2/12/06 Liberating the Poor, part of the correspondence with Wm. F. Buckley Jr.
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 Painting by Mel Copeland from the early '60s

Liberating the Poor

by Mel West


The old Soul of Righteousness was weeping and two children who had been begging in the street came over to him, saying, "Why, father, are you weeping?"

" Come here and sit on my lap," I said, "for my tears are old and withered from the ages of hard-hearted peoples who bring great shame to God's Creation and will not change."

The children then began weeping, because they then sensed his tears were not only for them but also for those who are persecuting them.

"Why do you cry for those who persecute us, father?" they asked, adding, "for do not they deserve the same despair they threw upon us? Should not our pain and tears be thrown back upon their own heads?"

The old man whispered, and they drew their ears closer, "They do not understand what they are doing to you, and when you rise up to defend yourselves against them there shall be much required of them. Look here," he said, "there is no need for bloodshed, but I fear it to come."

Multitudes Imprisoned in Ghettos

Look at the multitude of your fellows tied to their curbs on the streets! In them is stored the fuel of a Revolution. See, I have already thrown some of the coals over this wicked city. Soon each one of these passers-bys shall be scrambling for comfort as each of the poor in the street now do.

A people cannot persecute another people – this multitude now suffering in our streets – without storing up the potential of reprisals to come. Sit quietly children, and bear with me for a short time, while I tell you how the yokes of penury will be removed from your necks.


Look, my darlings, at the multitude begging in the streets. These are the effects of an extraordinarily greedy passer-bys who have violated every taboo in the Book of Life.They prevent you, wearing the masks of NIMBYs, from the means of a household, a job, and the right to facilities they enjoy every day. They force you into ghettos where drugs and crime are overlords and each of you is a prey. But we, who own the Treasure Houses of time, have now requited of these passer-bys their souls and have turned their own evils back on their heads.

See here, my well beloveds, our judgment is fair, for I sought those passer-bys on your behalf, I called to each of them on your behalf, and not one of them answered !

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I shall teach you some teachings and I shall teach you some things to come, but I tell you now, my little ones, our teachings and our pleas are far from these passer-bys and will fall on deaf ears. Therefore, to remove the yokes and the balls and chains which tie our poor souls to the curbs of these streets, we have already called forth the Tribulation. Now you, my little ones, have already been robbed and have nothing to lose, but these passer-bys have much, and much shall be required of them.

For those who are poor the Tribulation shall be easy, like other childbirths; for to throw off your yokes you must endure a rebirth.

In the past we prepared with rites and teachings a young boy and girl when they entered the age of manhood (Adam, man, means Adam and Eve – see Genesis 1.27). These rites and teachings kept them in the way of social harmony, the community of God. As you come through the passage to come, I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with mine eye, saith the LORD. Be not as a horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with a bit and bridle, lest those who would divert you from the way come near to you.

Gather yourselves together and brace yourselves with one spirit. For many sorrows shall come to the wicked--we speak even of these passer-bys in the streets--but he who trusts in God, the Lord shall compass him about. But be glad and rejoice, shout for joy, my children who are upright in heart, for in the time of trouble we shall keep you in our Pavilion. Remember our teachings as you meet each trouble coming your way, and God shall always be with you!

Part I
Teachings of the
Forbidden City of Tabue

Our cause is to defend the poor: Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.

O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? How long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all the nations who forgot God!

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The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth. Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup!

Overthrowing the wicked: The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. His ways are always grievous, the Lord's judgments are always far beyond his sight: as for his enemies he puffeth at them.

He said in his heart, I shall not be moved: for I shall never be in adversity.

He sitteth in the lurking places of the cities: in the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the poor.

He lieth in wait secretly as a lion in his den: he lieth in wait to catch the poor: he doth catch the poor, when he draweth him into his net.

He hath said in his heart, God hath forgotten: he hideth his face; he will never see it.
Still, the Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God's righteousness.

They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

You have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge. Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it.

Thou hast seen and beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless. Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:

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To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no more oppress.

But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him.

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased.

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.

Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man. For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue.

I am weary with my groaning; all the night make I my bed to swim; I water my couch with my tears because of them. Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it waxeth old because of all mine enemies. Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping.

Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.

Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord. There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

For thou hast maintained my right and my cause; thou satest in the throne judging right. He shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.

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The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.
The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things:
Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us?

For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him.

Who shall abide in My Tabernacle? Who shall dwell in My Holy Hill?
He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.

He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbor.

Change your perspective, you wicked of the earth! Become humble, tolerant, and discern that there are many things which happen in life which are beyond your control. For example the Lord has created a marvellous thing, and suddenly you shall discern it; for the Lord has ordered a great Consumption and cities and towers shall soon fall. Yea, Discernment is the key to salvation. Discern, our Way of Salvation!
The Way is forever nameless, and though easy people prefer bypaths.

This can be seen when tyrants come to rule.
The court is corrupt, the fields are overgrown with weeds,
The granaries are empty;
Yet, there are those dressed in fineries, with swords at their sides,
Filled with food and drink, and possessed of too much wealth.
This is known as taking the lead in robbery.
Far indeed is this from the Way.
Always rid yourself of desires in order to observe the Way's secrets.
But allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations.
Listen to our sages! The sage of The Way has no mind of his own.
He takes as his own the mind of the people!
One who possesses virtue in abundance,
A sage, is comparable to a new born babe:
Poisonous insects will not sting it;
Ferocious animals will not take it;
Predatory birds won't swoop upon it.
Its bones are weak and its sinews supple yet its hold is firm.
It does not know of the union of male and female yet its male member will stir.

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This is because its virility is at its height.
It howls all day yet does not become hoarse.
This is because its harmony is at its height.
To know harmony is called the Constant;
To know the Constant is called discernment.
Those who are good I treat as good.
Those who are not good I also treat as good.
In so doing I gain in goodness.
Those who are of good faith I have faith in.
Those who are lacking in good faith I also have faith in.
In so doing I gain in good faith.
The sage puts his person last and the Way comes first.
Is it not because he is without thought of self
That he is able to accomplish his private ends?
The Way accomplishes its task yet lays claim to no merit.
The sage extends himself but not at the expense of others,
Shines but does not dazzle.
The sage takes his place over the people yet is no burden;
Takes his place ahead of the people yet causes no obstruction.
That is why the empire supports him joyfully and never tires of doing so.
It is because he does not contend that no one in the empire is in a position
To contend with him.
The Way of Heaven excels in overcoming though it does not contend,
In responding, though it doesn't speak,
In attracting though it does not summon,
In laying plans though it appears slack.
The net of heaven is cast wide.
Though the mesh is not fine, yet nothing ever slips through.
Make the small big and the few many;
Do good to him who has done you an injury.
Deal with a thing while it is still nothing.
Keep a thing in order before disorder sets in.

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The sage never attempts to be great and therefore succeeds in being great.
One who excels in travelling leaves no wheel tracks;
One who excels in shutting uses no bolts, yet what he shut cannot be opened;
One who excels in tying uses no cords, yet what he has tied cannot be undone;
The sage always excels in Saving People and so abandons no one;
Always excels in saving things, and so abandons nothing.
Opposites complement each other.
The difficult and the easy complement each other;
Something and nothing produce each other.
Hence, the good man is the teacher the bad man learns from and the bad man is the material the good works from.
The sage avoids excess, extravagance, and arrogance.
The submissive and the weak will overcome the hard and the strong.
How easily a small shoot can displace a rocky crag!
Too much store is sure to end in immense loss.
Therefore, know contentment and you will suffer no loss.
Know when to stop and you will meet with no danger.
You can then endure.
There is no crime greater than having too many desires;
There is no disaster greater than not being content,
A misfortune leading to covetousness.
In being content one will always have enough.
Know the entire world without stirring abroad,
And without looking out the window see the way of Heaven.
When the Way prevails in the empire,
Fleet-footed horses are relegated to ploughing the fields;
When the way does not prevail in the empire, warhorses breed on the border.
It is always through not meddling that the empire is won.
When the people lack a proper sense of awe,
Then some awful visitation will descend upon them.
Is not the way of Heaven like the stretching of a bow?
High it presses down, the low it lifts;
The excessive it takes from, the deficient it gives to.
It is the way of Heaven to take from what has in excess
In order to make good what is deficient.
The way of man is otherwise.

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It takes from those who are in want
In order to offer riches to those who already have more than enough.
Therefore the sage benefits them yet exacts no gratitude,
Accomplishes his task yet lays claim to no merit.
Truthful words are not beautiful;
Beautiful words are not truthful.
Good words are not persuasive;
Persuasive words are not good.
The Disciplined Man brings forth Salvation.
The Sage creates the Disciplined Man.
He who concentrates upon the task
And forgets about reward may be called the Disciplined Man.
The Disciplined Man does everything possible to help the poor
But nothing to enrich the rich.
The Disciplined Man knows his worth.
He may fish with a hook, knowing he needs not a net;
He never shoots his arrows at a sitting bird.
The Disciplined Man is completely at ease;
Petty men are always on edge and easily tipped from their place.
The Disciplined Man rules with detachment, judging without regard to persons.
If he has faults he does not fear self-improvement.
Do not do to others what you would not desire for yourself.
The Disciplined Man is a good judge of disputes,
And in hearing cases knows that his best work
Is to see to it that there are no cases [before the judge].
The Disciplined Man is frank, meticulous, and accommodating.
Friends are frank and meticulous; brothers are accommodating.
The Disciplined Man undertakes something even though he knows it can't be done! Be not concerned over men's not knowing of you;
Be concerned rather over your failings.
The Disciplined Man demands it of himself;
Petty men of others.

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The Disciplined Man can be reduced to the last extremity;
When petty man is so reduced he loses all self- control.
The Disciplined Man is sparing in his reproaches of others,
While he heaps them upon himself; in this way he keeps away resentments.
The Disciplined Man never seeks life at the expense of others;
There are cases where his life is given
For the accomplishment of the Disciplined Man.
The Disciplined Man must give thought to problems which are still distant, Otherwise he will be worried by them when they come nearer.
As you serve your government, always serve its interests first;
Think of your reward last.
The Disciplined Man recognizes the dynamics which produce change
And deals with them.
The only ones who do not change are sages and idiots.
There are nine things which a Disciplined Man must be mindful:
To see when he looks, to hear when he listens,
To have a facial expression of gentleness,
To have an attitude of humility,
To be loyal and respectful in service,
To inquire when in doubt,
To think of the difficulties when angry,
To know justice when he discerns advantage.
When the Disciplined Man does not see the world following the Way,
He is obliged to do his part to help reform it.
Just as artisans inhabit the market- place to ply their trades,
So the Disciplined Man studies to improve his doctrine.
But heed always the fact that as the Disciplined Man may be considered wise Because of some one word, so, because of some one word,
May one be considered ignorant!
Knowing Thyself. The Disciplined Man knows his soul which is the Self,
And the Self is part of the indivisible, ineffable Self
Who rejoices in his creations from the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Self is invisible yet sees through your eyes and hears through your ears.
If one thinks he knows the self, he knows not,
For all one sees is the external form and the self is indwelling.

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Continue therefore your meditation and remember the story of the blind men and the White Elephant:

For there was a Great White Elephant and the King – to illustrate how great was His Kingdom – brought forth many blind men who were asked to walk towards the elephant and describe it. One touched the foot and described the elephant after this manner, another touched the trunk and described a round fleshy trunck reaching to the sky; another the ears, and one, walking behind the elephant, was flicked in his cheek by its fly swatting tail. In his alarm, not knowing what struck him, he shouted, Allah, meaning in English something on the order of "wow!"

None of the blind men could describe the Great White Elephant, and the discerning man knows this is his relationship to the ineffable Self of God.

To join the Self is to go beyond death.
Behold the glory of the Self through the grace of love.
Though one sits in meditation in a particular place,
The Self within can exercise his influence far away.
Though still, he moves everything everywhere.
For the supreme Self is beyond name and form,
Beyond the senses, inexhaustible, without beginning, without end,
Beyond time, space, and causality,
Eternal, immutable.
But to know one, is to know all.
As pure water is poured into pure water and becomes one with the immutable self, So too can one verily become one with the Godhead.
For the supreme ruler and immutable Self multiplies his oneness into many. Changeless midst the things which pass away,
He answers the prayers of many.
Eternal peace is theirs who see the Self in their own hearts.
When all desires that surge in the heart are renounced,
The mortal becomes immortal;
When all the knots that strangle the heart are loosened,
The mortal becomes immortal.

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Those who long for the Self with all their heart are chosen by the Self as his own.
If you are in doubt about right conduct, follow the example of the sages.
Practice meditation and discern its foundation,
That wisdom means a life of selfless service.
When one is, in whom all life is one, changeless, nameless,
Formless, then one fears no more.
Until we realize the unity of life, we live in fear.
Refuse not food to those who are hungry.
When you feed the hungry, you serve the Lord,
From whom is born every living creature.
Those who realize that all life is one are at home everywhere
And see themselves in all.
They sing in wonder: I am the food of life, I am, I am.
As rivers lose their private name and form when they reach the sea,
So the soul is dedicated to the Self.
As bees suck nectar from many a flower and make their honey one,
So that no drop can say, "I am from this flower or that,"
All creatures, though one, know not they are that One.
If lost in sorrow, know thyself, for one who realizes the Self goest beyond sorrow.
Where one realizes the indivisible unity of life, sees nothing else, hears nothing else, Knows nothing else, that is the infinite.
Where one sees separateness, shares separateness, knows separateness,
That is the finite.
The infinite is beyond death, but the finite cannot escape death.
Therefore, search for and discern things unknown.
Rejoice in Him through renunciation.
Covet nothing. All belongs to the Lord.
Live your life, therefore, for the welfare of all.
That which your heart desires, may you attain;
And finding for yourself deliverance in the Self, deliver all!
Remember the Word of Salvation,
As he knows the world as it is and never says that it is real or false, or good or evil. He brings forth Truth and simply shows the world as it is.

page 12

He came from nowhere and there is nowhere where he went.
He lacked nothing,
And because he lacked nothing his body fills every corner of the universe,
It reaches everywhere, it exists forever.
For he became one with the immutable Self.
As the nature of people varies, The Word's form appears differently.
Though The Word has a three-fold body, his spirit and purpose are one:
To save all people.
It is seldom that The Word appears in this world.
When He does appear, he is awakened by the precepts of His Lord (Psalm 119.38) And attains Enlightenment, introduces the Way,
Severs the net of suspicion,
Removes the lure of desire at its root,
Plugs the fountain of evil;
Completely unhindered, he walks at will over the world.
It has been explained that The Word is not a physical body but is Enlightenment.
A body may be thought of as a receptacle;
Then, if this receptacle is filled with enlightenment,
It may be called The Word.
For those who are proud and egoistic,
He preaches humility and self-sacrifice;
For those who are entangled in the web of worldly pleasures,
He reveals the misery of the world.
As The Word is the great king of the Way,
He can preach to all people as he wishes;
So The Word appears in the world to bless the people.
To save them from suffering he preaches the Way,
But the ears of people are dulled by greed and they are inattentive.
They imagine discriminations where there are in reality, no discriminations,
And clinging to their egos they take wrong actions.
As a result they become attached to a delusive existence.
But those who listen to his teachings are free from the delusions
And the miseries of life.

page 13

Search Truth: discern the questions which are important.
In the presence of lamentation, sorrow, suffering, and pain,
One should first search for a way to solve these problems
And devote oneself to the practice of that way.
Break down your problems into simple structures you can understand;
Then deal with each in turn
As you progress to the Truth which will set you free
From those things which burden you.
Keep your mind pure,
As the impure mind surrounds itself with impure things
And the pure mind with pure things.
If a man speaks and acts with a pure mind,
Happiness follows him like his shadow.
But those who act knowing they have done wrong
Are condemned to falling under the same retributions they heaped upon others.
Be calm, be still, so you can acquire peacefulness
And thus be able to cultivate your mind day and night with more discernment.
This is the end of the teaching of the Forbidden City of Tabue.

Part II
Removing Persecutors

My children, you caught me weeping because My Tears are of the womb in which you will be born. Bear with me while I struggle to tell you how to make the passage easy on yourself.

Discerning Persecutors

Look how the passer-bys on the streets have no more sense of Human Dignity--we speak of souls who are unwilling to defend Human Dignity--than the Pharaoh of Egypt who persecuted the Jews long ago, or the Germans of recent history who persecuted the Jews of Europe. These are all the same people – the same soul – which thrives by exploiting others (see our works What Price Justice and Satisfying the Afflicted Soul ). Look there! They now and then throw their small change into your cups in order to guarantee themselves a good night's sleep, for they believe that a little charity will clear their evil inclinations! Can a little charity satisfy an afflicted soul?

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Satisfying the Afflicted Soul

Does the quarter from that businessman who owns the store nearby that beggar who removed his prostheses from his leg satisfy his poor, afflicted soul? Look here: at the end of the day the poor man puts back on his prostheses and walks the streets at night, for the streets are too cold to sleep. His leg is sore from treading the streets so he sleeps by the day to make up for the sleep he lost during the night. The quarters dropped into his pauper's cup do nothing to satisfy his suffering soul, for small change does not remove him from his misery – caused by our passer-bys' greed-- nor can it purge the passer-bys of their evil inclination to abandon him to the street.

The evil inclination of which we speak is an old, familiar enemy of ours. He thrives on one rule: survival of the fittest; its every man for himself. He justifies his exploitation of others by teaching that those who fail deserve their lot. Thus, because of this evil spirit in the passer-bys on the street, the wealth of a nation (and now the world) becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands; the poor get poorer and multitudes upon multitudes of once prosperous peoples are cast in ever more abundance upon the streets.

"Will our persecution never end?" my little ones asked.

The Old Man answered, "The Germans who persecuted the Jews not long ago had a deep down evil inclination that the Jews were, of a sort, non-human. Much in the same manner the passers-bys on our streets do not really consider the beggars in our streets as human beings. Human Beings do not treat Human Beings with such indignities (See our work, Validations of Truth ). Stand up for your rights as Human Beings and your persecution will end.

As we have seen in the Teachings of the Forbidden City of Tabue, throughout the history of Humanity societies have always maintained a proviso to assure that the least fortunate among them are provided for. Even the slaves of days gone past were given shelter, clothes, and fed. In fact, when societies practiced slavery the institution of slavery had provisos which guaranteed as much as possible the dignity of the slaves, that their masters would be inclined towards benevolence and discouraged from acts of brutality; brutalities did exist because of the evil inclination, but, thanks be to God, we have passed beyond that day and now have higher expectations from Humanity: that no Human Being should be held in servitude and every Human Being must be guaranteed at least certain rights as free men. There is now a long list of these rights, agreed upon by international accord (see our work, What Price Justice); and foremost among them is the right to secure food and shelter.

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A multitude with not even the right to put a Tent over their head! Look here, my children, how these passer-bys have denied the multitude in our streets the right to raise even a shelter for themselves! These people will raise Tents for others of other lands, who may be deprived of house and home – from a hurricane, earthquake, or war – yet, they will not provide the same for these homeless refugees in our streets! How wicked, how hypocritical, these people are who watch their neighbor's suffering without compassion and with no sense of justice!

Discerning Equal Justice

My children, I weep because I remind you of your rights: that no people have a right to seek their own prosperity at your expense. For this leads to exploitation and then persecution, bringing to the many poverty, and to the few who would reign over them the treasuries of greed. A people run amuck with greed, as it were, leads to the institutions of slavery: see, passer-bys who are enslaved to greed, and discern those whom they robbed who are reduced to nothing less than men with a ball and chain on their feet, tied to the curbs in our streets. Look, my darlings, at these peoples – young and old alike – chained to curbs of despair! Each evening they disappear in the darkness only to be drug back again with the light of day to the curb, with styrofoam cup in hand and the indignity of begging. Millions upon millions are begging in America's streets, tied to the curbs by America's Fetters of Greed, and among the passers-bys I have found no person who has shown the consideration to remove the fetters which now hold so many of our people in bondage, without even food or shelter. My children, I weep because there are multitudes in our streets who are treated with less dignity than one gives a dog or even a slave!

Remove the Ball and Chain

In the course of human events, when a people are being persecuted, it is necessary to sever the bonds which hold them in their bondage.

We can trace back through many histories to list what happens when a people have had their fill of exploitation, or when one raises up among them to lead them out of their persecution. But of these we need only call into remembrance our own history, as colonies of England, France and Spain. Our forefathers discerned that the conditions placed upon them by England in particular were unjust and therefore justified their act of war in breaking the bonds which exploited them. History has agreed with our forefathers, that the Revolution carried out to break the bonds of injustice was fully justified. It was not only righteous, it served these past two hundred years as terms encouraging the dismantling of the yokes of many tyrants and unjust masters.

page 16

Discerning Terms of Righteousness

In the American model were certain criteria which set examples of rights which every human being can expect his governors to honor. These rights were further adopted and refined in the United Nations Charter and its subsequent International Covenants. We have summed these rights up in our Tiny Book, What Price Justice, as mentioned, and need not repeat them here.

No system created by man can be perfect. Without changing to fill the needs of future generations systems fail to serve justice and leave the people to fall under the hands of exploitation. This, as we can see by the multitude of beggars in America's streets, is what has happened to the American System. Here we see where the system designed to provide for the common welfare of its people has failed them. We shall show you, my little ones, the changes to come to requite our rage.

Of Hand Axes and Exploitation

We are shocked that the American people have become so greedy they forced a multitude of their own to live without shelter and those necessities of common welfare once promised by past societies! An entire generation has emerged on this planet which is dedicated to universal exploitation, with Multinational Corporations using a new practice: capitalizing upon cheap labor world-wide, to obtain the best position in the world-wide marketplace. They have corrupted Capitalism – once considered an honorable creed which once explained the natural processes of trade. Capitalism left the value of products and services to float according to the demand for them. The demand for products and services, of course, is relative to the purchasing power of a society, their safety, their health, and their welfare.

Capitalism – how fragile it is and how easily simple economies can be destroyed! We can take a small example of capitalism from a classic case involving the Australian Aborigines. In the north a tribe lived by outcrops of flint and manufactured wonderful stone handaxes. Far to the south of them another tribe living by the sea fashioned wonderful necklaces and other Jewelry out of cowry shells, a highly prized coin of stone-age men everywhere.

The Northerners prized the jewelry from the south and traded their handaxes, prized by the south, for the jewelry. A prosperous trade developed between the two, with even middlemen cashing in on the trade. One day the British landed on their shores and felt sorry for the poor beggars having to do all their work with primitive stone axes. In their society the men made the axes but it was the women who mostly used them. So the women, to do their chores, had to request permission from their husbands to use their husband's axes. Being ignorant of this fragile society, the British offered steel axes in abundance to whomsoever wished them (even the women and the peoples in the south). The men no longer held their role in control of the handaxes, quarrels ensued, families broke up, and the tribe of the handaxes dissolved. Soon they were displaced by Europeans come to exploit their land.

page 17

Robbed of our Homes and Fettered

From this small but classic example we can see and measure a simple Term describing what has happened to America. The men have lost their roles, the women lost their direction, their families dissolved, and exploiters – we speak in particular of Multinational Corporations – came in to exploit them and their lands (stripping and polluting the lands and streams) eventually robbing them of their homes. My children, less than a decade ago the multitude begging in these streets had jobs, providing for their families, and they had homes. Look at them now! They have all been scattered – men, women, and children alike – and each of them is now tied to the curb of our streets with the Fetters of Greed which their overlords – the passer-bys on the streets – have put upon them.

Yes, my darlings, it is the passers-bys on the streets who daily place the fetters on the suffering multitude on our curbs. The American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, International Covenants, are all meaningless to these passers-bys, because their desire is to exploit the peoples and the land, leaving you and others like you tied to the curbs of our streets. We tested this desire with a simple Tent. These passer-bys refuse even me my desire to raise a Tent over the heads of the homeless! Truly, these passer-bys have no shame; the poor are without even the right to raise a Tent over their head, or to enjoy the facilities allowed other citizens!

The Rotating Doors of their Prison Houses

This multitude has not only been deprived of its families, a source of livelihood and a home, even worse it is now being circulated through the rotating doors of our prison houses! Have these passers-bys no shame?

Greed, my children, has no preferences as to whom it would exploit. In our day, with the very term of Capitalism being corrupted – being reliant upon ever more cheaper sources of international labor to dominate a World Economy – all peoples, of all colors and beliefs, are equally vulnerable to exploitation. Look, my children, upon your fellows on the streets. All races and faiths are chained to the curbs with their small styrofoam cups, and each jiggles his or her cup with equal fervor to get the passer by's sympathy and change – futile as it may be!

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While our forefathers had an idea to provide a system of equality for all, to provide for our common welfare, in actual fact in its awakening moments, the system persecuted the Native Americans, depriving them of their lands and a source of livelihood, and then through prejudice persecuted the Afro-American people, forcing them into ghettos. This society, now the passer-bys in our streets, forced Native Americans into prisons called reservations (some of which were later robbed and pillaged, like Oklahoma) and then, the people of this system, treading out of the mire of slavery, forced the Afro-American People into ghettos. Look now, my children, how these ghettos – we call them by a fancy term called our Inner Cities – are now prisons for the poor: jam-packed with all kinds of unfortunate victims of these greedy passer-bys who call themselves vessels of liberty and just justice.

Every Man for Himself

When the white settlers invaded an Indian Community, it was every man, woman, and child for itself, as the people were scattered by horsed invaders wielding saber and rifle. In like manner the African Communities kidnapped to America were scattered by slavers – the ultimate description of Greed – who had no color or faith, being white and black, Pagan, Arab and Christian. It is through this process which evolved out of the exploitation of Native and African Americans that Greed – the spirit in the passer-bys on our streets – attained its power. Under this Spirit's creed of "every man for himself" exploitation thrives more in America than anywhere else.

Exploitation fills Prison Houses and pits. As exploitation increases, so increases the numbers of people circulated into the prison houses. As in Germany, when the Germans were persecuting the Jews, beggars in the streets of San Francisco are routinely arrested and taken to jail. The numbers of the people this generation has sent to its jails and prisons has only its equals among the most tyrannical regimes of history: of Hitler's persecution of the Jews and non-Germanic peoples, of Stalin's persecution of the Asian peoples, and other like atrocities, as in Pot Pol's persecution of the Cambodian peoples, leaving massive pits filled to their brims with the bones of his victims. Now when a miserable, cold beggar dies on the street and is then thrown into an unmarked pit, does it make any difference to the people who ordered the pits how many at a time are thrown into the pit? Those people who preside over the pits – the passer-bys on this street – are not, my darlings, concerned over the impoverished multitudes they inveighed to the pit or how many are thrown in at a time. We can verify this by counting the numbers of beggars they have consigned to the street and then conveyed to jail. Everyone knows, my well-beloved, that after jail comes the pit!

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Saving the Cold and the Hungry

My children, how many homeless peoples should we allow to sleep without shelter in our streets? Down the way is a man in a wheel chair whose name is Ron. He is just one of a multitude who sleeps on our streets in wheelchairs. I was shocked that this society would be so hard-hearted that even hordes of people in wheel chairs were denied the right to have a Tent over their heads! Ron, himself, tried to raise a tent in People's Park, in Berkeley, only to have it confiscated by city officials! While it was raised it was a place of refuge for many--he allowed the homeless to store their packs in the Tent while they carried out their business on the street. The Tent was an eyesore to the NIMBY's who don't mind raising tents of refuge in foreign lands but will not permit them in their own land! How vicious these people are! Yet many of them say they are guided by God! Surely their guides never visited the Forbidden City of Tabue!

One man in a wheelchair, in San Francisco, slept under the portico of St. Mary's cathedral, perhaps San Francisco's richest and most famous church! When he told me where he slept I was shocked that such a rich church had not one person in it who thought to shelter him! How could any one of them conclude that they served the franchise of God – to think they served his Grace – by allowing that man to sleep exposed to the rain, the cold, and the wind underneath their carport? Were all their rooms so filled that there was not a place for one man in a wheel chair? Were their treasuries so committed to social functions – to concerts and musicals – they could not find the funds to care for this one man in a wheel chair sleeping under their portico? Was there no spare room among their many mansions – they are an extremely rich congregation – which could have harbored this poor man? These great congregations have never been taught that Salvation is free and needs no advertising! For Salvation's advertisement is an open hand, a concerned heart, and an embrace which can mean the difference between a soul's starving and shivering in the street and a full belly and a warm bed.

Cold Hearts and Shivering Streets

Seeing the homeless masses shivering in the streets around these and other churches, I contacted several churches to see if they might give harbor to one man. At St. Marks, another rich [Lutheran] church nearby, I was refused a meeting with its pastor, though he walked by me several times going in and out of his office, while his assistant only returned a blank face as I pleaded on behalf of one poor, afflicted soul. He needed a place to live, an address, a toilet, a shower, a place to have a phone. He needed only a minimum space by which each and every one of us who has a job or seeks a job needs to survive. And where I have searched to satisfy this need for just a few souls I have found no man answering my plea. So the passer-bys on the streets are not just soulless creatures who purge their souls by throwing quarters into styrofoam cups: many are members of rich institutions (whom we also contacted) who have the ability (and in the case of our churches, a franchise) to provide for the needy; but most in answer to the needy throw tokens.

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Some churches – and I found in my study only a few – are dedicated to charity and are over-burdened with the rising demands of homelessness. When I saw some of these efforts I could only but weep over the flood against which they struggled, while other rich churches around them heard neither their weeping nor noticed their plight!

Ron's Story

Some people, like Ron, whom we mentioned earlier, are being helped but the dedication to help them wavers like reeds in the wind. Ron sleeps under an overhang at a Safeway Store in Berkeley. He sleeps by day because of the cold during the night. He has a social worker who he said is finding a new apartment for him. While he awaits his new room he must sleep in the street! His hands and face bear the marks of a robbery and beating in the street. This left him with some broken ribs and just the other day the hospital discovered he had internal bleeding. The people walking down the street by him don't notice his wounds; nor do they apparently see anything wrong with the fact that he is sleeping in the streets with no protection and no shelter over his head; and apparently the government isn't much disturbed over it either, though it has taken the trouble to assign a social worker to his case. Because he sleeps during the day he isn't as aggressive as the other beggars on the streets, but he does manage to earn some money, by which reason, lacking the ability to have a savings account – one needs a home and address to hold a bank account – he was robbed. Many of the homeless are robbed – frequently in shelters.

These are just a few illustrations of many millions of people who were exploited by the Reagan-Bush estate. These millions have just as much right to being defended as any other people. Are they not entitled to the same charity we have shown for the Kurds, the Palestinians, and other persecuted peoples?
Should someone not have appealed on their behalf to the United Nations about these persecutions as well?

Millions of Persecuted!

My children, America is persecuting millions of its own people no less than other persecutors in the past. Does it make any difference whether the millions of cold and hungry people suffering and dying in our streets are thrown into a single unmarked pit when they succumb or a mass grave, as practiced by the Germans?

Overthrowing the Code of Hell

The Germans were a crafty people and found a [temporary] justification for their infamies, and the American peoples, led by the Reagan-Bush estates, are no less crafty. As with the Germans' religion of Survival of the Fittest, so it has been with America: they practice the same religion – it is every man for himself. This is the principal Code in Hell. My children, lean near my ear so not to panic the passer-bys: these streets upon which they are walking are the Ramparts of Hell. See how they are guarding them to assure that you are chained to the curb? Look at the multitude they kick aside from their shops and doors; they have them arrested and taken to jail for begging, and they deny them the right of even a Tent over their head! My children, these people and their ramparts have always guarded the Heartland of Hell...

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As Sheep waiting for Slaughter

I thought to help the poor rise from their fetters. There were so many homeless no doubt I thought some of them might work together to cut the ball and chain tying them to their curb. Like the Jews rounded up in the ghettos of Germany and Poland, these people believe they are prisoners and sit passively in their pens as sheep waiting for slaughter. Like jingling bells around sheep's necks, betraying their selection for the slaughter, the jingling cups of the poor remit a song to our passer-bys: to remind them that those whom they have exploited have not left their fetters nor their curbs.

Avoiding the Certainty of Exploitation

Some systems are by design intended to exploit as many peoples as possible. "Imperialism" is such a system. "Totalitarianism" is another. Imperialistic peoples, such as the British during the last century, reigned over a world, they bragged, "where the sun never sets." During the mood of the world at that time all peoples outside of England were destined for exploitation. The motive for exploitation can best be summed by one word: greed. Greed has a way of justifying itself by whatever theory is at hand and may suit the occasion. For example, greed appeared in the most unlikely of places: the plutarchy – or if you prefer, Oligarchy – which ran the Soviet Union. The people were poor; their rulers drove to their fine palaces in beautiful carriages and limousines, no different than the czars before them, and much in imitation of their enemy capitalists – corrupt representatives in their limousines and fine palaces – in America. The certainty of exploitation in the Soviet Union was no less nor no different than the certainty of exploitation which concurrently visited America. To discern how this certainty has come about in America we must talk a bit about parasites, their forms, and their behavior.

Parasites bringing America to Ruin

Today another form of Imperialism has emerged which has to do with Corporate Imperialism, where [corporate] states compete for the highest profits and through higher profits dominion over the sources of labor and the supply of products and services. The companies in charge of this economy are called Multinationals, whose market strategy and livelihood are not favorable to any nation or people. At the core of their code is the belief that only the strongest [companies] deserve to survive – the same code Hitler dragged out of Hell – and to be the strongest they must ever pursue more economic means of producing goods and services. All this means to you, my children, is that their purpose, and the marketplace which they created, is by design a parasite which lives by sucking the life out of its host and then, seeing as how it has drained its host of its lifeblood, moves on to another host. This is particularly visible in the San Francisco Bay area, where factories have abandoned the places which nurtured them, leaving the cities which depended upon them in ruins. Regard our Inner Cities. We would have been better off had we been invaded by the Vandals or the Huns! Our buildings are in shambles, our people are homeless with no covering over their heads and even without the right to build a fire upon which to cook some food!

page 22

Slaves and the Purse of Hades

Our new Vandals – and these companies who abandon us are vandals – finance themselves from a thing which we call the Purse of Hades, that is to say, the wealth derived by enslaving others. In this old form of tyranny, two factors are important to consider. First they need the cooperation of governments whom they bribe to permit slavery, and secondly they need slaves. Today the slaves are not called slaves but workers who are willing to work for minimum wages, which is to say, a term describing the need to continually downscale the cost [sic. and use ]of labor. Until recently, as history has shown, the least expensive cost of labor is slavery. But now, my children, new Vandals – the merchants of Hell – have managed to persuade our governments to deliver us over to their companies at costs less than those peculiar to slavery! They have achieved this result through the cooperation of the Reagan-Bush Oligarchy (an Oligarchy is a government in which a few persons have the ruling power), an estate dedicated to a few wealthy patrons of Greed whose principal creed is the Code of Hell previously mentioned.

Discerning Genocide in America

Statistics say that 80% of Afro-American males take a tour through prison. An entire race is being persecuted and imprisoned; though our prisons contain other races as well. But an entire race seems to be getting the worst end of our justice. We are speaking of a new form of genocide, for those in prison cannot raise families nor sustain their kind. No matter how you look at it, the results add up to one fact: the American System is committing genocide relative to the Afro-American peoples.

Slaves had had better days. We have been told that it costs about $20,000 per year to house a person in prison. This works out to about $1700 per month. If they were used as slaves (as some are) their monthly upkeep would certainly be close to the amount indicated. Today, in fact, we find many homeless people volunteering for jail (repeating crimes which they know will send them to jail) in order to secure food and a roof over their heads! They are willing to give up their liberty in exchange for prison life. But this is not a unique situation in history. During the Feudal Period in Europe (700-1400 A.D.) freemen suffering from droughts, etc. from time to time voluntarily delivered both their lands and their families (and progeny) into servitude to local Barons. They were called Serfs, a Latin word meaning slave, and were fettered to the land.

As we can see by the numbers of the poor and the homeless in our streets, the Oligarchy leading the Reagan-Bush estate compromised the cost of labor at a value less than necessary to shelter them – far from the value base of slavery! In sum, the passer-bys you see walking down the street agreed to debase the value of our labor, now $4.50 per hour minimum (~$700.00 per month) – which is not sufficient to pay the rent in our area, when in fact they knew that one needs double that amount to survive. My children, look into the eyes of these tyrants who have debased us: they don't care about anyone else but themselves. This is the Soul of Hades.

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As mentioned, during the Feudal Ages freemen signed themselves and their families over into slavery in order to survive. Since many king's armies engaged as many as ten thousand troops and the troops were required to sustain themselves from the lands across which they marched, many small farmers and freemen suddenly lost their ability to sustain themselves when kings contested for their lands. Following these contests was devastation; and we can see, in fact, how populations rose and fell, from one campaign to another, in the more prized fruitful valleys. These were called wastelands, though they could still produce, but being criss-crossed by armies they were no longer viable places upon which to live! As a consequence of this and other effects it is surprising to me, my little children, that I was ever born! "How did my ancestors ever survive?" I have often asked myself.

Where all Philosophers end

There is no Truth, there is no philosophy, and there is no system, my children, which justifies the suffering and ruin in our streets or the attitudes of those passer-bys guarding the ramparts of our ruins. For my part I do not care whether the people walking our ramparts are called Democrats or Plutocrats, Regents, or Priests; nor do I care whether they call their economies capitalistic, socialistic, communistic or by some other name. For they all have produced the ruin you see before you at one time or another, in some land or another. So my children, all philosophers who would improve the lot of man must now sit in judgment of the scene before us on the streets of America: a scene which is unjust and not out of the traditions and teachings of Heaven but, to the contrary, out of the worst imaginations of Hell.

The meaning of life – a Heavenly Idea

If there is any underlying thesis in life – society in its most abundant and wonderful forms – it is to provide for the common welfare of its creations. We are reminded of a note from the Book of Enoch, which we were compelled to place on the back cover of our work, Hidden Pavilions :

Enoch 52.6 Cursed is he who brings the Lord's Creation into contempt.

This follows a logical progression (the Old Testament prophets follow an extraordinarily logical progression) branching from the original reason for creating man as described in Genesis 2.15. First, God said after the sixth day of creation, I saw that there was no man! So He created man in his image, Adam and Eve, created He them, to dress and keep his creation. This follows the logic that except for himself there was no man [sic. in his image] to dress and keep his creation, so he created man (Adam and Eve).

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All life forms rely upon a host to sustain them (in Scripture man is described as God's Host!). Breaking them down into basically two groups we find that animals feed on plants and plants feed on animals, plants on plants, animals on animals, etc. From species to species we find – except in certain parasites – always the need – actually a code – to harvest, leaving the corners of the field to grow back. Some species, such as ants and bees, became experts at this and not only cultivated places which would, growing back, continually sustain them but also innovated procedures towards the preservation of their colonies. We can see ants herding tiny aphids for their milk and cutting off enormous vines choking trees upon whose livelihood their small colony might depend. Other Ant colonies, like man, invented the practice of sacking and pillaging other colonies, enslaving them; and others, Army Ants, created a mode of life which was not unlike a great horde of Huns from the steppes of Russia. Suddenly they would descend in great armies, crossing the most impenetrable barriers, leaving mayhem and ruin behind.

Parasites revisited. Among all the life forms there is a class called Parasites. Some, like those which live in our stomachs and help us digest our food, are as important to our well being as other cells making up our body. Each of us, in fact, is a colony of individuals living within a host designed to feed, comfort, and defend its individuals. Because each of us is a group of diverse life forms living together, we represent in an oblique way one of nature's greatest achievements, a phenomena of living together in harmony, called Symbiosis.

The worst thing which can happen to a colony of any kind is to receive a parasite which will suck the lifeblood out of it until it dies. While each of us has blood cells designed to fight off such invaders (like viruses), from a social standpoint – being united in even a larger body of diverse individuals called America – we must always maintain watchmen at our walls to warn against those who will destroy us; we must always be prepared to martial together forces to resist them. As with the individual, whose strength is in his diversity in hosting symbiotic life forms, so with a society and America. Our strength is in our diversity and in our numbers. In America's case we have an advantage over most societies in the world because we have the most diversity! So life, as a dynamic system in its own, depends upon diversity and through it the cultivation of ever higher life forms to sustain it. The Life Dynamo concluded it needed man to sustain it (re: Genesis 2.15 previously mentioned). In the instructions first identified to man for this mission there was provided the requirement to name the plants and animals: to number and order them. So implicit within the Human Dynamo is the order to discern and maintain (dress and keep) life's orders. This represents a relatively high level of thought for a man which was in his formative assignment dressed with animals skins and a club! We hope you appreciate this, how divine the thought of numbering comes to mind as a first priority to managing the Life System. We note that the Numbering Order has not yet been completed; we also note that man has obliterated many species before they had a chance to be numbered and has, therefore, fallen far short of his original orders.

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System Dynamics – the Rules of Order

Every life form – we speak of even the smallest colonies, such as the tiny Hydra, to one of the largest and most powerful life systems, (we speak of America) – needs a system by which its individuals may operate in an orderly way. For the life form to survive it has to have basic rules of order. "Even a band of thieves needs rules," we have all admitted at one time or another. "Even among thieves there is honor," we say, not being oblivious to the fact that the rules of order are based upon each of us honoring the rules.

Every life form is a dynamo of sorts.
Like beggars with jingling styrofoam cups, every life form, as a dynamo, moves in its course of securing fuel upon which to sustain itself. In moving it impacts other life forms. So the dynamics of all life forms involve impact with other life forms.

The Host and Threat Identification. Since man is at the top of the life forms, in terms of intelligence and organizational ability, and since he is the most dynamic – being the most mobile and therefore having the greatest impact on nature – it follows, as man impacts all of nature, he has the greatest responsibility to nature. He, alone among all known life forms, is its only husbandman. His host is the earth and his mission, therefore, must be to dress and keep the earth. Since God describes man as His Host we can now progress to a very old idea that man's obligations to this creation are as God's or in God's stead. On this order we can see how the reason why man (Adam and Eve) was created in Genesis 2.15 makes good sense. We can further see in this order of our particular System Dynamics (to dress and keep this garden called earth) that he who desolates the earth, as described in Revelations 11.18, is the Host's and our most particular enemy. This is further augmented by the warning in the Book of Enoch that judgment will go hard on man if the animals cry out against him or, as in the Book of Job, if even the furrows of the earth cry out against him. The criteria here, as it must pertain to man's survival on earth, is to reap but always replace what is taken. Along with this has been the long standing tradition that one always leaves the sources of water fit for others following behind to drink. This tradition is reflected in the Bible and no doubt was most appreciated by those passer-bys from one oases to another in the desert.

My children, lean nearer to my mouth. Those passer-bys we see on our streets have confused the meaning of passer-bys: They are not only persecuting the multitudes fettered to our streets but they are also more than any other people desolating everything they touch: our forests, our fields, our streams, and our oceans. Their masters – the Multinational Corporations – are leading them in this enterprise. And though they may say their hearts are for life their works are for death.

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Cutting off Those Who strip Us

When Persephone was sent down into Hell she was met by many gate-keepers who each in turn demanded an article from her as toll to pass through his gate. First she lost her jewelry, finally reaching the lowest gate entirely naked. This is what the Multinationals have been doing to America under the Reagan-Bush estate. We now must quote an article from a recent newspaper: "Survey Reports Plans to Move, Expand" (from a Reuters report in the San Francisco Chronicle June 8, 1992).

Seattle –

Nearly 80 percent of companies responding to a nationwide survey have plans to relocate or expand, most of them within the next three years, according to a study released yesterday.

North Atlanta, Dallas' northern suburbs and the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., topped the list of preferred sites, said the joint study by Ernst & Young accountants and the International Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives.
The respondents ranked financial costs as the highest priority in determining location, the study found.

Of those companies planning to move or expand, for out of five expect to do so in the next three years, the study said.

Companies in the Northeast may continue to move south in search of operational cost savings, it showed, and California firms are likely to move inland from the coast but may remain in the state rather than fleeing to Nevada and Arizona.

The study, which will be released in its entirety within the next month, found that the sluggish economy has magnified the importance of operating cost issues.

Companies indicated they were increasingly looking at the prospect of creating new jobs & hiring new employees rather than relocating employees.

Therefore, issues such as climate, cost of living and housing affordability were less important than previously.

The survey asked corporate respondents to choose from a list of 40 locations nationwide. It did not identify all the respondents, but it said 57.5 percent employed more than 10,000 people and averaged 46 years in business.

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Ernst & Young concluded that with Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham among the top four preferred sites, the Southeast may have the strongest "mega-growth" corridor.

In the west, Salt Lake City, Sacramento and the Seattle-Tacoma area were cities of choice.

The Midwest ranked behind only the Southeast for manufacturing and distribution but near the bottom, with the Northeast, as an office location.

Only one in 10 respondents indicated they were attracted to space in central business districts. Instead suburban office space and industrial parks are in greatest demand.

The study was released at a Seattle meeting of the National Real Estate Advisory Services.

Most of our population is dependent upon jobs in major cities, and most of them are going to lose their jobs very quickly and very soon. While the Reagan-Bush Estate – President Clinton has inherited it – is motivated to protect the Multinationals, the issue at hand goes beyond the exodus, of our industries from our cities, to the greater weight of a World Slave Economy (exploiting the cheapest sources of production). As the world Slave Economy exhausts its Hosts each city and her enterprises will be consumed. See back cover for our idea of a slave [a drudge].

A Feeding Frenzy consumes us.
We are now in the midst of a Feeding Frenzy, as the sharks in our Multinational Economies fight over us, and the competition, following their rules of order (to the strongest go the spoils) will exhaust all of them at once. For their direction has been to sap healthy economies until they are no longer viable and then they move on to less healthy economies – who are least able to resist them. When all is said and done, cities following in the heals of Detroit can look southward to gaze upon factories which once paid workers living wages who now pay their workers an average of 50¢ per hour, a non-life-sustaining wage even in Mexico (and well below the costs necessary to maintain a slave).

Effects of the New Slave Economy Standard.
The workers on the Mexican-US border serve in wonderfully polished and clean factories, but are forced to live in filthy cardboard huts in polluted sloughs. This becomes the standard of the new Multinational Slave Based Economy. Each Multinational--to compete--will have to found New Sloughs! The nations who Host these Multinationals will, accordingly, stagger under the weight of more and more government corruption, following the scale we have already experienced in the Reagan-Bush Estate. In the progression of a Slough Economy government officials (bought off) must continue turning their heads away from the indignities of their Slough Cities and Wastelands (Inner Cities); and passers-bys on the streets must, of course, continue to swallow lies and false promises following the image of the Reagan-Bush Estate.

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The certainty of World Collapse

A Living Beast--a New Dynamo. When cities are abandoned real estate values collapse, businesses die, banks fail, etc. The Feeding Frenzy of the Multinationals, rushing to new prey – founding New Slough Cities – will cause their own investments in their own cities to collapse! Their move from one site of less costly production to another, whether in the US or abroad, will do them no good. For they created a dynamo – a storm which feeds on its own winds, whirling faster and faster, ripping until there is nothing left to consume.

Calling all Debts

As cities decline and jobs decrease, in the great chase for cheaper [sic. 40¢ an hour] Slave Labor, the need [sic. and costs] for social services in our abandoned cities proportionately increases. Governments must direct their outlays to put out fires, as it were (to avoid rioting), and plagues; and in the process they will incur increasing debt, as has been the case with many governments, in Brazil, Bolivia, and in particular the Reagan-Bush Estate. As indicated in our work, The Hidden Horror behind our Budget Deficit, our government ran up a bill amounting to about 4.3 Trillion dollars as it struggled to support the burden of the new Multinational Dynamics. The interest on that debt cost about $200 Billion* this past year. This amounts to half of the entire personal taxes taken in by the Bush administration in 1992! Ross Perot expressed the matter in other terms: all personal taxes west of the Mississippi River went to pay the interest on our National Debt! Since we have been operating on a $300 Billion plus budget deficit this past year, and will continue to do so, our annual interest payment will increase each year, consuming more and more funds needed for public services.

A Debt Doubling Every Five Years

Our National Debt of $4.3 Trillion has essentially been a debt which has doubled every five years (see chart on Maravot's_Homepage4.html). It follows that even without an annual Budget Deficit (this year $320 Billion) our National Debt will be about $9 Trillion before 1999, whose interest payment alone will consume over half of our budget outlays. Where as much as 20% ($200 Billion) of our annual budget outlays may now go to interest payments, we can expect $500 Billion – nearly half of our Trillion dollar budget outlays – to apply to interest payments in the near future. As the Interest Payment increases, so will decrease a proportionate number of Civic jobs and services. As our economy deflates after this manner, so will our skills and education, leaving our economy noncompetitive compared to other governments who invested in educating their citizens. So we Americans are already at a great disadvantage.

page 29

Avoiding Debts. Our economy needs about $1 Trillion in income [taxes] to cover our annual government needs. Since 1981 the Reagan-Bush Estate avoided paying for these needs and left us with the "J" Curve [called the "Hockey Stick" by the 1983 Congress] on Maravot's_Homepage4.html, showing our exponential debt.

Blind leaders.
It is amazing! The leaders of our cities are allowing business to carry out its nefarious plans of scuttling them. Not only is there job loss but a declining tax base, leaving us in the end without the ability to pay the principal down on our National Debt, leaving it to rise as shown in our chart! Our chart shows a conservative increase assuming no annual deficit, meaning our ability to meet our interest payments until 1996, when the bulk of our debt should be called. Our annual interest payments alone will then equal about 2/3 of our annual income! Foreign governments – themselves staggering under the Reagan-Bush Estate, who own a great part of our bonds, etc. may fear a possible default; following this, our debt may be restructured and managed in a chapter 11 sort of way, after the examples of Brazil and other nations who could not make their interest payments, being so heavily burdened with debt.

Most companies in our cities owe their success and existence to the cities who were their Host. According to the survey we just read, most of our major companies upon whom our cities depend, intend to abandon their hosts. In essence they are following the path of most parasites who suck the blood out of their hosts until there is no lifeblood left, then they leave them to die. Their timing is poor, for with the Reagan-Bush Estate we experienced more bank failures and bankruptcies than during the Great Depression, and the failures are increasing.

Trade Wars, Wars, Famines, and Plagues

The Reagan-Bush Estate idea was to let their children pay for their good times; well we're here and their debt is now due! The dynamics of the Multinationals created by this estate, our declining, burdened economy, our vandalized cities; regional despair throughout the world from habitat destruction; and desperate protectionist attempts to save local industries who will not be able to compete with Slave Labor, leaves nation posed against nation to protect their competitive position in the International marketplace. With poverty following in the path of the Multinational Corporate raids, ripe conditions are set for the cultivation of plagues, followed by famines. We recall how the Black Plague, following the Crusades, killed half the population in Europe from 1348-1350 A.D. The Spanish plague, carried out of the mires of World War I to America, killed in a few months over one million people! Today AIDS, new strains of Tuberculosis, etc., raid our streets with new opportunities! Like other plagues, they cherish the homeless, packed shelters and sloughs, and the victims of poor health and welfare programs. Frightened foreigners will call in our debt, more banks will fail, more money will be printed to support our collapsing dollar; the Multinationals will move their capital, and the US will be even more scuttled. O ye rich, where will ye hide?

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New rules. Our System must be overhauled (for patching our falling walls only weakened us). The multitudes of the homeless testify to our fallen state. There is certainty in our belief, my children, that an army of the poor will rise from the ashes of the Reagan-Bush Estate, and a New Estate will be born. As you cast off your bonds, children, remember the old teachings.


Postscript –

3.14.02 – The default we described for 1996 occurred right on target [to my surprise]. Oh ye of little faith, sluggards and doubters, ye are courting double trouble in 1998.

The hatred of American power has been expressed through the formation of Bin Laden's terrorist network which managed to have created the greatest indignity of our times: the bombing of the World Trade Center Towers in New York on September 11, 2001. The suicide bombers had made attempts before but this time used two jumbo jets with their crew and passengers, plunging them into the towers – and one other hit the Pentagon. In Palestine the Palestinians were cheering this indignity and since then have been strapping bombs on their men and women and sending them into crowds, busses and other places where one suicide can kill and maim the masses. These maniacs were preceeded by a like culture mentioned by the Crusader Joinville who about 1285 A.D. mentioned a group of Moslems called the Assasins. According to Joinville the Assasins believed that by killing and maiming the masses through suicide they would obtain a special place in paradise. The suicide homicides were honored back then and seem to be even more glorified among the misguided Palestinians.

A new enemy dedicated to world-wide terrorism now threatens all things civilized. Without the help of God we will not rid ourselves of the beast – a beast who throws inocent men, women and children to their death.

6.13.99 – Interest on the National Debt still continues to be the largest single outlay and to avoid further borrowing, which was instituted in 1995, the government continues to cut services. Ironically, every war since then seems to force even more cuts.

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