9/11/06 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns and vocabulary. Translation of the Siculian Script "F."
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Translation of the Siculian Script
(5th Century B.C.)

 by Mel Copeland
(from a work published in 1981)

About the Translation


This is a rework based upon Etruscan_Phrases.html, Glossary and Grammar.

This script is a little different from the other scripts. The character "V" is written upside down and has the value of "u." The "O" is represented as an "O" and compares to the Novilara Stele. The traditional "O = R" is characterized by a penant shape and the rarely used "D" in the other scripts appears here in the traditional "D" shape.


F1 grandfather to us I hold of the god Dis hi! To the country, you sail
F8 you have the situation, ai! of a young soldier of Rome
F13 the grandson second of the Romans to you yourself I go of Messina of the family
F21 To the god Ep of Eos, the goddess Dawn or morning, Nereus, name I laid out for burial so much
F26 you deserve the thing I incincerate, Brutus thine


 F1 NVNV Ce TENTIS HSA (ESA? EMA?) RVSTA INAS; Translation: [grandfather (L. m. nonno) to us (It. ce) I hold, preserve, endure (L. teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum) of the god Dis, here! hi!; to the country (L. rusticus-a-um, of the country, rural, rustic) you sail (L. inno-nare)]

F8 HE SITOS EI TIRV ROMNA [Translation: you have the site, situation (L. situs-us) woe! ai! (L. ai!, ei!) of a young soldier (L. tiro-onis) of Rome]

F13 NEPOS DV ROMHE SE ITO MES TIC [Translation: grandson (L. m. nepos-otis) the second/two (L. duo-ae) of the Romans you, yourself (L. se, sese) I go (L. ito-are); of Messana (L. Messana-ae, a town in Sicily on the straits between Italy and Sicily) of the family (Fr. tic, tige; Sanskrit, taka)]

F21 EP EOS NERES PONI TANTO; [Translation: to Ep (cherubim in Script DM, Divine_Mirror.html) of dawn (L. Eos) Neres, name (from L Nereus-eos and ei, a sea-god, father of the Nereids) I placed, lay out for burial (L. pono, ponere) by so much (L. tanto)]

F26 MERE RES CINO BRvTOS Y (Te) [Translation: you deserve (L. mereo and mereor); the thing (L. f. res, rei); I incinerate/burn (L. incendo-cendere-cend-census). Brutus, yours (L. tibi)]



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