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12.22.04 Cassini-Huygens mission set to launch probe to Saturn's moon Titan

A report from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says, "The highlights of the first year of the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn can be broken into two chapters: first, the arrival of the Cassini orbiter at Saturn in June, and second, the release of the Huygens probe on Dec. 24, 2004, on a path toward Titan.

Artist's concept of Cassini releasing the Huygens probe to Titan (JPL)
The Huygens probe, built and managed by the European Space Agency (ESA), is bolted to Cassini and fed electrical power through an umbilical cable. It has been riding along during the nearly seven-year journey to Saturn largely in a "sleep" mode, awakened every six months for three-hour instrument and engineering checkups. In three days, it will be cut loose from its mother ship and will coast toward Saturn's moon Titan, arriving on Jan. 14, 2005.

"As partners with ESA, one of our obligations was to carry the Huygens probe to Saturn and drop it off at Titan," said Robert T. Mitchell, Cassini program manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "We've done the first part, and on Christmas Eve we will release Huygens and tension-loaded springs will gently push it away from Cassini onto a ballistic free-fall path to Titan."

Once freed from Cassini, the Huygens probe will remain dormant until the onboard timer wakes it up shortly before the probe reaches Titan's upper atmosphere on Jan. 14. Then it will begin a dramatic plunge through Titan's murky atmosphere, tasting the chemical makeup and composition as it descends to touch down on its surface.

12.22.04 Iraqi children freezing; hospitals raising fees, have broken windows, no heat, no water, lots of corruption

At least 16 children in Iraq have died during one of the coldest spells hitting the country in years. In Baghdad a family of six froze to death on Monday night. Acute fuel shortages have exacerbated conditions for Iraqi families as temperatures drop below zero at night. The interim government, as has been the case during other crises, is oblivious to the suffering. Hospital sources say the number of casualties will rise dramatically if the spell continues and there is no immediate solution to the fuel crisis. Fuel is in short supply and heating fuel is getting scarcer and scarcer in a country endowed with the worldıs second largest reserves of oil. Government officials refused to comment on whether they had any plans in mind to provide emergency help.

U.N. and non-governmental organizations usually come to the aid of countries facing unprecedented cold spells. Local relief workers from the Red Crescent warn that the situation would deteriorate unless resources were made available to help vulnerable families prepare for this yearıs harsh winter. Those affected are some of Iraqıs poorest people as well as the refugees from Fallujah who are in urgent need of blankets and warm clothes. Red Crescent doctors, who refused to be named, say respiratory diseases have spread among the refugees, particularly children.

In a separate story reports that Iraqi hospitals and clinics are worse than during Saddam Hussein's regime. There is wide-spread corruption, medical staff flee in fear for their lives, hospitals have no heat, no water and fees charged by private doctors and hospitals have soared and are currently beyond the reach of most Iraqis. []

12.22.04 US locks down Mosul after bombing of US mess tent

BAGHDAD, Dec. 22 – (AP) U.S. troops backed by armored vehicles swept through virtually empty streets of Mosul amid an undeclared curfew in Iraq's third largest city Wednesday, a day after an insurgent strike on a nearby base killed 22 people and wounded dozens in one of the deadliest attacks on American troops since the war began. The military was investigating whether a bomb was planted at the mess tent in Forward Operating Base Marez, where the blast sprayed shrapnel as U.S. soldiers sat down to lunch Tuesday. Initial reports said a 122 mm rocket ripped through the tent's ceiling. [Associated Press and Reuters]

12.22.04 Saddam bids to challenge case in US

Robert Winnett reports that Saddam Hussein is preparing a legal challenge in America to his trial for war crimes, according to leaked papers prepared by his defence team...The leaked brief, entitled ³The Iraqi Special Tribunal as Victorsı Justice – the Inherent Illegality and Bias of the whole Process," argues that US law should prevail in the case because the trial is effectively being taken at the behest of the Americans...It continues: ³Legally, the United States is bound to ensure that Saddam Hussein has counsel since the US has exclusive control over him, and the denial of such access to counsel leaves the US legally liable for the deprivation of his civil rights.² [More>>]

12.22.04 Microsoft to issue stripped-down Windows in Europe

Microsoft Corp. Wednesday said it will alter its Windows operating system sold in Europe and release more information about how its programs work after it lost a legal bid to postpone sanctions imposed by European regulators for allegedly violating antitrust laws. Revealing the inner workings of Microsoft programs could expose many of the world's computers to new attacks, lawyers for Microsoft had argued. Microsoft will market a stripped-down version of Windows, without its digital media player. [More>> and; for the court ruling, etc. see]

12.21.04; 12.22.04 Update – US base in Mosul attacked; 22 killed

An attack on a mess-hall, which occurred about noon, killed 22 US and Iraqi troops and wounded 72. It is the deadliest single attack against the US since the start of the Iraqi War. [Associated Press; Update at]

12.21.04 Bush renews threats against Syria

US President George Bush has threatened to use new economic and diplomatic measures to pressure Syria over its suspected interference in Iraq before January elections. "We have sent messages to the Syrians in the past and we will continue to do so. We have tools at our disposal - a variety of tools, ranging from diplomatic tools to economic pressure. Nothing's taken off the table," Bush told a news conference. The president is reviewing a wide range of options, including freezing the assets of high-ranking Syrian government officials, US officials said. Bush said he had discussed with American generals "whether or not there are former Saddam loyalists in Syria ... funnelling money to the insurgents."

"We ought to be working with the Syrian government to prevent them from either sending money and/or support of any kind," he added.

12.21.04 UN General Assembly criticizes Iran's human rights violations

LONDON, Dec. 21 – The UN General Assembly on Monday criticized the human rights situation in Iran in a relatively close vote that lashed out at citing new restrictions on freedom of expression and the persecution of political and religious dissenters.

The assembly, which contains all 191 UN member states and is not legally binding but reflects global opinion, approved the resolution 71-54 with 55 abstentions. The measure was sponsored by Canada.

12.21.04 World Bank offers carrot to Palestinians

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Visiting World Bank chief James Wolfensohn said on Tuesday Palestinians could expect an extra $500 million a year in vital aid if violence stopped and there was progress towards peace with Israel. Outside funding currently runs at about $900 million a year. [More>>]

12.21.04 Terror victims sue Arab bank

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Terror victims filed a multibillion-dollar lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday accusing Arab Bank of supporting Palestinian suicide bombings, lawyers said. Attorneys for plaintiffs said the Jordanian bank was complicit in a "campaign of genocide" by converting funds raised in Saudi Arabia into U.S. dollars and moving the money to branches in the West Bank and Gaza, where it is withdrawn by families of militants and by the militant group Hamas. The suit was the second lodged against the bank, based in Amman, Jordan, with more than 400 branches in 25 countries. [More>>]

12.21.04 Judge nixes guilty plea of AOL spammer

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge refused to accept a guilty plea Tuesday from a former America Online software engineer accused of stealing 92 million e-mail addresses and selling them to spammers. Judge Alvin Hellerstein of Manhattan federal court said he was not convinced Jason Smathers, 24, had actually committed a crime under new federal "can-spam" legislation that took effect earlier this year. [More>> via]

12.21.04 Yukos auctioned to 2-day-old company; owners unknown

Group MENATEP announced yesterday that it would prosecute the buyer of 77 percent of the shares of Yuganskneftegaz. But for the time being, the company cannot file a single suit – company representatives admitted they didn't know who was behind the winner of Sunday's auction. Government officials refused to disclose information on who is in fact the real owner of OOO Baikal Finance Group, and Yuganskneftegaz's new owner is in no hurry to publicize itself. [More>>]

12.21.04 India joins the US and Russia in supersonic missile technology

New Delhi Dec. 21 – In a major technological feat, India today successfully carried out for the first time a test firing of the supersonic cruise land-to-land missile Brahmos in the Pokhran test range in Rajasthan, becoming the only country outside the US and Russia to acquire the capability. The missile has a 290 km range. [More>>]

12.21.04 Four suspected al-Qaeda operatives arrested

LAHORE, Dec. 20 – Police on Monday claimed arresting four suspected Al Qaeda operatives, including a close associate of top terrorist Abu Fraj, allegedly involved in two attempts on the life of President Pervez Musharraf.

The arrested men belonged to banned organizations Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and Harkat Al Jihad Islami and had been working for the Al Qaeda network for some years, Lahore police chief (investigation) Chaudhry Shafqaat Ahmad said at a press conference.

One of the accused, Malik Tehsin alias Abdul Jabbar of Rawalpindi, had been a close aide to Abu Fraj, the mastermind of the two assassination attempts with a Rs250 million bounty on his head...The police chief also alleged that the four men had been working to reorganize the terror network in Lahore, and they had been on a looting spree to raise funds for their operations.

12.21.04 United States attacking itself from behind

An article by George Monbiot - The Guardian, Dec. 22, makes a point not all Americans can see as easily as foreigners: a view of America attacking itself from behind. It's a progressive situation where America's monsters are invented in a lab and emerge from the lab to wreak havoc. I'd like to comment on his view.

Vietnam involved such a laboratory-invented device. Theorists devised the idea that Communism would spread like a virus from nation to nation, eventually bringing down Capitalism and the American democratic way of life. To counter this threat the United States espoused the "Domino Theory." Believing that the virus had to be stopped in Vietnam and failure to do so would result in Southeast Asia falling to Communism as falling dominos, the United States went to war in Vietnam. The US lost the war, after an eight-year struggle (1964-1972). There were no falling dominos, and we learned that each nation has its own identity and the nations of Southeast Asia have established their own forms of government and relationships to suit their needs. Vietnam not only cost America enormous sums of money ( $346.7 billion ) and 211,000 dead and wounded (see, it ruined the American image. No longer was America a nation ruled by democratic values and Constitutional Law, it became something in conflict with those principles. For instance, it waged an eight-year war in Vietnam without a formal declaration of war, an Act of Congress, according to its Constitution; and it became a meddler in world politics, subverting nations that do not suit American needs. It became a nation that consumes and wastes the most energy, a nation that has the most deleterious effect on the earth's climate, and dominated by monstrous companies launches wars for oil. It conducts wars without regard to International Law and its own Constitutional Law.

During the Cold War era the United States invented nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to counter theoretical weapons of the Soviet Union and China. The race to develop weapons of mass destruction resulted in an American win. The Soviet Union collapsed, leaving missiles and weapons in the former Soviet republics. To appreciate the extent of this problem, Presidential candidate George McGovern (1972) complained that the United States
had 3,000 nuclear warheads but only about 1,800 missiles to carry them. America back then had developed weapons of mass destruction on a scale that exceeded America's ability to deliver. Think of it: stockpiles of warheads that could never be delivered. Back then the United States assumed the worst case scenario, called then, "overkill." At the same time the Soviet Union – it has been assumed – had similar plans.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union weapons storage areas in former Soviet Republics have been discovered and now draw international concern that the weapons could get into the hands of terrorists. The former Soviet Republics – like Georgia – have expressed that they don't have the means to clean up what the Soviets left behind. What the United States is doing with regard to the identification and disposal of such weapons of mass destruction is unknown. In any event, what America helped create is now at our rear.

Monbiot addresses in his article scratches the surface of the area where monsters created by the US are lurking. Monbiot begins:

"I have a persistent mental image of US foreign policy, which haunts me even in my sleep. The vanguard of a vast army is marching around the globe, looking for its enemy. It sees a mass of troops in the distance, retreating from it. It opens fire, unaware that it is shooting its own rear.

Is this too fanciful a picture? Both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were groomed and armed by the United States. Until the invasion of Iraq, there were no links between the Ba'athists and al-Qaida: now Bush's government has created the monster it claimed to be slaying.

The US army developed high-grade weaponised anthrax in order, it said, to work out what would happen if someone else did the same. No one else was capable of producing it: the terrorist who launched the anthrax attacks in 2001 took it from one of the army's laboratories. Now US researchers are preparing genetically modified strains of smallpox on the same pretext, and with the same likely consequences.

The Pentagon's space-based weapons programme is being developed in response to a threat which doesn't yet exist, but which it is likely to conjure up. The US government is engaged in a global war with itself. It is like a robin attacking its reflection in a window...
In February, a leaked report from the Pentagon revealed that it sees global warming as far more dangerous to US interests than terrorism. As a result of abrupt climate change, it claimed, "warfare may again come to define human life... As the planet's carrying capacity shrinks, an ancient pattern re-emerges: the eruption of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies. The nuclear powers are likely to invade each other's territories as they scramble for diminishing resources." [More>>]
Mel Copeland

12.20.04 2001 "Yoo memo" justifies war on Iraq & unlimited presidential power

Justice Department lawyer John Yoo wrote a 15 page memo outlining the President's powers against terrorism that became the framework under which President Bush launched the war in Iraq. Yoo is now a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley. The title of the memo says all: "The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations against Terrorists and Nations Supporting Them." According to a Dec. 18 article by Newsweek, The memo was only recently posted on an obscure portion of the Web site of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. The memo argues that there are effectively "no limits" on the president's authority to wage war – a sweeping assertion of executive power that some constitutional scholars say goes considerably beyond any that had previously been articulated by the department. [More>>Newsweek]

A link to the John Yoo article is at: For other opinions go to the Office of Legal Council index: The actual article, The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations against Terrorists and Nations Supporting Them, dated September 25, 2001, can be read at: Later arguments in expanding the President's powers are experessed in a Yoo-Delahunty December 28,2001 Philbin/Yoo memo on Possible Habeas Jurisdiction over aliens held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and a January 9, 2002 memo, in four parts, entitled, Application of Treaties and Laws to al-Quaeda and Taliban Detainees. The December 28 and January 9 memos are in pdf format and may be read at:

Many of President Bush's statements post-9/11 – and leading up to his invasion of Iraq – reflect conclusions proffered by the Yoo memorandums which give unlimited power to the President of the United States. Bush is above all governments – including the US government – and all international law, according to the Yoo advocacy; as confirmed in President Bush's and his administration's statements and behavior. President Bush has been recognized by Time magazine as "Man of the Year," and it is anticipated that historians will remember how Bush trashed the US Constitution and International Law in this context.

12.19.04 Indo-Pak delegation to South Asia from West to deliver peace message

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 – A 30-member Joint Indo-Pak Peace and Goodwill Mission of expatriate Pakistanis and Indians living in the US, Canada and Britain, will embark on a visit to Pakistan and India, from December 27. "It is for the first time that such an effort is being undertaken by individuals of Indian and Pakistani origin living outside their homelands, who passionately feel for South Asia's peace, prosperity and stability," Coordinator of the visit, John Prabhudoss, chairman, Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America, told newsmen at a local hotel... Our purpose, he stated, is to interact at the grass roots level and stimulate understanding.

The mission statement said: "we, the people of Indian and Pakistani origin living in the western countries, take this responsibility seriously, and travel to the region to create goodwill, promote friendship, mutual understanding, peace and harmony between the people and the governments of India and Pakistan."

The composition of the delegation is: 15 from each side, and it includes Tufail Ahmad, John Prabhudoss, Ali Nawaz Memon, Samuel Mall, Jos Anthony Puthenveetil, Raju Rajgopal, Mohammad Rasheed Ahmed, Nilofer Ahsan, Tavishi Alagh, Dr. Tariq Cheema, Kartikeya Desai, Mohammad Imtiazuddin, Muhammad Shams Kazi, Shrikumar Poddar, Pritam Rohila, Rajseelan Sampson, Faizullah Khan, Suleman Mehtab, Dr. Nizamuddin, Vanita Sharma, Rati Tripathi, Azmat Yusuf and Mohammad Zeena.

12.19.04 China to build nuclear power plant in Pakistan; stronger economic ties

KARACHI, Dec. 18 – China will install a nuclear reactor at the Chashma-II nuclear power plant early next year, officials accompanying Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz during his visit to China told Dawn on Saturday...Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz flew back to the country on Saturday, concluding his four-day visit to China. Talking to newsmen aboard a special PIA plane, he said that China had agreed to establish large regional manufacturing bases in Pakistan.

"Previously, the economic relationship between China and Pakistan was based on the donor-recipient model. Now our ties have upgraded to partnership level."

12.19.04 EU moves to more independent role

BRUSSELS, Dec. 19 – As the world's largest regional bloc, the European Union (EU) has scored significant achievements in 2004 in building up its independent military capability, a process at the expense of US influence in the transatlantic military alliance. The EU's decade-long drive to develop its military muscle to back up its diplomatic weight took visible form as 7,000 peacekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina replaced their NATO shoulder tags with the EU's blue and gold colors.

The mission, which started on Dec. 2, marks the 25-nation bloc's largest and most complex operation to date. Now, the EU's military aspirations stretch much further as it seeks to erase its enduring image as an economic giant and a military midget. The military operation is seen as a crucial test of the military capabilities of EU nations, as well as their ability to act in unison, as the EU seeks to develop its own coherent military force independent of NATO.

If successful, it could pave the way for other such missions in areas where NATO has long borne the brunt of responsibility for collective security on the continent, for example in neighboring Kosovo... EU plans are under way to set up 13 battle groups, which are military units that can be deployed rapidly to deal with crisis around the world, by 2007, each with 1,500 troops. Also in the pipeline is a 60,000-strong rapid reaction force for bigger peacekeeping operations. "The battle groups are at the forefront of capability improvement, providing the EU with credible, rapidly deployable, coherent force packages capable of stand-alone operations, for the initial phase of larger operations," said an EU statement.

Besides, the EU announced in September that it will set up a gendarmerie force which will be operational in 2005. The force, to be headquartered in Italy, will be made up of 900 military policemen from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, and be financed by the contributing countries.

Although the EU has done a lot in enhancing its independent military role and capabilities, EU leaders have come to realize that Europe has lagged far behind the United States in armaments, intervention capabilities and abilities to cope with crisis.


12.18.04 Gaddafi waiting for Bush to fulfill promise

The Jerusalem Post obtained a copy of an interview to be aired on Italian TV of Libya's Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi complains that he gave up his nuclear weapons program in exchange for forthcoming rewards promised by President Bush that never came. "What kind of example does this set for Korea and Iran?" he asks. He addresses the issue of Palestine and Israel, saying that the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea is not big enough to support two countries – even if they are friends. He argues that they have to learn to live together as one country. He'd like to be leader of Italy. He says the Italians deserve a true democracy where there are no middlemen, etc. [More>>Jerusalem Post]

12.18.04 Gulf states hold their annual summit next week

The oil-rich Gulf states hold their annual summit next week amid a persistent threat from Islamic militants and growing differences between regional giant Saudi Arabia and its smaller neighbors. Leaders of the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, who will convene in Bahrain Dec. 20-21, are also expected to focus on developments in Iraq where landmark elections next month are set to empower the country's long oppressed Shiite majority, reinforcing the influence of Shiite Iran.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia criticized its smaller Gulf neighbors for forging separate economic and security agreements with foreign powers, accusing them of weakening Gulf solidarity.

In September, tiny Bahrain, which hosts the U.S. Fifth Fleet, signed a free-trade agreement with the United States. Kuwait, Oman and the U.A.E. are all also in the process of negotiating free-trade deals with the U.S.

12.14.04 Demonstrations planned against Saudi monarchy

Anti-monarchy protest marches planned for Riyadh and Jedda are expected to draw tens of thousands of supporters, according to their Saudi dissident organiser. Saad al-Faqih told on Tuesday that his radio stations – that reach over two thirds of the Saudi population - have been preparing for the demonstrations for over six weeks. "The Saudi regime is unreformable. This event will involve a series of civil activities whose purpose is clear – to remove the current regime," al-Faqih told [More>>Al-Jezeera]
12.10.04 Japan ends decades-old ban on military exports
12.08.04 Rumsfeld says, "You go to war with what you have."

Based upon TV broadcasts Wednesday, apparently the need to go to war in Iraq was so urgent President Bush could not plan on supplying the troops with necessary equipment and resources. The strategy revealed Wednesday in an appearance before our troops at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld now is, "You go to war with what you have." He said this in answer to a soldier's complaint at the briefing, having to do with soldiers still not having armor and forced to raid rusted debris to add armor to their vehicles and equipment. Although March will be the second anniversary of Bush's invasion, troops still don't have proper equipment. Rumsfeld explained that it is a matter of logistics. With reference to supplying armored Humvees Rumsfeld said America can't build them fast enough. Let's face it, the 250 tons of ammunition that came up missing – after Bush's army rushed by Saddam Hussein's unguarded armories heading to Baghdad to secure the oil ministry – might possibly be the reason why America can't keep up with the demand for armored Humvees.
Mel Copeland



12.16.04 President Bush looking at deficit as cause of weak dollar
12.16.04 Bush urges Social Security reform
12.14.04 US Trade Deficit hits new record
12.12.04 Feds are expected to hike rates up for the fifth time this year; won't be enough though
12.07.04 Interest for 2004 exceeded outlays for essential Bush administration departments
12.09.04 President Bush rules out hike in payroll tax to fund Social Security
12.09.04 Asian markets down – consumer confidence reaches four-year low in South Korea
China to move to flexible currency (yuan, aka RMB)
12.08.04 Iraq War troops give up jobs at home to serve Bush – become homeless after service
12.07.04 Heavy sell-off of US dollar in Shanghai
President Bush plans to borrow $1 trillion more to fund Social Security
12.06.04 Collapse of US dollar may give China's yuan the edge as world currency
12.03.04 US National Debt reduction a priority for Senator Feinstein
12.04.04 Tokyo Finance Minister loses sleep over dollars but still buying
12.03.04 Empty promises – Social Security benefits not sustainable
12.02.04 US moves bases; Bush leaves Koizumi holding the bag for East Asian Security; Franks shrugged
12.04.04 Japanese government studying proposal for offensive "first strike" weapons
12.01.04 Dollar drops, oil prices rise
12.01.04 Morgan Stanley's chief Asian economist warns against devaluing China's currency
11.30.04 "The dollar is depreciating and it is not managed," complains Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao
11.30.04 Economic growth in 2005 will be sluggish due to oil prices
11.28.04 Asia complains about falling dollar and US has no savings
11.27.04 Bush administration has new idea on funding American kids' retirement: borrow the money!
11.26.04 US dollar climbed above $1.32 to the euro and fell again against the yen
11.25.04 Russian Central bank concerned over US dollar demise
11.14.04 US September Bond sales a flop
11.14.04 Editorial by Priscilla Penwright, China hogging the oil not fair to America
11.26.04 Anti-dumping law may cut exports of American hogs
11.19.04 "US must cut record budget deficit or face painful consequences," said Greenspan to Bankers
10.30.04 Central Asia and Caucasus conference held October 12-13, 2004 – US "me-only" approach; New Great Game
11.18.04 US unilateralist position may leave it out in the cold
11.01.04 (Trend Story) Central Asian Common Market and the critical role of Afghanistan


12.17.04 Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu Ghraib
British judge says holding detainees without trial violates human rights laws
12.16.04 Rumsfeld under attack from right
12.10.04 Ex-CIA agent says sacked for not faking Iraq WMD reports
12.05.04 US accused of eliminating witnesses to Iraqi attacks
12.08.04 US Democratic Transformation of the Middle East coming under attack
12.06.04 President Musharraf of Pakistan says world less safe after Iraq invasion
12.05.04 Bush arrested for War Crimes on November 29 trip to Canada
12.01.04 Fallujah the 21st century Guernica?
11.30.04 Rumsfeld facing war crimes case in Germany & petition for victims filed with OAS
11.28.04 Protesters to attend Bush Inaugural Jan. 20; War Crimes complaint against Bush
11.27.04 Human Rights group accuses Bush administration of genocide in Iraq
9.16.04 President Bush launches illegal war
11.01.04 Washington has opened a Pandora's box, intensifying ethnic and religious conflicts


12.12.04 Latest talks on Kashmir hold promise
12.06.04 Prime Minister Blair refuses to mediate Kashmir dispute
12.04.04 Musharraf says talks with India on Kashmir "moving well"
12.01.04 Musharraf repeats position: Kashmir and Palestine disputes ripe for solution
11.26.04 President Musharraf sees common solutions in the disputes in Kashmir and Palestine
12.04.04 Indian Prime Minister Singh's response to Musharraf


12.18.04 Afghan warlord assets frozen
Neoconservatives on the way to Damascus
12.17.04 Syria & Iran rebut Iraqi minister's charge
12.16.04 Iraq accuses Syria and Iran of backing terror
12.16.04 US man involved in smuggling arms to Israel and possibly Iran
12.14.04 US War games to invade Iran
12.13.04 UN atomic watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei says Iran's nuclear program not a threat
12.12.04 Iran looking to Russia to build nuclear power-plants
12.10.04 Singapore and Iran looking to closer ties
12.09.04 Pakistani scientist's link to nuclear technology sales to Iran
12.07.04 Yawar warns Iran against meddling in Iraqi election
12.07.04 Al-Quaeda members tried and convicted in Iran
12.03.04 US continues to rattle sabres at Iran
12.02.04 Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's office & the "Iran's secrets to Israel" papers
11.30.04 Iran's freezing of uranium enrichment activites verified by IAEA
11.29.04 Bush administration rattling sabers over Iran nuclear agreement
11.28.04 Suicide mission recruiters more active in Iran – 30, 000 recruits
11.14.04 Iran agr
ees to suspend uranium enrichment.
10.31.04 Iran signs $70 Billion energy contract with China


12.18.04 Yukos affair a test of Bush imperialism
12.17.04 Yukos sale proceeding despite court ruling
12.12.04 Cold War being revisited by Bush administration?
12.12.04 Russian-Chinese strategic partnership
Russia and Spain partnership prospects
12.08.04 US Colin Powell and Russian Sergey Lavrov verbally duke it out over Ukraine – conference scuttled
12.08.04 Elections in Iraq unimaginable under occupation by foreign troops, says Putin
12.08.04 Turkey economically strategic to Russia
Russian President Putin accuses US of dictatorial foreign policy
12.04.04 Russia and India sign strategic partnership
12.04.04 Russian & American bases in Kyrgyzstan growing
12.01.04 New oil deal between India and Russia in the making
12.01.04 Russia announces ambitious space program
12.01.04 Russia rolls out new naval ships
11.29.04 Russia tests anti-missile system in Kazakhstan


12.17.04 China, Pakistan to strengthen defense ties
12.14.04 China arresting internet news reporters
12.12.04 China miffed over Japan's new military focus; 32 years of Sino-Japanese relations at stake
12.12.04 Japan cutting capital cooperation projects in China
12.09.04 EU looking to lift arms ban to China
12.09.04 Good news for San Francisco: Chinese tourists may be on the way – but some bad news
12.08.04 Chinese Prime Minister arrives in the Hague for summit with EU
12.08.04 EU and China sign strategic partnership
12.05.04 German Chancellor on three-Day trip to China to deepen "strategic partnership"
11.01.04 China's reliance on imported oil grows


12.18.04 Bugging device found in Salon Français of United Nations
Friends of the Earth Europe ask EU to get rough with US over Kyoto Treaty


12.18.04 US spent $65 million to fund Ukrainian opposition groups
Bush signs 9/11 intelligence reform
2.14.04 Crown Prince of Dubai says "change or lose power"
12.06.04 Kurds in southeastern Turkey want their requests met before EU admits Turkey
12.13.04 Convention on Climate Change starts in Buenos Aires
12.13.04 FBI in disorder
12.13.04 US forces detain Khan of Kalat and his "hunting party"
12.12.04 Korea uneasy over Japan's new military focus; fears of arms race
12.12.04 Saddam's illegal oil trade to Syria, Jordan and Turkey
12.10.04 Fatwas – edicts issued by Islamic clerics – getting out of hand
North East Asian countries uneasy with Bush administration direction – fear another Iraq
President Karzai of Afghanistan declares Holy War on drug trade
12.09.04 Moqtada al-Sadr left off Sistani's electoral list
12.08.04 Israeli soldiers admit having killed 15-year-old Palestinian for sport
12.06.04 Eight soldiers plan to sue over Army's Stop-Loss policy
12.08.04 Oil producing governments in Mideast getting rich while their people starve
12.08.04 Eritrea in fourth year of drought Somalia suffering from drought; both ignored
12.07.04 US CDC forcasts on global warming grim
12.07.04 Situation deteriorating in Iraq says CIA
12.06.04 US Environmental Protection Agency may become more lenient to polluters
12.05.04 Saudi unified front breaking up
12.04.04 Confusion makes aid workers in Iraq sitting ducks
12.03.04 French Prime Minister acts to stop Hizbullah TV; anti-Semitism increasing in Europe
12.02.04 Austrailia refuses to sign non-aggression pact
12.01.04 Not to forget the hate merchants
12.02.04 Solving the problem in Cyprus is a key to peace in the EU
12.01.04 European heatwaves increasing
12.01.04 Japanese minister wants Security Council over-hauled
11.30.04 United Nations to be restructured
11.26.04 America's soft underbelly, her ports, are enormous targets
11.26.04 India plagued by separatist groups
11.26.04 Japan still miffed over Chinese oil wells off coast
11.26.04 South Korea's nuclear developments a concern to IAEA and China
11.22.04 Saudis expanding Islamic schools in South Asia
11.24.04 Syria wants to have "unconditional" negotiations with Israel
11.17.04 Forty-seven Iraqi groups protest forthcoming January election in Iraq
11.16.04 Bin Laden's mountain fortress?
11.16.04 Wanted militant Mehsud meets with Pakistani commander
11.14.04 Terrorist leader Abdullah Mehsud released from Guantanamo; continues terrorist activity
11.16.04 Kurdistan leaning heavily towards independence from Iraq
11.15.04 US wants to redefine security treaty with Japan
11.15.04 US troops round up prominent imams of the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS)
11.13.04 Landmark decision against US-based fund raisers for terrorist organization Hamas
11.11.04 Bush II adopts Hama Rules One thing leads to another. An interesting article by Charles Glass [11.09.04 article in ; also carried by] compares the US assault on Fallujah to the Syrian assault on a rebel stronghold of Hama, Syria in the spring of 1982.
11.01.04 US soldiers pull out of the demilitarized zone (DMZ)


11.22.04 (11.26.04; 11.30.04; 12.08.04 Updates) US twin deficits are causing Japanese jitters: the story behind the collapse of the dollar

This is an ongoing article. We received a response from Senator Diane Fienstein which we cuddled midst a general review of the historic repeat of Deficits from father to son: Bush I to Bush II.

While this story has been breaching for several weeks, it will continue to be a big item in the news until the world press loses interest in the money others are losing. So we're keeping it at the top of the page.

The Bush administration's deficits in both trade and fiscal budget – the Twin Deficits –are dragging down world economies. Both deficits are largely responsible for the plunge in the value of the dollar. In Japan the plunge has lasted 55 months. The Bush administration's policies have caused the yen to appreciate for the past 55 months. While the Bush administration publicly supports a strong dollar, it is reportedly accepting the weakening dollar, since a weakened dollar makes US goods and services better buys on the foreign market.

Says Yomiuri Shimbun,
[] "The yen's sharp appreciation is fueling concerns over the nation's economic recovery. But the market direction is unlikely to change soon as the recent yen appreciation is closely related to U.S. trade and fiscal deficits...According to estimates of the Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute Inc., Japan's gross domestic product will drop by 0.4 percent annually if the 100 yen-to-the-dollar level continues for a year."

Decline in dollar to the Japanese yen and euro
* January 1, 2002 the euro was first put into circulation.
© 2004 Mel Copeland
Jan. year
yen to dollar / ($)
euro to dollar / ($)
George H. W. Bush
146.25 ($.0068)
George H. W. Bush
124.5 ($.0075)
George H. W. Bush
125.4 ($.0080)
William J. Clinton
112.5 ($.0079)
William J. Clinton
112.5 ($.0088)
William J. Clinton
100.52 ($.0099)
.816 ($1.22)
William J. Clinton
103.92 ($.0095)
.780 ($1.28)
William J. Clinton
115.49 ($.0086)
.807 ($1.25)
William J. Clinton
132.4 ($.0075)
.913 ($1.10)
William J. Clinton
112.15 ($.0089)
.846 ($1.18)
William J. Clinton
101.7 ($.0098)
.984 ($1.01)
George W. Bush
114.26 ($.0087)
1.05 ($.95)
George W. Bush
132.02 ($.0076)
1.11 ($.90) *
George W. Bush
119.86 ($.0083)
.96 ($1.04)
George W. Bush
106.95 ($.0093)
.79 ($1.26)
George W. Bush
Nov. 18, 2004
104.23 ($.0097)
.77 ($1.29)
In general, based upon the complaints coming in from overseas concerning the decline in the value of the US dollar and comparing rates since 1990 we can see a trend, where the Bush economics (Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush) have not been healthy for the United States, Europe and Japan. The former Bush, in fact, caused a major world-wide recession, beginning in Europe and surfacing in Indonesia. While we experienced years of economic stability under Clinton, the irresponsible deficit spending policies now continued from father to son (George H. W. to George W.) give no promise of prosperity in the coming years.

The US deficit, being the source of the declining dollar, perpetuates further debt and increases interest rates and inflation. About half of the US $6 Trillion debt is owned by foreign investors (primarily banks). When investors redeem their bonds in a period when the dollar is declining, as is the case in the two Bush administrations, they lose money on their investment in US bonds. This causes potential buyers of US bonds to back out of the US bond market. When buyers back away from the US bond market, the US has to raise interest rates to draw them back into the market. Following the increase in the prime rate, mortgages and other loan rates increase.

The greatest fear in international exchange is inflation. Foreign interests who own the US public debt – who cash in five year bonds today– will lose about 35% on their investment. Historic yen and euro rates compiled in the "Decline in dollar to yen" table are from

The National Debt is an exponential debt. The adding of interest, plus continued borrowing / sales of US Bonds, compounds the debt. The debt takes on the form of a "J" curve. President Bush claims that he will "halve the debt," presumably in the next four years. The Clinton years, 1993-2000, represented the most fiscally responsible administration since Nixon (see "Running a government with a credit card" below). During Clinton's term Congress had adapted and applied a "pay as you go" process, preventing further borrowing to fund the government and actually paid down the National debt through their diligence. The dedication of Congress and the President during the Clinton years is not present in the current administration of Bush II, and reducing the deficit, let alone the National Debt, would seem improbable. It appears that the National Debt has reached a point of no return, where interest on the debt alone will consume any efforts to retire the debt. The debt from 1974 through 2009 (the data are current as of 11.22.04, from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB); the years 2004 - 2009 are OMB estimates) look like this:

"J" Curve of the National Debt through 2009. Years 2004 through 2009 are estimated by the US Government:, and listed below. Inserted in this table is an "Annual Deficit and Surplus" chart (the image curiously resembles a dragon). For charts on expenditures and deficits from President Wilson to the present click here, "Review of the presidencies." The National Debt above can be compared to my 1993 J Curve projection from Duty & Profit, a conversation with Wm. F. Buckley Jr. Total receipts in 2004 were forecasted at just less that $2 trillion – the US income is about 27% of expenditures, using Federal data. Note that a large part of the deficits during the Reagan-Bush I and Bush II years comes from interest on the debt! This compounding debt can only be resolved by paying down the principal of the debt – which Clinton recently attempted and Bush II cannot do. A government that borrows without the intention to pay off the principal of the loan can only be headed one way: the interest on the debt will consume budgeted outlays and represent an ever larger part of expenditures, eventually causing the government to default on the loan. This results in a decline in public and private investment, as happened in the years of Bush I. An example of interest consuming outlays was during the Bush I administration in 1992: the Department of Defense was budgeted ~$270 billion. Interest paid out that year exceeded $292 billion. A comparable situation exists today. Another issue involves "Debt vs % of GDP." The issue is distracting, in my opinion, since all debts reduce to one principle: if one does not pay off the principal of a loan one will be bankrupted. A comprehensive review of the Debt vs percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is at: A good chart on the Federal deficit vs percent of GDP is at: Links on the Public Debt are at the Federal Bureau of Public Debt site:

The National Debt data are as follows: US Office of Budget & Management – National Debt

A forty-year amortization table on a loan of $5 trillion (double everything for a loan of $10 trillion) at 7% interest:

Amortization Table for a loan of $5 trillion over 40 years @ 7% interest. Double the amount for the Bureau of Budget forecast of a $10 trillion debt by year 2009. (Click on chart for larger image.) On $5 trillion the annual payment would be about $1 billion per day; $2 billion per day on $10 trillion. Compare to the actual interest paid on the US debt, i.e., year #1 @ $375,045 billion principal & interest versus the actual interest only payments in 2004 of $321,566 billion. Perhaps the principal that was not paid over the years should be collected from the Bush family and Regean estates who ripped us off so to put a stop to this kind of irresponsible financial leadership.

Interest on the Public Debt. Compare interest paid against the Amortization Table on the left.

It is no wonder that foreign governments are concerned about the decline in the dollar. Americans should have studied some basic fundamentals in home financing It is no wonder that foreign governments are concerned about the decline in the dollar. Americans should have studied some basic fundamentals in home financing and not allowed their spendthrift President to get out of hand. Then again, there is hope that Americans will start to pay attention to their accounts and those they elected to manage them. Total receipts estimated in the Federal Budget for 2004 are just short of $2 trillion." Growth in receipts. – Total receipts in 2004 are estimated to be $1922.0 billion, an increase of $85.8 billion or 4.7 percent relative to 2003. Receipts are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 7.0 percent between 2004 and 2008, rising to $2,520.9 billion. This growth in receipts is largely due to assumed increases in incomes resulting from both real economic growth and inflation." [2004 FEDERAL RECEIPTS AND COLLECTIONS, p. 57]

Actual interest on the US debt since 1996 averages just short of $1 billion per day. While in the administration of Bush I, the deficit each year was essentially the same amount as the interest on the debt (they were borrowing to pay the interest on the debt), under Bush II the $400 billion + yearly deficits exceed the interest on the debt.

Mel Copeland

In the beginning....

Bush taking too long to read "My Pet Goat" reader on 9/11.
Read full text.
Running a government using a credit card

This year's deficit caused by Bush will be a record deficit since Richard Nixon showed a surplus (in 1969). Bush calls Democrats "tax and spend liberals" when he and his father spent other people's money to run their governments! Who is it that has to pay for the deficit run up each year by a fiscally irresponsible President ? You do. You pay in several ways, since borrowed money is a worse tax on you and the economy than a legitimate tax. The National Debt is $7.4 Trillion as of 10.27.04. That debt is financed by the bond market. While the interest rates on bonds go up and down, generally the rates are affected through the Federal Reserve and supply and demand. Most of the debt during George Bush's administration (1989-1993) was carried by the G-7 Central Banks and a few others who could take large positions in the Bond Market like George Soros. Since supply and demand affect prices of bonds, the greater the supply of bonds, as in a period of excessive government borrowing, would ordinarily depress the price of bonds. To attract buyers, the Federal Reserve must raise interest rates. So when your mortgage loan goes up, owing to an increase in interest rates, its because of the Bush Borrowing: running a government on a credit card.

Since the government runs on borrowed money, the amount of the original loan (new in 2001) grows exponentially, in a curve called a "J" curve. During George Bush's years the deficit was essentially equal to the interest accumulated each year on the debt. That interest debt is added to the original loan amount causing the debt to grow [unpaid] until an effort is made to reduce the debt, paying down both principal and interest. Fearing a crash Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich announced in May 1995 that there would no longer be any borrowing on the debt. We would "pay as we go," a concept George W. Bush recently derided with reference to Kerry's attempt to restore the years of responsible government under President Clinton. Although Clinton was initially following the Bush Borrowing program – of running the government using a credit card – he converted to the Republican plan and paying down the debt became the great cause of his administration. The response from the economy was plain: it grew, became healthy, wealthy and wise. When you have savings you feel secure. When you have no savings and have trouble finding people to loan you money you feel insecure. Clinton stopped the insecurity of the Bush administration.

In 1993 I prepared a mortgage amortization table for the then $5 Trillion debt inherited from George Bush. At 7% interest a 40 year loan of that amount would result in the payment after 20 years of $6.4 Trillion in interest and $90 million in principal. After 40 years the debt would be paid off and total interest paid would be $10 Trillion.

Who makes money from Bush Borrowing are the wealthy. [More>>]

Why the Crusade & Jihad?

Without rehashing the history of Western Civilization in one paragraph, we can ascribe Christian and Jewish sentiments to defend Israel and to view America as the anointed of God (Allah, (2) in the Koran) to perceptions of pastors who spend more time feeding on the flock than feeding them. If the flock were fed properly it would not believe that it is just to kill on behalf of God. The Christian and Jewish scriptures all agree that vengeance belongs to God (i.e., as in Psalm 94.1), that the Warrior of God is a man of peace, just and charitable. I have always believed (and I know Jesus adhered to this old teaching) that if God wants to kill someone let him kill them himself. You don't need to be his agent, in my opinion. But you can assist in bringing peace to the world.

Sealed Golden Gate with the Dome of the Rock behind and a Muslim cemetery in the foreground may be the gateway to Peace in Jerusalem. It was where the priests and prophets of Israel gathered; called the Gate of Righteousness by the Prophets.

There is no doubt that during the Axis Age (600 B.C.) the great sages, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha and Jeremiah – later followed by Socrates – agreed that doing good and avoiding evil towards your fellow man was the answer. They all believed in the Golden Rule: Don't do to others that which you would not want done to you. Upon this one teaching all the teachings of the Bible rest.

Good news! The Koran says that everything in the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) and Gospel (New Testament) are true! As I pointed out many years ago in a conversation with Wm. F. Buckley Jr. in a series of books, including Philistia triumph thou because of me, there are points in the Koran upon which the Jews, Christians and Moslems can reconcile their disagreements, such as:

Koran, The Cow: And now that a Book confirming their own book has come to them from Allah, they deny it, although they know it to be the truth and have long prayed for help against the unbelievers...when it is said to them, 'Believe in what Allah has revealed,' they reply, 'We believe in what was revealed to us.' But they deny what has since been revealed, although it is the truth, corroborating their own scriptures.

Koran, The creator 36.24: Your only duty is to give warning...What we have revealed to you in the Book is the truth confirming previous scriptures.

Koran, Kneeling 45.16 We gave the Scriptures to the Israelites and bestowed on them wisdom and prophethood.

Koran, AL-AHQAF 46.12 Yet, before it the Book of Moses (Torah) was revealed, a guide and a blessing to all men. This Book confirms it.

Koran, Women 4.47 You, to whom the Scriptures were given! Believe in that which we have revealed, confirming your own scriptures...

Koran, The Cow 2:116 The Jews say the Christians are misguuided, and the Christians say it is the Jews who are misguided. Yet they both read the Scriptures. And the pagans say the same of both. Allah (5) will judge their disputes on the Day of Resurrection.

We can see, therefore, that Moslems are taught via the Koran to honor the scriptures and teachings Christians and Jews honor. Also, with respect to the Koran's teachings on Moslem behavior, it is clear that a Moslem cannot wage war against another Moslem, as is currently going on in Iraq and has been so throughout history:

Koran, Women 4.92 It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer except by accident.

To dispel any confusion on the Koran's view of people who do not believe in the Koran (notwithstanding the verses cited above) Mohammed went a bit too far, in my opinion, when he listed the following which confute the Bible (I know on the Day of Resurrection noted above my reading will be upheld).

Koran Repentance 9.20 Those that have embraced the faith and fled their homeland and fought for Allah's cause with their wealth and their persons are held in higher regard by Allah. It is they who shall triumph. Their Lord has promised them joy and mercy, and gardens of eternal bliss where they shall dwell forever. Allah's reward is great indeed.
9.116 ...Allah has purchased of the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden. They will figtht for His cause, slay, and be slain. Such is the true pledge which he has made them in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Koran. And who is more true to his promise than Allah? Rejoice then in the bargain you have made. That is the supreme triumph.

Koran, Women 4.91 Others you will find who seek security from you as well as from their own people. Whenever they are called back to idol-worship they plunge into it headlong. If these do not keep their distance from you, if they neither offer you peace nor cease their hostilities against you, lay hold of them and kill them wherever you find them. Over such men We give you absolute authority.
4.92 It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer except by accident.
4.98 He that flies his homeland for the cause of Allah shall find numerous places of refuge in the land and great abundance. He that leaves his dwelling to fight for Allah and His apostle and is then overtaken by death, shall be rewarded by Allah.
4.104 Seek out your enemies relentlessly.

There are several verses that endorse Jesus – some calling him a prophet of God (as they would have to once they accept the Gospels as truth). But this one is the gem of the lot, since it acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah. The Messiah means "anointed one" and the term was created and applied only in the Bible. Christians know the term as Christ, which is the Greek translation of the word. The fact is, based upon what we have seen in the Koran above, all Moslems must honor the teachings of Jesus the Messiah. If there is any confusion on those teachings it can be simply resolved by opening the Gospels and reading them. They all reduce down to the Golden Rule. And it is not important that you be a Christian, Jew or Moslem to practice the Golden Rule. If you practice the Golden Rule you satisfy the teachings. For if you know those teachings you know God and if you do them you are one with God. The scripture asks, can two walk together except they agree?

The gem in the Koran of Jesus the Messiah, beyond the other verses endorsing the teachings of Jesus, which is a good foundation for some kind of reconciliation:

The Imrans, 3.45, 47 The angels said to Mary: 'Allah bids you rejoice in a Word from Him. His name is the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary. He shall be noble in this world and in the next, and shall be favoured by Allah. He shall preach to men in his cradle and in the prime of manhood, and shall lead a righteous life."

The term Messiah first appeared in the Bible. It means Anointed One and in Greek the term is Christ. Knowing this, then, we should endeavor to find a place of agreement and learn to walk together. A good part of the Old Testament has to do with the Messiah and what is expected of him.

One cannot walk blindly through scriptures and take them for granted however. Applying them for good becomes an art. It takes practice. One cannot apply scripture, for instance, through a rush to judgment. After all is said and done, when understanding has ruled over boiling sentiments, we can point to our results: charity, justice and mercy. Unfortunately, we are a long way from achieving those things in this current age. It may be, in order to achieve a higher level, to at least remove ourselves from a state of chaos, that we need to take account of our leaders. Then we must ask ourselves how it is that we let them lead us into this chaos. This is called, confronting your own failures. Until both sides come to grips with the goodness that is in them, and do some good in order to gain in goodness, the Jihad will probably continue.

Now President George W. Bush would lead us to believe that we can kill off the Jihadists. I don't subscribe to his program and know that an invitation to reasoning together should bear more fruit. Who in the world would ever refuse this offer:

Isa. 1:18 ³Come now, let us reason together,² says the LORD. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Mel Copeland


(2) The name, Allah, in Arabic is an expression of surprise. It is not unusual for the God of the Bible to be known by many names . Jewish Midrash quotes passages in the Old Testament (Torah) that cite as many as seventy names of God (and more). But they can all be reduced down to one name.
(3) I use Edward Tripp's, The Meridian handbook of Classical Mythology (formerly titled Crowell's handbook of Classical Mythology), 1970.


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