
at the tower you have at this time the rich wine; I make there; of the six we wonder
we boil CN the beam they chop; I compose of the friend of the god Tini
....from the thunder; the matters of Troy; from the thunder

Panel 37

to the Hanerin, from the thunder; I hide CN; we wonder, to the Romans of the god Tini
by Erinyes you are the theme of the succession; at the wall in greatness you reign
the swift I make there; at the altar of the king the bones I brought forth; your chain, the chair of the pick-axe
in the chair of feathers (winged chair), she goes to the end; I was obliged I spit out yours to them indeed; Hinerus
she summons the resins

Panel 38

you are the theme, to us someone, from the thunder the bronze indeed....
the little toga here, I wander of the things; I sing of the thunder; she yields
in the thunder they reveal Veler the long-lived; you were preserved

Panel 39A & 39B

line unreadable
to the Veleri I celebrate....the rounds there of CN; they will be; woe! I bear the grain
to the watchmen there.........the thunder in this place you are the theme by which someone
to the kidney she has........the thunder they reveal

Panel 40

line unreadable
the thunder she holds here; from the thunder; from the Romans because the brook of the flocks
the chariot of the gods, the woolen she in here she escaped the god of the Chimaera
he strikes down the Satyrs, you escape by swimming the river Hampheris of the Rhine country
to the king of the altars we groan; the Anio the resting place of the Etruscans, Hilar (Hilar = sausage/intestines?)
...............cunningly the one and the same Hampheris.........

Panel 41

....from the thunder
to the bronze indeed here in this place I come forth, the defendant to us; to the bronze you wander, of Zeus
I watch the column of the wall; Hilar(Hilar = sausage/intestines?) you watch opposite the third here
you pass oveer the summit, I arise the one and the same she cherishes the blackbird the restorer
of the wall, Hilar (Hilar = sausage/intestines?) she watches; we cover with regard to three at a time these things of the wall
I come forth of the kings one and the same she cherishes, you have at that time Hilar (Hilar = sausage/intestines?)
she watches to reign

Panel 42

in this direction in time here the head there I moisten by whatever way I like; she escapes here to them indeed to bring forth
you have at that time the Hilar(Hilar = sausage/intestines?) of Rome, from the third here of the Constellation of the Great Bear
we wonder the bronze indeed here in this place we subdue I do there we thunder
we watch, by this means they heap something; the goddess Uni the great, the beginning indeed there
I cultivate; the matter of the eagle whether the sack if not CN to hasten by whatever way from the salt

Panel 43

I give as a reason, you drain the goats, your leg here; we are accustomed of Rome herself
they are boiled, I drain you pull Hilar(Hilar = sausage/intestines?)

Panel 44--blank

Panel 45--blank

Panel 46

.....the king he comes into existence he is healthy
......upwards he went forth
.....the rock he takes to himself
....I inscribe the things, CN they will be
.....the aversion I pull out of the region

Panel 47

......the lambs of CN......
..... I lock up myself; the god Tini supposing that.....
.... you are in the power of they carry the sister
.....I made illustrious to hasten there
.....I judge yours

Panel 48

........the wrath....the swift
........swiftly the mattter here you join here, whether
.............you are in the power of; I endure
...........to yours we speak, the habitude within, the chariot...........of these matters/things
....to the sister, I hang on to the things, they get again the rich, the sack neither
.....the things/matters of the blackbirds I raise; CN

Panel 49

you join together here, whether to the house you lead; they are at leisure to us/her; you mark
the seats/settings of the moon here
to reconte, she dries up, not to reign; the trellis, the serene you regard
the gods, the vases, the grain to come, her double, I do not reign
they shall change, to the bronze you wander, to Zeus of the serene trellis you assemble
to reconte, she dries up, not to reign; the gods, the vases, not to reign;

* This expression may be rather than "we wonder" by thunder; the Etruscans divined using thunder and lightening.


There appear to be 43 separate linen panels upon which the writings appear.The cadence of the lines follows a pattern as well. This text, like the Tavola Cortonensis, does not use the character, "K." The two texts use "C" and . Also another common character between the two scripts is the character for "F" which is: . They share a similar way of writing the "M," but the Tavola Cortonensis probably shows the proper way the letter was written, whereas the hand writing on Zagreb Mummy was less stylized: . Both texts use three characters denoting various forms of the "S." These are:, , and .

The first panels as listed below are a prayer. One could conclude that it should be a prayer to god/the gods to restore the soul to life. The wrappings were never designed to be read by anyone but god. Imagine, then, as god's assistants unwrap the mummy and read the prayer as it is being unveiled, what the mummy expects them to grant. As it turns out the phrases in the top wrappings are repeated in the bottom panels, next to the body. There are formula, word groups which are repeated over and over, but sometimes with different punctuation marks, slightly changing the meaning.

As is true of the Tavola Cortonensis the language remains closest to Latin with shadows of French and Italian in the vocabulary. For example the word PVIA (appears in several other texts), spelled here, PFIA, is Italian, "puia" and French "puis", i.e., "then."

Where I am unsure about a character or word(s) they are underlined. Because of the repetitious word groups I have been able to reconstruct some words where the fabric is torn or missing.

The script is very close to Latin. In the process of the translation of this text I use the most applicable words from the vocabulary pages of this site. The vocabulary was built from a comparative analyses of words used in all the extant Etruscan texts. That analyses is the foundation, or work-sheet, for ascertaining how the words conjugated and declined. Up until this point I would copy and paste phrases--as for instance these analyzed from the Zagreb Mummy script--into the Etruscan Phrases work-sheet. Continuing that process is not necessary since the pattern--at least with regard to the Tavola Cortonensis and Zagreb Mummy Script--is very close to Latin, with shadows of Italian and French. What do I mean by "shadows of Italian and French?" When cultures come in contact words are absorbed to and fro. Sometimes the root verb is transmitted as an adjective to another language. An example is the word ETvNAM which I first read as the verb, It. espiare, "to attone for, expiare, to serve." The same verb in French is "expier" and Latin, "expiare." In French we have the word, "atonement," meaning "reconcilation, compensation, redemption, expiation." While this may be the meaning of this very repetitious word, I have bent towards the following: We atone/wonder/we are inspired (L. atttono-tonare-toni-tonitum, to be stunned, inspired, frantic; Fr. étonner and s'étonner). The word begins at Z327.

In like manner we can observe root verbs in Etruscan to be represented in Latin as nouns or adjectives.

The vowels used by the Etruscans generally coincide with the same vowel in Latin.

Conjugation patterns. As one will readily see in the vocabulary, the Etruscan words follow a consistent "regular" pattern of conjugation. The verb, sum, is irregular and recalls the French use of the verb. The verb, FAC, Latin, facio, is irregular with forms shown as FAS, FAT, etc. The Etruscan use of infinitives uses the "V" = "o" suffix as in Latin cases. The verb AMAR, "amar"conjugates as: AM, "I love," AMAS, "you loved," AMA, "he/she/it loves." AME is "you love." AMV, "amo," I read as the infinitive of this verb and the word AMVER, "amoer," AMVR, "amor," the noun. AMI I read as "friend."

The word CFA would be read as qua. The "F" is used both as a vowel, "u" and a consonant "F." Sometimes it is close to the "8" where the consonant "v" is required, as in the word, 8ERV, "vero," truth. KFA is pronounced more like chua. Another character with a "K" sound is the "K."

In the Zagreb Mummy text we have frequent declensions of the word for "three." The text addresses the concept of wrath (L. ira-ae; Etruscan IRI) and uses the word, three, in many contexts of wrath. There is a trinity of gods and if SVS = It. sosia, double, the soul has a double which becomes one with the three gods. This formula is expressed in the top and bottom panels of the wrapping. Associated with the precept are blackbirds which the narrator sometimes raises and other times the soul raises. Sometimes the blackbirds (MERLUM; It. merlo, L. merula-a) are associated with wrath, i.e., from the blackbirds of wrath you escape (L. eno-are), as in: MERLVM IRI ENAS.

While I haven't been able to verify the exact name of the woman, it is certain that she is addressed as CN. In the bottom layers of the wrapping a verse uses the word for "abbreviation" in the context of the written CN. "CN" is also used in another script. See the vocabulary.

Another often repeated word group is SAC NI and SAC NI CLERI and then SAC NI CN at Z1662. The word, sack (It. sacco; Fr. sac; L. sacculus-i) seems, in the final analyses, to refer to the mummy wrapping itself and to CN at Z1662. At Z336, in the top layers of the wrapping, and at Z1861, the bottom panel, we have the same groups of words containing the word SeREN (It. sereno, Fr. serein, "serene"). Note the juxtaposition of the same words with a shift in punctuation marks.


Begining of the script:

TC270 to Prince Salini I plead to it
TC283 namely to the goddess Ral we plead; you kept of the god Tinia to the
TC290 gods of anyone; to the Salinis of the prince of her who of the god Tini out of the movement/departure
TC298 to stand oneself you threaten yourself; you scatter until I demand of you to stop
TC307 we confirm upon the river upon the river the salt of the Velches; I plead
TC318 you omit an odor of it; to sneak away we speak; the god Tini , his movement; to flirt we speak of her
TC327 the goddess Ral here; those she cleaves to; she loves there; the gods of something of it
TC338 of the Latins..............money/fare

TC1 and to the rocks you know you shake him of the eleven
TC7 at the vineyard here we stop here to dine to hold the undertaking of Argos
TC19 at the boundary you plead; the gods to the Sulla; the army here you scatter; to possess the boundary/region
TC28 herself they join together I weed here; clearly the elegant indeed of the king we shall scatter there
TC38 you left I raise up; to the Etruscans of 96 I flowed over the army of the rocks; I fear
TC46 and indeed you take up the herb here; to yourself the boundary I hold here; to hold Asia of Cinna I shoot
TC56 against her the lady here; the salt of the house; immediately after to suppose you bear to plead to the beginning
TC61 you are of the rocks; yours; you know how to....the daughter-in-law to be born to the god to you of the rock
TC71 the goddess Uni; you denied; the battlements of you at this moment the hope to us of the gods of the Salini/salt-marsh
TC80 I celebrate the fare of the god of you; Velara; the goddess Ral that person at the god of you Velara
TC90 of the princes to; the great Pompeius rocky; the prince of us of the Latins
TC103 we settle the fare; the tool of the Felsini; the great regent there; you make good indeed
TC108 I make evident to us; the skin through whether the egg discloses; the mask; I rush upon/thin out of the god of you
TC120 to the god of you you lift up the vineyard of you of the rock; the party in a law-suit he goes against out of the
TC127 you love happiness; I plead of the gods, ai!; here I made straight the bow; the gods
TC137 ......gods at the rock
TC144 ..the Arno of you of thse lionesses; to the rocks; afterwards
TC150 I dine; in this way I eject because you scatter of the god Dis; the stone you violate/abandon
TC161 I demand you to plead; you beg; the calves of the leg; you love; like the calves of the leg you come
TC170 we confirm; I demand of you to stop; of you; like of the gods; if supposing that the opportunity you scatter
TC179 yourself; the king; I leap over thus; the brother to us to plead you argue; to her
TC190 he throws the legal controversy she smells; to the rocks here; you know the divine law; the army to stay
they make plain to the mind
TC201 ..there; the daughters-in-law; evil here; the god of you; I cook/cogitate/burn of the queen; to her she
has harrased herself
TC213 to be inactive to me you argue indeed of the gods; to us of the Latins of fame
TC220...here.....the oratorical attack
TC231 the god of you; we watch of the god Terminaus
TC236 by the fare; here I made straight the bow; I carry because...
TC241 I bring forth here; the great because I plead of the prince
TC248 to the years of the fare here; the gods, they ordain...
TC260 the bow?; the god of you; I make good to us; the face there of the fare
TC266 until I plow the border; I protect but if to it I carry
TC271 ...I plead; the face there of the passage money/fare


Au1 seven and indeed my born he has;
Au7 of the branch supposing that on the day which
Au13 if not you nourish of the gods; Rome
Au17 herself with me she whirls around; she dreams/ponders
Au22 these matters; woe! I am made of the god Janus of wisdom
Au27 I am called your grace
Au30 to us you threaten; I say nothing; the red/Rufas
Au35 you love the thing by which that one you engage
Au39 you shall bear yourself the birth because
Au43 to the heart of the grain the thesis you desire
Au49 you nourish; by that way you come together to the rock
Au55 born; ai! of the kidneys there by that way
Au58 to the Italian magistrate's seats; the lambs
Au62 you bear suitable for the festival of Hera
Au67 to you; you live; to the goddes Uni she calls
Au71 the controversy you perform.


Au74 born she dreams of these matters I concealed;
Au76 of the goddess Juno; to return to us
Au82 the keys since she thunders there
Au85 they amass; to you I speak
Au86 of one I exhaust; the seat to us
Au90 of the cow there; to you, mine there; on
Au95 the fruitful I am misled to love here
Au99 out of the controversy
Au-102 of the river Arno of the goddess Aph

(end of text)

Translation of the Phoenician text according to Sabatino Moscati

To [our] Lady Ishtar. This is the holy place // which was made and donated // by TBRY WLNSH [= The faries
Velianas] who reigns on // Caere [or: on the Caerites], during the month of the sacrifice // to the Sun, as a gift
in the temple. He b//uilt an aedicula [?] because Ishtar gave in his hand [or: raised him with her hand] // to
reign for three years in the m//onth of KRR [=Kerer], in the day of the burying // of the divinity. And the years
of the statue of the divinity // in his temple [might be ? are ?] as many years as these stars.

This text parallels the Etruscan text. Ishtar was the mother goddess of the Phoenicians. She compares to Isis, the mother goddess of the Egyptians, and she is involved with the story of Osiris, the Egyptian god of Judgment and the dead. It is probable that the Etruscan Aph is Cybele ( who was also known for prophesy), and in the Aph.html one can see that the damage to the statue was to the genitals which probably had both male and female organs.

Attis plays a major role in the Tavola Eugubine.

In the Divine_Mirror.html we can now see the Spartan connection, since the entire story of Helen of Troy is shown on the mirror, and Helen was the Queen of Sparta who was first abducted by Theseus and restored to her throne and then ran off with Paris, the son of Priam, king of Troy. And that started the Trojan war. In the Divine_Mirror.html we see a goddess presenting Paris with a laurel crown. Next to the goddess is a deer, which is the symbol of the goddess of the hunt, either Aphaea or Artemis. The name above the goddess is MIAN. Next to Paris are the words: EL KIN TRE. Since Agamemnon (AKMEMNV), Meneleus (MENLE) and Helen's (ELINAI) names are fairly recognizable on the mirror, it would follow that Paris--also called Alexander--would also have a fairly recognizable name. Elkintre might be Alexander. MIAN might be another name for Pha/Artemis, since L. Maenas-adis, means f. a baccante, a prophetess. The connection Artemis has to the story of Troy is that she sent unfavorable winds to keep the entire invasion fleet of Agamemnon at Aulis. Then she demanded, according to the priest Calchas, the sacrifice of Agamemnon's fairest daughter. Her enmity towards Agamemnon stems from two accounts. The first is that Agamemnon boasted that he could hunt as well as Artemis. The other account places the blame on Agamemnon's father, Atreus. Atreus had promised the best lamb of his flock would be sacrificed to the goddess, but when it turned out to be the lamb born with golden fleece, he hid it from her. In this sense then we can see how the goddess would be crowning Paris to get back at Agamemnon, as well as having something to do with the prophesy that Paris would be the cause of the fall of Troy. The first of several prophesies dealing with the subject involved Aesacus, the prophetic son of Priam by Arisbe, who interpreted Priam's nightmare, that the firebrand who would set fire to Troy would be Paris. He argued that Paris should be killed. Priam gave the child to a shepherd, Agelaüs, who would expose it on Mt. Ida. The shepherd returned after five days and found that a she-bear had suckled the child. He could not bear to kill the child and reared it on his own. When he became an adult, he was readmitted back into the family of Priam, to serve as a prince. AECAI on the mirror may be Aesacus.


This script appears to be a record including a great queen whose name is Sarina. She appears to have been responsible for uniting the 12 cities of Etruria under a time when they were quarreling. A small bronze bust of her with her name carved on her forhead is in the Louvre. She was an extraordinarliy beautiful woman as can be seen in her bust.

The following is the text, details of which are below.

K1 her three of the year of the household diety there
K6 you love to wander; they cleanse the great queen themselves;
K13 she rests of the ancestor born of the hall of the beloved lord
K20 of the goddess whether you of the lords arrive at the gods
K26 of the Etruscans she encloses she loves the city of Henna, Sicily through
K31 twelve (12th month or year 12)the great queen you bedew of the altars by
K36 the accused three to lament of 50 thousand of them I assembled of the knights; Behold! s
K36 the accused three to lament of 50 thousand of them I assembled of the knights; Behold!
K46 of the prince himself; the great queen Sarina there she calls
K52 Behold! supposing that of these matters you weaken she unites you with an oath; to dine
K58 I am drawing out the favorable of her to the senate there; I kiss, I do not know
K64 the Cleneron to cultivateK67 of the Falisci of you to her the great queen
K74 Hinera you capture; you surrounded with a wall of the key of you; I mass
K79 truly, through the serene within there the matters of your valley
K86 of the great queen I keep of you truly through the possession of, of myself
K92 I mass/bunch the lambs indeed; the key there of the ancestory she has of the great
K100 queen of a thousand she longs for upon the pole on I obtain/merit
K107 CN there; the great queen Dia to yourself you hold
K113 you point out the mare; the great queen you bedew/moisten
K119 the female defendant of the breath of air/spirit you have it; you point out of the Rasne (Etruscan) which
K124 the great you whirl around/roatate she takes an oath of the ancestor indeed she leads
K136 you indeed through which CN there she has the male defendent you shear


M1 I am gentle the disease/stigma of the hard skinned to us of the house I inhabit of myself; I led
M8 I make blind/uncertain the mark; I expiated the blind of the river of the goddess Dione itself
M13 the goddess Menerva who by her you wage war on the temple I gave as a reason
M19 to the north of them the god you shunned; you plead to the power there;
M24 I am gentle; to him he drove the god Tin there the reigns of the chariot; greedy
M32 you arose; your reigns to the I have trusted in
M38 the entire rough, sharp rock 30 knights I move
M50 I do not control the queen whether the slope of the matter you contend
M60 on a horse you bring of me the god to us Martius the whole the the divine
M67 whose breast I created to nourish, to tear in pieces on the seas the war I joined
M74 the greedy because I protect her in the vault; I dwelled whose mare they separate completely
M78 you I begot; you plunder against the good/wealth; to nothing you came; to destroy of it the love.


L1 to be willing unless they join together; some of the Aegean pius I ascertained/found
L7 of the followers of the goddess Athene the food we purify
L11 you whiten/adorn of me the holy; they will take an oath
L15 to ratify to you I strike my lamb I stain with blood
L20 thine born; I was alarmed at that moment to finish firmly
L25 to command this welfare; to this they will perish of the host
L31 of the vine-stocks; to the king he a little they struck a bargen to dishonour
L38 the young soldiers I err I merit I beg he calls you refuse
L44 the expectations; the sons of these things; they eat; to rescue
L59 three; you bleated of Jepo here; whether the works out of
L65 at that place you scattered before the Jepi; Woe! Woe! we sail off
L71 you lament/wail by means of to much the three funeral pyres of TP; one's own people


J1 to him of the queen
J3 Agnasus
J4 you avenge; you knew I go
J8 at they plunder there
J11 the shore that one against whose lictor's ax there of the matter
J18 you are angry of the objects themselves
J19 at you assemble there the queen
J25 the goddess Uni she stands at the kniights
J29 In this she summons
J33 the Romans of the house of the grandfather
J35 born she depicts/embroiders
J36 she loves the daughter
J39 of the god Tin to grandfather III
J43 I bedew unless
J45 you avail yourself of the stream indeed; the house
J48 of the brazen footed they will be
J52 the air of the dagger
J54 she summns to cast out
J56 I am gratified


F1 grandfather whom I hold the god Dis he draws out of the country, you sail to
F8 you have to permit/leave alone Ros indeed
F13 the grandson second of Ros you have yourself to go to my low chair
F21 you prove you spin/weave of Sponi so much
F26 you deserve the thing I incincerate, Brutus thine


N1 I collect together with; the knights you place they harrow of ardour; the truce of Citlov the stern
N11 to (Mars) battle/war you were impassioned; I forbid the people in the presence of the whole the seven of the whole you eat; the whole by the ego you eat
N21 in the toga to you the mistresses I forbid; I ordained, I forbid; you kept away; the portent of Kotep Pesnimus
N31 Erebus you should keep at a distance to join together with; Persephone of the days of the truce; of Citlup; he dried up the fountain of Gea
N41 to you I come; of the people in the presence of the whole/everybody the seven you eat; the whole thre the seven he/she eats; Cato you provide for
N53 the mistresses I forbid; you kept away the portent of the carriage of images likewise; you keep away the departure among the lights; I eat among the lights;
N63 I placed; the blessed Kotev through the decline of the altars of the army; you prevented; I sail over to join Piphas; the club;
N74 I bring forth to pass from state to state with me to celebrate; wherefore you seek by which way we cast this thing out of the water of the 12 parts wandering
N87 to wander there three times the level ground; connectedly; you survived you celebrate blessed
N100 you place for the people of greed a light by the purse; whether the decree I bring forth of the birth I long for
N112 after the birth I long for you place; to connect of the Tuscan I reign the crowd of the fate/prophesy I flee myself
N123 the pyre of the goddess Aph we fear behold! I direct my course; you place the pyre; behold! the earth of the goddess Aph we fear
N139 I escape with myself; you stand to strike at the weak; the skulls you turn aside; the entire ego you eat
N149 the course we sail of Achaia of Clove or Clotho together with Pivia or Phthia of you where she summons; to celebrate of me; I bring forth
N160 by means of to rule Cato I bring forth of you; I go forth I long for Apollo completely; the purple of the people of Atys you place; you would lead
N173 the territory of the goddess Uni we love I flee with myself; I bring forth RST to love; the whole of Tarina of the tribe
N184 of Tarina thine; I twist together with Naphar together with the name of Iapys together with the name
N194 of the wand of Apollo the gate to sustain; truly! to the goods he is blessed; to speak; you die to the goods he is
N206 you place whereby to rule the Catos; he stands of the light behold! to the boundary marks I form an alliance; I escape with myself; I farm/cultivate to endure
N216 cunningly of the branch of the ego I eat; I escape with myself; the magnificent apparatus/splendor you watch over; and indeed you purify; you placed he loved to dream
N230 of the bones of Persnimus; I escape with myself; he brings forth of you; the ego of the ashes; three of the radiance; I love to invoke a prayer before
N244 three of the radiance he brings forth of you; the ego of the ashes I escape with myself;
N254 to rule the Catos I sigh/lament; he brings forth of you; the mistress of the fount; by which I sigh; I bring forth of you; for to rule the Catos
N268 I come by the lords of the tribe because of the diety Rub; I moisten/drip water on Rub; you are badly at leisure blessed you are born of Mars
N280 Cato whereby; my Springs I forbid I have kept at a distance to reveal; I placed; I forbid
N290 Iapys Pesnimus; the lower world/Erebus you keep at a distance
N294 I moisten the battlements in regard to the three long ago beloved brother you are at leisure he makes you enriched I forbid; you surpass yourself
N304 you gave birth you give birth to those of Mars; I have wasted away blessed I keep at a distance to reveal
N311 to the Chati he dedicates; of Hades; everyone I surrender of the dark the dead white; I placed; I forbid
N320 the god Tages Pesnimus; to creep out you should keep at a distance
N324 he draws; you are filled/satiated of the truce of Citlav; blessed you shear the sheep; you gave birth you give birth to those of Mars
N333 mistresses; blessed; I keep at a distance to reveal; I was placed; I forbid; Tages Pesnimus
N341 to creep out you should keep at a distance; you place the pure we wetten of esteem; the young adult males I approve
N349 they will wander; you influence the god Eros of the country of the people of Atys; Eros/the lord you wear out yourself afterwards I moisten
N357 the knights of the journey; I moisten the wing of the troops of mine; afterwards I moisten connectedly before you create
N363 Eros of the earth; I escape; I moisten my wing of troops; afterwards I moisten to think/meditate of you before you cerate
N378 the hairy of the people of Atys Pesnimus I escape of the Chatti; he dedicates of Hades everthing of it I yield
N391 I escape; he satisfies mine to think of you before you create with the people of Atys; Pesnimus; I escape he/she celebrates
N403 the eighty of the club/stick
N404 afterwards a long timeyou fix the people; the dark/gloom of your grandfather however he perishes you create thine I bring forth
N417 moreover with not the master through to rule Cato; of the tufa; thine I bring forth of you
N428 the god/goddess Pho he/she attracts Boreas, the north wind, the god/goddess Eph to beg earnestly; the fate of you the god/goddess Eph I deny however;
N435 before the territory of the goddess Uni; since I forbid thine from the mares I keep at a distance to reveal
N444 I placed to forbid; he/she perishes ai! I forbid; the god Tages Pesnimus; of the lower world/god of the lower world you should keep at a distance
N453 I seek for the three of the day; the spent bones/corpses I burn I carry about your going of the gods you are
N462 they are by the calamities you compare; if I sowed of Atys I shine forth
N469 through birth you are thine indeed you are; before Cephes; the three planes
N476 the knight he creates the three knights of the god Rub; I forbid; I have kept at a distance to reveal
N483 Cato to provide of me; blessed; among the lights I eat; the lights I placed
N491 I opposed through the whole appearance/vision throughout the ego he eats; blessed; we dry up
N500 Kotev Pesnimus of the underworld (Erebus) you should keep at a distance
N505 I ask earnestly you err; the three planes; the truce of Siv you put together; blessed
N513 to the truce; the mares; I opposed through; the appearance/vision; the whole in the pressence of; the ego he eats
N522 he is lulled to sleep/appeased I am of you; I have kept at a distance to reveal; I placed I forbid
N529 Kotev Pesnimus; the god Ares you should keep away
N533 Cato you provide for the queens; I forbid; I placed I forbid; Kotev; Pesnimus
N543 I forbid; I opposed through the appearance/vision; the whole in the presence of the ego he eats; I keep at a distance to reveal
N553 Cato you provide for the queens; I forbid; I placed I forbid; Kotev; Pesnimus
N561 of Erebus you should keep away
N563 I ask earnestly you err; of the ten years I seek for the truce of Siv; the light armed infantry I go against to forbid;
N573 you go to see the prophetesses I oppose through the appearance/vision; the whole through the ego he eats
N582 I placed to forbid he is lulled to sleep; I am of you; I keep at a distance; to reveal; woe is me!
N590 of these people when I reveal; the vineyard I forbid; I opposed throughout; the apearance/vision I forbid
N598 the sacred/sacrifice; the whole in the presence of; the ego he eats; Kotev Pesnimus; Erebus you should keep away
N607 I pray you err; of the cephii (family of Cephes) you are; the truce; I vow you summon the god Rub; I forbid; I protect; of Ionia
N615 he creates of few people; I opposed throughout; the appearance/vision; the whole throughout; the ego he eats
N624 Cato you provide for the queens; I forbid; I eat; the lights; I placed
N632 I keep away to reveal; Kotev; Pesnimus; Erebus you should keep away
N638 I ask earnestly you err; of the Cephii (the family of Cephus) you are; the truce; the goddess Pha of the battlement; I forbid; you devour; the mares
N647 I opposed through the appearance/vision; the whole through the ego he eats; you establish; indeed Asia; I forbid; the line of descent; I forbid
N660 the skin he restores; I for4bid; I have kept at a distance; to reveal; I placed to forbid; Tages Pesnimus
N670 of the gods by means of you prevented; be off with you! the goddess Pha of the battlement; the gate of movement of the sisters the one army I lead/pull
N676 I forbid you are a grain/morsel fo these people how much! you entreat the living/nourishment; I devoured; the knights; I forbid; I oppose
N689 throughout; the whole appearance/vision throughout; the ego he eats I bear witness I form an alliance/assemble; I perished you understand we speak from beginning to end;
N700 be off with you you wanderer there of the gates of the law I explain in detail of the sisters; the one army we lead; the eternal blessed
N711 for the female riders a morsel of these people like to the living; I opposed throughout; the whole appearance/vision throughout; the ego he eats
N725 the blessing the narrative I assemble; I perished you understand; we plead from beginning to end the blessing; I placed; I forbid
N738 be off with you; the sister I go against of the divine gates; I explain in detail of the goddess Pha of the battlement I moisten/drip water; the lord; Titus; of the line of descent
N748 I adorn there; to you of the descent of the hairy Pesnimus (Tages)

end of script "N"


Q1 to the race; Tecories I am; to the town the goddess Ops I bring forth I protect of it
Q11 Vamerias Pomperias the twelfth of Atys you were born yourself out of three of the people of thine Atigeria
Q21 that of her of the circles Woe! out of the three that of her of the circles Woe! of the senate yours
Q33 sufficient you are; from the three you satisfy; through which you were born yourself of the retaliation yours
Q46 from the three of retaliation yours; to the morals of Atys there you shall sing/prophesy
Q53 through the whole 12 parts of the funeral song; the gods to you I provide with arms lest the horse woman of the fatherland I forbid; if she perishes
Q65 that lest to the goddess of abundance (Ops) I bring forth from who I bring forth; simply/plainly you sing/prophesy; she says of you she keeps away
Q74 the entrance you guard she says of you you have influence to forbid; simply/plainly you sing/prophesy lest the lights I placed

End of Script Q, IIB

Q84 the lights I burn to forbid; to the leader you wandered he loved to bring forth; to the crowd he perishes; you sing/prophesy; simply/plainly;
Q95 you sing/prophesy; the goddess of abundance (Ops) I bring forth; to the horse of the gods of you; she says of you; the giant she loved of you; I enjoy lest of these matters I bring forth
Q107 I bring forth there to interpret the tablet out of the funeral pyre of Spring; to you the troops I cut off to bring forth
Q117 there you prevent the departure; throughout I save; she mistrusts anyone of the stock she forbids to interpret/turn around
Q127 you understand of the horse I turn around; I burn to interpret the third time
Q139 you understand of the horse I employ to turn around; worse it thundered of the thickets; the vine-stock I turn around
Q152 the herd of cattle that of it I turn around; you put in place to turn around/interpret; you put in place; I eat of the ship of Venus
Q162 I will be on guard to support; to yield; the leader, of the prophetesses of the horse woman of the fatherland before Pesnimus
Q171 the vine-stock of the savior, f.; Pesnimus; everyone of these things of Pesnimus; the fatherland; she purges of you
Q183 the brazen footed of the goddess Leto; standing still; you call to the misfortune afterwards I bedew; the crushed lye
Q194 to Pesnimus; I placed; Pesnimu I incinerate; you unite of Pesnimus
Q202 I escape the lord of the torch; I appeal to him; to smoulder the embers you put in place; to the lights you are
Q209 wandering to err of the goddess Pho of the lime tree; the sixth; the horse woman of the fatherland; you would place you are yours
Q217 to the country she forbids the hand to us; Apollo; you are of you; a knight of Apollo
Q224 of Jupiter of the prophetess; you turn aside; you are of you I put in motion him; to cover Sestus
Q232 I swear you hide yourself; three of the radiance I shall guard I have judged
Q243 for example; the horse woman of the fatherland; you brought together of the nation of the brothers of Atgerius
Q253 of Ionia; whether you avenge; you created the crowd; you bear witness; Eos/the dawn out of Apollo you move away from Eros
Q263 you mistrust; to try/test; you vanish to support the day you bear witness to; Eos, the dawn, out of Apollo
Q273 you created the crowd; to shut in the entrance of you; I placed to forbid

End of Script Q, IIB page 2

Q278 you celebrate; the Gauls/Boii to have respect for; we are
Q283 your ports; six she strkies after supposing that I plow the sea
Q286 I explain in detail; the goddess Oph I look after; the rising of the sea
Q290 brother; I reveal; you purify yourself
Q294 fraternal; you immerse; the stick
Q297 since I arise of a lioness I explain in detail of the goddess Oph of the tower; the he goat
Q303 since I arise to her; I explain in detail supposing that I am resolved; you sacrifice the goose; the goddess Oph of the tower
Q311 the gods of you I placed you are; three at a time a singer to sail over with me; you sacrifice
Q320 the goose; you rise up/proceed of the sea; with the brothers of the goddess Ops/abundance I bring forth/proclaim thine
Q326 to sail over with me; you summon; to immerse because you keep secret; I make known thine
Q335 since I recount of the funeral pire by means of misfortune; to the goddess Ops/abundance I make known; you sacrifice the goods
Q342 the trellis of the entire Spring; ai! the whole with the trellis
Q351 she loved the rite; I ask for to celebrate the offering; the grating thou I appease
Q360 I explain in detail; I lower the Springs myself; whether I present they are the Spring of the goddess Eph I draw out
Q369 I try to corrupt they are of Sovera I call; whether I present you destroy/bury
Q376 to Fescennia the forboding of the gens of Kato; to the faded Spring of the goddess Eph I pull out; from the three she pulls out
Q388 Fescennia to the faded; Sovera I call; you touch at Fescennia
Q396 whether I fade; until I wear outyou bring together; I make known after
Q406 I bring together; I unite of Cepheus yesterday by means of the calamity of the sea I cherished of you; you bring together the pyres
Q416 you adopt as your own whether to spread; you sacrifice; simply you prophesy; the goddeess Ops I proclaim; the horse women of the fatherland
Q424 we explain from beginning to end; he loved to shine forth to bear witness;to himself he adopts as his own the brothers through
Q433 Atijeries; the goddess Aph to witness; I cast out of the house of the god Dis; the whole through the ego he burns

End of Script Q, III page 1

Q442 three-viper; the ego he burns; the tough; simply you prophesied; the gods of you
Q452 I sail with myself; the goose; simply you prophesied; the goddess Ops I proclaim a little warning
Q460 to the temple servant rich they go away; the tough simply you prophesied he narrates of you
Q468 the teams of oxen/horses I immerse whereby you harrowed with; Apollo of the brothers by
Q475 the Atijerie of the goddess Aph to be distant; the liver of the house of the god Dis; the whole through
Q481 the ego he burns; Three-viper; the ego he burns; you sacrifice
Q488 whereby he pulls/breathes; to you the queens; blessed; to wander I form an alliance; to farm/plow I summon the blessed; the geese
Q500 of Perae; the skin I restore; blessed; you wander of the king; he touches; he devours
Q521 I melt/pine for her you keep at a distance/secret to go; I move with myself; Etruria he loves; he sent forth he touches thine brothers out of
Q534 Cato; I raise; since I cultivate she moistens; a little warning; of the junior priests/temple servants rich

End of Script Q, III page 2

Q543 I carry to call forward; to the lady they will be of red amber; you are adorned with jewels; belonging to water
Q551 I sail over myself I cast out; thirdly she loves the three eunuuchs of yours the brothers from Cato
Q661 I raise over itself since I cultivate she moistens I do not stop; little warnings
Q671 of the temple servants the riches I carry to summon; I pine for her to yours she holds you this behold!
Q683 you keep secret to go you err the matter of the rounds; we enter into a little warning
Q692 I do not stop; I carry to summon; the whole of the twelve to love; since I cultivate to love
Q701 to the fleshy standing crop; in it rye; and I sigh on acccount ofthey are the thing
Q713 you submit to of sound mind; because I present Persnimus the brazen footed of the goddess Leto
Q717 standing still you touch the misfortunes; the councils of elders to the councils of elders plainly you sing/prophesy
Q726 since I cultivate she moistens; Persnimus; a little warning; the rich temple servants; I do not stop
Q737 little warnings of the temple servants of the richess; she calls the keys of Persniphmus
Q745 a little warning; the temple servants of the riches; and yet I do not stop the warnings
Q754 the temple servants of the riches next after until immediatel after to cultivate I explain in detail; until to cultivate I am moist/wettened of you
Q763 a little of the three by Eros I explain in detail this fellow of the goddess Gaea she mistrusts to bear compassion
Q767 the ladders/scaling ladders he sends forth; he would cast lots/interpret out of the goddess Eph of the three; you are the egg I ive evidence of itself
Q775 she adopts as her own; the whole of the 12 parts/Etruscan city states she loves; to bear to call forward; plainly you sing/prophesy; to shake from beneath
Q784 I sail over with myself which to us like the person to take up I submit to since you cultivate/reflect upon the seal
Q795 plainly you prophesy of the Sicilian he sends forth he would interpret to bear to call forward
Q805 these of Gaea (mother earth) the person I take up of the tower herself moreover/above since you reflect upon plainly you prophesied
Q806 of the Sicilian he sends forth he would cast lots/interpret; to bear to call forward; I sail over with myself to you the goddess Eph of the countries
Q821 I cultivate/plow of the sword what befalls the end before it is lest plainly you would prophesy to bear to call forward
Q829 I sail over with myself straight-forward by the nourishment; plainly you would prophesy of Persniphmus

End of Script Q, IV page 1

Q837 a little warning; the rich temple servant I sail over with myself; I unite since she pulls by calamities;
Q847 a little you (pl.) forbid; plainly you prophesy of Persniphmus; I do not stop;
Q854 the little warnings of the well-watered temple servants; I sail over with myself to the staff of lights
Q863 I wrote on waxen tablets I long for; whether I extend; I sail over with myself; lord; the god Tages
Q871 the third time; I sail over with myself; with deep secrets to the secrets;
Q887 whitish-grey; hairy; persniphus I long for I assemble
Q893 to celebrate the speaker; the tapestry to hold; Apollo; you place
Q899 I revere the goddess Eph of you; Apollo the origin out of; for that reason the cow I burn; the gates of you
Q908 the vow; the fountain and indeed the fires appropriate to the feast days; I raise
Q915 you pray you are placed; the nymph Neir/Evadne of Apollo.

End of Script Q, IV page 2


R1 I long for that of the brother ; to the Atigeri I speak
R4 Woe! the figure/model on the wall pregnant yesterday; I speaak of the birth yesterday; of the goddess Oph the third day
R13 wherewith to you of the castle of Gaia the arbitrator; to the people of Pisa of the temple servant by
R22 the stick/club I cast out the cause itself of the Atigeri I wander; out of I cultivate you celebrate
R31 the senate's meeting place before Phabia/Diana; the funeral pire; she speaks whereby to these things she celebrates
R40 supposing that the light of yours and indeed you purify you clebrate to ordain the sanctuary
R49 through the lamb; to the goddess of abundance (Ops) I bring forth; you take to yourself of thine; you purify three times yours
R56 I wander; her to go before; the light of yours; and indeed the pius of the goddess Pha I call you put in place
R65 the tribe I water; for you she is the land of you; you take to yourself of you
R72 the god Ep to go before; the light of ours; to the arbitrator of the people of Pisa; the temple servant by
R80 the stick I raise; you celebrate because to us the pure the light-armed infantry that
R88 of the ship you handed over of the cousins; Atijerius; before Phobos (panic)
R94 and indeed Norpener to carry to yourself thereafter; the castle I protect;
R100 the brother of the Atigerie I long for Woe! the figure on the wall/model full of yesterday
R108 I speak of the birth yesterday of the goddess Oph the third day wherewith to you I call; they who yesterday they worship the goddess Aph
R114 you call; the Atigerie you attack; I cast out the cause itself; Atigerier
R121 you go away we etreat of you; the moon I call; to the goddess Phabia lately
R128 to grow angry thereafter; the castle I protect; and indeed you go away; I carried of you
R133 the stick/frame of the moon I call Phabia not long ago to remove
R142 in the rear of the castle I assemble; and indeed you go away sinsibly; to frighten; I swallow up
R150 the moon I call; Phabia; lately to tripple behind
R156 the castle I assemble; and indeed you go away; a brother; you give birth to the nature you devour
R164 to the goddess Eph those I call; to the way of the brother I pass from state to state you are at leisure; that o the collector;
R173 You know Reph of yours she purifies of you; supposing that you underestand; I testify dear;
R181 cousin; Atigerius; your purify of the pot herb; properly you swam back/returned
R188 they offer to a god of your Reph; she appears of you to err/wander; I raise
R195 I swear supposing that the calamity I draw out; she appears; cousin; Atiggerius
R204 you puyrify; the pot-herb properly of the monarchy; they offer to a god
R122 she appears of you Reph of yours if not to wander; I explain in detail the hedge

End of Tavola R, II A, para. 1

R219 to the Ionians of the flesh I dispatch the matters of the Atigerie of Achaia (Greece) they hold dear the Araklum
R229 of Gordos you are of you to celebrate; I forbid; the brothers through the Atigerie on that account we long for
R238 I long for; brother you waste away of the flesh I dispatch the matters of the Atigerie of Achaia of the [descendents] of Cato
R248 to affirm the arrangement to you you eat greedily I prevent; you are not able; in the course of time I bring forth these people of the age
R258 you sacrifice to the god of the knight of the fatherland by means of the lamb it survives/continues of you
R270 to the mares the only ones out of the matters of you you sacrifice; the sound skin I forbid; I hinder to reveal
R278 I ordained; I forbid; to the god Tages Pesnimus; Erebus you keep away; you ordain the gates of the law
R286 the one and only sister the goddess Ops I long for to carry; I forbid; to the Ticam; the mares you understand
R294 I perish; you pray; I forbid; you change; the gates of the law to speak; Eros; the disgraceful I flee; he adorns
R306 the goddess Leto (Latona) of the hairy Pesnimus; the goddess Aph of you of the knightsin the presence of; you harrow for the lambs
R314 [the town of] Perae I forbid; I ordained to forbid; she carries; I searched through that not I forbid
R334 thine age by the lamb I forbid

End of Tavola R, II para. 2

R339 .the fount/source of Katle the branch there; prominent she is; I am the entrances
R349 to go before; the understanding I cultivate you give birth to I cultivate; the lights of it to whimper as a child of the arbitrator ou call
R359 whether I sowed of Atys the understanding indeed I set right of the oratorical attack; she whimpered; the branches of you of the source I interpret
R370 Catelus; he kept away Strophgla of the village; you serve; to incinerate; the evil; badly of you
R381 to entrust of the goddess Aph I call; everyone of her; senate to senate; the omen; I interpret; the pyre you take to yourself
R394 whether I direct to celebrate I served; blessed; the fount/source; they loved of you; Katelus
R405 you sacrifice plainly you prophesy ; the rock weighed you down through; the nation; of the brothers/cousins; Atijerius I celebrate
R413 to Peraae I vow the young animal; he puts to sleep of the goddess Pha the fetus
R426 we truumpet because of you made straight; before the goddess Gea; beloved of you; you beget of the mother; out of the line; they are accustomed of you
R437 I perish, rightly; you kept away; I served/layed down; the harbour to summon; this of Cato of the goddess Aph you carry she purifies
R447 of you; afterwards in Angive; I incinerate; the night of the goddess Aph you carry she purifies of you by day; I layed down; by day/for a long time; I incinderated
R459 the goddess of you; the fruitful boat you revere I turn around/interpret; you purify of my nights the Spring she is; you bring forth of the motherly
R474 I am there I interpret/turn around these of the earth mother Gea; I waste away myself; Persniphmus; Kateles; she touches; she consumes
R487 the ascents; the god Eros; straight forward of Cato; they are; you bring forth the maternal/maternity; straight forward of Cato; Strophgla
R499 the village; you keep away I go of Kateles; I carry to call forward; she loved she was mistaken; Persniphmus at the crop
R511 to the flesh of Persniphums; immediately after behold! the person she carries of Persniphmus; she appeases Spantea
R521 in the presence of I extend everyone of them I cherish you breath your last; Persniphmus; these of Cato, the goddess Aph you carry she purifies of you
R499 the village you keep away of Kateles; I carry to call forward; she loved she was mistaken; Persniphmus at the crop
R511 to the flesh of Persniphmus; immediately after behold! the person she carries of Persniphums; she appeases Spantea
R521 in the presence of I extend everyone of them I cherish you die; Persniphmus; these of Cato, the goddess Aph you carry she purifies of you
R530 the brazen footed of the goddess Leto the abode of you; she appeases to the bitterness she carries; to endure; Jepro of the god Eros, you endured you meditate to go
R542 Spina of the sea I bring forth; you touch; the king or the country; you serve to interpret/turn around; he calls the staff to
R554 Anve of Phthia; everyone of him I satisfy on I satisfy the omen I interpret/turn around; you understand; the fount/source
R565 the mares of Cato; the patron I settle; of the nation of the cousin of Atijerius; we trumpet
R574 plainly you prophesy; Persniphmus; I settle of the people of Spina; they are in secret
R584 everyone of them senate to the senates; plainly you prophesy; the people of Spina she loves; Persniphmus; these of Cato
R596 the goddess Aph you carry; she purifies of you; of the city of Spina of ou; to the people plainly I prophesied; Persniphmus by hand she adopts to herself
R607 I unite of you; the whole she loves; to think of you; she takes to herself to unite; I incinerate; plainly I prophesied ; of the god Tages; Persniphmus
R619 you are the egg of my bitterness; the light three times of Eros; you thinkto go three times of you; I incinerate; you place; three times of you
R633 the Strophglas (a name of a people) of the villages; she supports in the streets she adorns of the goddess Leto; you understand; you serve/place; to us she purifies of you
R644 before the tired hairy Persniphmus; she loved Ariphmos; standing she submits to the newly delivered; you sing
R653 of the gates of you of the grave; to the Kate (family of Kato) there she adopts as her own the abundance there of the family I pray
R661 since you are the three of the day the mouth of the ages to rest I unite together with the aegis (the shield of the sky-god) the symbol of the days

End of Script R


G1 to the goddess Ehp those I call; to the way of the brother I pass from state to state
G9 you are at leisure that of the collector; she spread out the Lotus (the fruit was used as a drug)
G14 the arbitrator; supposing that she spreads out the lotus of the brother
G21 to Atijerius them I take up; I care for; you purify; the pot-herb
G30 properly the supremacy/monarchy of the arbitrator; to wander; by means of I purify I assemble
G39 of the supremacy/monarchy of lights to you; and indeed to go before the lotus; the arbitrator
G45 supposing that

This text illuminates what is discussed in Script "R." Some of this text is reconstructed from R164 & R204. Script "R" involves a celebration/prayer to the lights, which this text also addresses. Here the lights are identified as being related to the aegis, which is the shield of Zeus/Jupiter. It was loaned to Apollo and Minerva, and using it no enemy could repel them. The aegis is also considered to be the thundercloud of Zeus/Jupiter and it is the source of lightning. The Etruscans and later the Romans interpreted lightning bolts.


DL1 the great thunder they divine/fortell to you of the lords the secret of the bone (or secrets) rare of the god
DL9 he quakes at the Tarquins


AH-1 this is serene
AH-3 she watches over here in this place the born
AH-6 Hercules
AH-9 the goddess Uni to her he calls
AH-9 to the young daughter-in -law you knowor alternatively, dry


AB-1 for myself I build the hall of the gods of the great Chaina himself

AD-1 for myself Mamar to us the expectation of the days born

AE-1 born; Arno of the gods to the son
AE-6 of a knight who of the fare I make good for

AF-1 to the gods the prince, to the; Clenar he joins together there; CN; the store-room to us I reject the one and the same to us
AF-13 he goes away here; to the healthy family he joins the king to rest

AG-1 the great by the day the great Rodos of the title he trusts in he hides to yourself; to rest

AT-1 (was AH-1) he taunts/criticises there; you taunt/criticise Arno to the; her (It. la) king (Fr. roi) to the (It. al) daughter indeed there I join together the matter/thing of the horn/courage afterwards

AJ-1 the sweetness of the river Arno truly I love to/for us; I died of my own accord
AJ-9 to wash at it she joins together there to us; she lived 68 years by which I am called
AJ-17 I say Ana CN of the remains you keep away

AK-1 They go to look after us; you come, you praise of Linas yourself, born here; to the famly of Linus you farm

AL-1 the prince himself Metelis; to you he shook to them the Clensi (or Calensi)
AL-8 I dine Veleres (family name) you protect the race there; the hold out of
AL-15 the people of Turin the seat of success

AN-1 Ani (woman's name) born of the river Arno we bury
AN-5 before whom the son of Atia there; she lived 39 years

AN-12 Ani (woman's name) born great; we bury to Panes our sister
AN-20 to her the goddess Pha she went out of Scorpio (the month about Oct.24-Nov.24); of the family of Cato; to the god these matters....something
AN-28 she lived 47 years herself

AN-31 Ani (woman's name) born; the ghost we bury to the character of the passage money
AN-37 to Panes of the sisters of the house........of the family of Cato
AN-42 I make there to bathe of the god Tini; I snatch away myself
AN-49 the calf of the leg I dined of one (or of the goddess Uni).........of food
AN-55 she lived some 26 years

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