9/10/06 Etruscan Phrases showing Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns and vocabulary. Translation of the Novilar Script "L".
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Translation of the Novilara Script
(5th-4th Century B.C.)

 by Mel Copeland
(from a work published in 1981)


About the Translation


The words are selected from the Etruscan_Phrases_a.html, Etruscan Glossary. You can access other scripts through the bottom frame. This script was found near Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast. This script uses characters similar to the Osco-Umbrian scripts. The V is a V with a vertical dash above it. The script is being revisited, with changes, based upon the glossary. Changes are based upon an enhanced image using photoshop. Some characters are difficult to read.

L1 Mimni, name; he joined together as far as, whereby Ares the greedy, covetous
L7 of the followers of the goddess Athene the sheep we bear, produce or alternatively, we purify
L10 Polem, he, it, Airon, name, lofty? of the head
L14 the sister you gave up, betrayed I take possession of, throw into, occassion of the king
L20 the god rich, wealthy I pull pull, drag of yours Ipa (unknown word) the daughter-in-law of TN (abbreviation forTini?)
the mud, mire, clay of it, that person or thing health/welfare to this they perish
L31 of the aspect, face I rotate god? Medea? to such a degree I speak
L37 of the savior Merio_ _AL of Etna
L44 except, unless, if not the threads they expose, reveal L47 the Arno(s) valleys he holds to us the year
L52 I produce of you, yours the thrower of the trident Teleta, name?
L57 of the one Polem, name? of Deimus, saviors of the dawn, the East


L1 MIMNI SERVTCA ARES A8RA; [Translation: Mimni, name; he joined together (L. sero, serere, serui, sertum; seruit) as far as, whereby (L. qua) Ares (L. Ares-is) the greedy, covetous (L. avarus-a-um; adv. avare and avariter)

L7 ATHINEM VFLIN PARIE MVS or alternatively PVRIEMUS [Translation: of the followers of the goddess Athene the sheep (L. ovillus-a-um) we bear, produce (L. pario, parere, peperi, partum) or alternatively, we purify (L. purgo-are, to clean, cleanse, purify)]

L10 POLEM IS AIRONTET [Translation: Polem, he, it (L. is, ea, id) Airon, name, lofty? (L. aerius [aereus]-a-um) of the head (L. tectum; It. tetto; Fr. toit)]

L14 SVR TRATI INIK RVI [Translation: the sister (L. soror-oris; It. suora; Fr. soeur; Tocharian, sar; Irish sier; Pers., xahar) you gave up, betrayed (L. trado [transdo]-dare; It. tradire; Fr. trahir) I take possession of, throw into, occassion (L. inicio-icere-ieci-iectum) of the king]

L20 TEIRICTRV TeIPA NVR TN [Translation: the god (L. deus, divus, di, divi, dea, diva; It. dio, dia; Fr. dieu, dieux, deese); rich, wealthy (L. dives-vetis; It. ricco; Fr. riche) I pull pull, drag (L. traho, trahere; It. attirare; Fr. tirer; Gr. trabo; Welsh, dragio) of yours (te) Ipa (unknown word) the daughter-in-law (L. nurus-us) TN (abbreviation forTini?)]

L27 LVTV IS THALVIS PERION FVL (FVL to next line) [Translation: the mud, mire, clay (L. lutum-i) of it, that person or thing (L. is, ea, id) health/welfare (L. salus-utis); to this (L. is, ea, id) they perish (L. pero-ire-ii and ivi, itum)]

L31 (FVL)TESROTEMTEVAITENTAM VR [Translation: of the aspect, face (L. vultus [voltus]-i) I rotate (L. roto-are; rotem, conj. 1st pers. present) god? (L. deus, divus, di, divi, dea, diva; It. dio, dia; Fr. dieu, dieux, deese) Medea? (L. Aeetine-es) to such a degree (L. tam) I speak (L. oro-are; Palaic, wer)]

L37 SOTER MERIO_ KAL ATNE [Translation: of the savior (L. soter-eris; It. salvatore; Fr. saveur)Merio (Merius?) _ _AL of Etna (L. Aetna-ae and Aetne-es)

L44 NISFILATOSPATENARN (ARN on line L47); [Translation: except, unless, if not (L. nisi) the threads (It. filato, m.; L. filum-i) they expose, reveal (L. pateo-are)]

L47 (ARN)VIS VALES (8ALES) TENA CeANASET (ET on line 52) [Translation: the Arno(s) valleys (L. valles-is; It. valle; Fr. val); he holds (L. teneo, tenere; It. tenere; Fr. tenir) to us (It. ce) the year (L. annus, anni; It. anno; Fr. An, année)]

L52 (ET)V TeIAKVI TRETEN TELETA V (V goes to line 57) [Translation: I produce (L. edo-edere-didi-ditum) of you, yours (L. tu, te, vos; It. te, to you; Fr. te, to you) the thrower (L. iacio, iacere; to throw; iaculator, thrower) of the trident (L. tridens-entis) Teleta, name?]

L57 (V)NEM POLEM (or POLES?)TIMV SOTRISEVS; [Translation: of the one (L. unnus-a-um, unius, uni, una; It. un, uno, una; Fr. Un, une; Welsh, un-au) Polem, name? of Deimus, (Gr. Deimus, fear, brother of Phobos, panic); saviors (L. soter-eris) of the dawn, the East (L. Eos, Gr. Eos)].

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