12/11/06 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns and vocabulary – Translation of the inscription from Santa Marinella.
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Etruscan Phrases

Translation of the
Santa Marinella Inscription

by Mel Copeland



 th or ph  K
 u ,o  G, i  L


 G, I, F,V, O  G, I

V ,O



  S   S,Z  S  S






also interchanged with the V in the Zagreb Script



 L  B  b

(the loop is rare; see script PS)



 B  P  R  R  V,F,u, o  V,F,u  L  B  G



About the translation:


This appears to be the waistline of a female figure which has been damaged in particular in the area of the crotch. The Pyrgi gold tablets conclude with a comment about the controversy (polemic) over the goddess Aph. Aph appears to be Aphaea (Britomartis), an earlier Cretan goddess worshipped on the island of Aegina and in Sparta. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, aquired some of her features. Aph is also mentioned several times in the Tavola Eugubine, Script "N" in the context of fearing her. Gea is also mentioned and Gea is the Greek goddess who gave birth to the Furies and many monsters. The original function of the Furies (Latin) was to take out revenge through curses on those who harm one or one's family. It may be that Aph has some of these characteristics.


APH-1 to Jan (the two-headed god Janus?) you accompany
APH-3 truly the goddess Themis ... I join together the oath of her
APH-7 they ordain by Thetis...by which I warn; she seeks as
APH-18 the way?................the god Morpheus
APH-22 (unreadable)
APH-25 and I have him not she rejects
APH-29 the boundary...I make of him



APH-1 (preceeded by 6 shields carrying each five dots) IAN KVMITE Translation: to Jan (the two headed god, Janus?) you accompany / attend (L. comitor-are)]

APH-3 VNIATEIA THEME TIPESSV KVNASA [Translation: Uni (L. Juno, Gr. Hera) the goddess (L. deus, dea, diva) at / to (L. a) Themis (Gr. goddess of order, mother of the Seasons, Order, Justice, Peace and the Fates) or the theme (Lat. thema-atis) of the models, types (L. (L. typus-i; It. tipo; Fr. type; Gr. typos, Polish, typ) I sew / join together (L. suo, suere, sui, sutum) the oath (L. coniuro-are), or alternatively to suck (L. sugo, sugere) indeed, truly (L. nae); herself ]

APH-11 AVLES IN THESI or THETI EPE MVNV RARA KVM; [Translation: of the lords (L. aule, prince's court) in (L. in) Thetis? (Gr. Nereid, mother of Achilles through Zeus; Themis or Prometheus had warned Zeus that any son of Thetis would surpass his father), or alternatively, the thesis (L. thesis-is) (EPE MVNV – unreadable text – to warn? (L. moneo-ere); seldom (L. ras, in the way of]

APH-18 E PIRAS (TIRAS?) T _ N _ _ _ _ FERMVRFE N _ [Translation: out of, from (L. e, ex) Piras, Tiras, name, Tyre? (L. Tyrus-us)– unreadable text) I carry (L. fero, ferre) Morpheus (L. Morpheus-eos, m. the god of dreams) (text unreadable)]

APH-22 EF NVNA _ _ _ _ _ _ _NVN THENA T_ [Translation: (unreadable) not (L. non [old forms] noenum, noenu] not, non) (unreadable) not / no (L. non) he holds (L. teneo-tenere, tenui, tentum] or alternatively, a name, Thena (Theonoë? daughter of Proteus, king of Egypt who succeeded Pharo. Hermes is believed to have taken Helen to Proteus for safekeeping during the Trojan War).

APH-27 _THV P _ _ _ _ _ _ _LNVN THENA [Translation: and (L. et) I have (L. habere)........ not (L. non [old forms] noenum, noenu] not, non) Thena (Theonoë? daughter of Proteus, king of Egypt who succeeded Pharo. Hermes is believed to have taken Helen to Proteus for safekeeping during the Trojan War)]

APH-29 VR_ _ _ _ _ NAFAC IL S [Translation: the boundary (L. ora-ae, f.) (unreadable) _ _ I make/do (L. facio, facere, feci, factum) of him (L. il, ille, is, eius, illius, suus-a-um)]








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