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These books involve in good part a conversation with Wm. F. Buckley Jr. which lasted about 2 1/2 years through monthly correspondence from December 1992 through May 1995. Books relating to that conversation are marked with a .

Bringing forth the Peace of Jerusalem,
104 pp (PDF) 1.26.15

About Mel
Waiting for Beauty--a letter from a father to his daughter

For book reviewers; books on
"Poetry for People & other creatures" (
"Banquet of the Gods" (
"Son of Man" - a mystery revisited (


Maravot's work in deciphering the Etruscan Language. This work was originally published in 1981 as the "Catalog of Etruscan Words," by Mel Copeland. The work now integrates the Tavola Cortonensis and Zagreb Mummy scripts, which are the most recent finds. The work shows Etruscan conjugation and declension patterns. The first page lists the words and is an easy reference as to where they can be found and where their declension and conjugation patterns may be compared and examined. Translation of the various scripts is nearly complete. The work extends to not only translating the Etruscan scripts but also new areas of study in the development of the Indo-European languages. Tables are furnished showing the relationship of hundreds of Etruscan cognates to the basic Indo-European language groups.

Etruscan_Phrases_a.html (current edition)

Etruscan_Phrases.html (obsolete edition)

Banquet of the Gods, research on the similarities of Etruscan works to the Greek Illiad, the Celtic Tain, Anglo-Saxon Boewulf, the Rig Veda and the Indus Valley seals (Harappa civilization). We are reminded that the wonderful murals in the Etruscan tombs have a story, and no doubt those who commissioned the murals had no intentions to have anyone from the world of the living judging them. It is a good primer for those interested in the role sacrifice played within the Indo-European religions.

Maravot's work in deciphering the Lydian language: Lydian.html

Maravot's work in deciphering the Phrygian language: Phrygian.html

Hittite & Mitanni Texts and documents, Ancient Hittite and Mitanni documents as they relate to the Rig Veda and Etruscan works.

To examine a map of Israel showing: 1) the Kingdom of David 2) Palestine at the time of Christ and 3) the UN Map of Israel from UN Resolution 11/29/47, click here: Mel's_Map_Israel.html. Click here for a 17th century Woodcut of Jerusalem showing a comet over Jerusalem, attributed to Josephus, "The Jewish Wars."

To examine a map of Judah which shows a curious tent-like structure, click here, Old_Map_Judah.html. This map, if opened first,will allow you to examine the other maps below using a split panel listing towns of the Copper Scroll treasure.

To examine some maps relating to the Copper Scroll (Treasures amounting to about 300,000 pounds of silver) of the Dead Sea Scrolls, click here, Treasures_Copper_Scroll.html.

To examine a map showing the possibility of there being a 12th cave yet to be discovered relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls, click here, The_Twelfth_Cave.html, only 2 pp.

To examine more ancient maps relating to the vicinity of the Copper Scroll treasure locations, click here, Ancient_maps_Israel.html.

Magnets in Space, a pdf file: discussion on Galaxy Group Hickson 44. A large galaxy appears to be causing a smaller galaxy on its same plane to flip over, just as in the behavior of magnets. When two wafer-type magnets are scooted towards one another with like poles (positive or negative) facing, one or the other of the magnets will flip over. Like poles repel, unlike attract.


Romance_of_Anais.html, the Princess of the Holy Grail, Anaïs la fille du Roi, in English. 165 pp. in 12 Chapters. This work originally published in July 1992 strangely forecasted the outrages of the George W. Bush administration.

Ouvrez [Click] ici à examiner La_Romance_ Anais.html, la Princesse Sang Graal, 159 pp., 12 Chapitres. This was written using a language translation program and admittedly needs work.

Philosophical Works

The_National_Debt_Scandal, Maravot's_Homepage_4.html, only 14 pp.
The US National_Debt.html, March 5, 2009
Understanding an exponentially growing Public Debt, in simple terms, 2016
Duty_&_Profit.html, (includes many quotes from Cicero and Mencius concerning leaders'
obligations to tell the people what they have a right to know), 71 pp., in two parts, by Mel West
Immoral_Coercion.html, 55 pp. (includes more quotes from Cicero and adds John Stuart Mill to the argument), by Mel West
Contrainte_Immorale.html, 55 pp. par Mel West
The Lord of Beasts.html, What George W. Bush would look like with a mustache. A documentary on the 2004 election.

Quest_for_Human_Dignity.html, 110 pp., in two parts, (includes 73 quotes from Ibn Khaldûn) by Mel West
Planks_towards_Freedom.html, (includes 275 quotes from Martin Luther's writings), 63 pp. by Mel West
Works_and_Days_among_the_Hyperboreans.html,. 54pp. by Mel West
The_Second_Coming_of_the_American_Revolution.html, 43 pp. by Mel West
Against_Leviathan.html, 51 pp. by Mel West
Philistia_Triumph_thou_because_of_me.html, 55 pp. by Mel West
Rooting_out_His_Faith.html,Cover letters and Mr. Buckley's replies, 196 pages, in four sections
Tapestry of One: Commentaries on the Bible, the Koran and the religions of the Far East

Page 6

Commentaries on Religions

Talking Points on the Causes of Islamic Terrorism (PDF, 12 pp)

Maravot's Son of Man - a mystery revisited 12.10.13 (PDF)

Maravot's Bringing Peace to Jerusalem (PDF)

Maravot's The Allah Controversy, about 50 pages, a discussion on the many misunderstandings among scholars on the Koran: Since it was dictated by the angels of the Bible and written to confirm the Jewish Scriptures, Torah and Gospel (sic. the Bible), it cannot contradict the Bible. Moslem scholars suggest that Allah is not the God of the Bible, and that the Koran supercedes the Bible, ideas that are contradictory to the message of the Bible. Islamist extremists use the Koran's scriptures to justify murdering non-Moslems, and the applicable verses of the Koran that advocate violence against "unbelievers" are also inconsistent with the Bible / Gospel.
Maravot's Synoptic Matrix.pdf 
Maravot's The Tabernacle of Moses, about 15 pages, a discussion on the unusual design of the device and its possible electrical properties as a capacitor.
Maravot's Revelation_on_Faith.html ..of Prophets and the nature of their faith, only 5 pp.
Maravot's_The_Family_of_Jesus.html, about 20 pages.
Maravot's Alma.html, on the controversy over the Virgin mentioned in Isaiah 7.14-24.
Maravot's Grace_and_Truth.html, as pertaining to the opening statement in the Gospel of John that Moses gave the Law but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ; how can we verify that this is true? (work is in progress).
Mehl Commentary, an explanation of Hidden Pavilions, 50 pp., in two parts
Maravot's Son of Man, exploring the precept of the Messiah. 

Maravot's Synoptic Matrix.pdf a comparison of the Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke, plus the Gospel of John laid beside them where they coincide. A great teaching and learning tool. The matrix is unusual as it recites passages which are different-- where passages are identical the chapter and verse is [only] listed. It is a quick way to discern the differences among the Gospels. It also flags the brilliance and wonderful singleness of mind and consistency of spirit Jesus had. The matrix takes up about 11 segments; some alignment problems may prevail until I get it all loaded. 

Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix.html –
Note: There are alignment problems with this page. Use Maravot's Synoptic Matrix.pdf. These links are not going to be updated:

Matthew 7.9 through 10.22: Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix2.html
Matthew 10.25-14.7; (Luke 12.4-9.9 and John 3-5.24) Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix3.html
One of the more illuminating parts of the Matrix: Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix4.html
Matthew 16.26-20.1 and related gospel verses: Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix5.html.
Matthew 20.17-23.34, an interesting comparison of the time and place of the key teachings of Jesus, Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix6.html
Matthew 23.37 through 26.25 (Last Supper); Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix7.html
Matthew 26.26-27.12 (Last Supper scene to Pilate's question, "Art thou the King of the Jews?"); Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix8.html
Matthew 27.12-27.40 (scourging and crucifixion of Christ), Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix9.html.
Matthew 27.40-28.8 (burial and resurrection of Christ), Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix10.html.
Matthew 28.9/Mark 16.12 ff.(resurrection stories after the cross), Maravot's_Synoptic_Matrix11.html.

From_Dust_and_Ashes_to_Joy.html, 67 pp. by Mel West (containing views of the Second Coming relative to Jewish tradition believed at the time of Jesus; and arguments (on choosing good and rejecting evil), from Xenophon, St. Theodoros the Great Ascetic, St. Maximos the Confessor, etc.

Maravot's_Homepage_2.html, Secrets hidden for thousands of years click here, On Saving the Pope.. only 18 pp. Some of this may be hard to face for those who are effected by the light discussing the sources of anti-Semit ism.

Page 7

Maravot's_Homepage_3.html, the origins of anti-Semitism, only 21 pp.
The Acceptable_Day_of_the_Lord.html, (includes quotes from St. Maximos and 100 teachings from Greek Orthodox fathers, 65 pp.
118 pp., in two parts, (includes many quotes from the early Catholic fathers) by Mel West
The Repentance.html, only 15 pp.
The Sword of Truth, only 60 pp.
The Tempting.html, 100 pp.
The_Bounds_of_Wisdom.html, 67 pp. by Mel West
Who_is_of_the_Truth.html, 72 pp. by Mel West, in two sections
The Tiny Book, What_Price_Justice.html, only 8 pp., a book easy for the righteous to digest, by Mel West
The Tiny Book, When_the_Afflicted_Soul_is_satisfied.html, only 3 pp.,
a book easy for the righteous to digest, by Mel West
Opening_to_the_Divine.html, only 11 pp.
The Tiny Book, Liberating_the_Poor.html, only 30 pp.,
a book easy for the righteous to digest, by Mel West
Maravot's Revelation_on_Faith.html ..of Prophets
Four_Parables_and_a_Prayer.html, only 14 pp., by Mel West
Hidden_Pavilions.html, 670 pages in 10 parts, by Mel Wes
The_String_of_Pearls.html, 170 pp. in 4 parts, by Mel West
My_Father_is_Greater_than_I.html, only 36 pp.
The_Light_of_the_Gentile's_Day.html, only 25 pp.
Judgment.html, only 13 pp.
Light.html, 58 pp.

The Tiny Book , The_Miracle_of_Zer_Anpin.html, only 14 pp., a book easy for the righteous to digest, by Mel West

The_Tapestry_of_One.html, 166 pp. by Mel West, in five sections, concerning the teachings of the Brahmins, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Confucius, etc.

The_Tapestry_of_One2.html, teachings from the Bhagavad-Gita.
The_Tapestry_of_One3.html, teachings including the Upanishads.
The_Tapestry_of_One4.html, teachings on the two vehicles of Buddhism.
The_Tapestry_of_One5.html, continued discussion on the Greater Vehicle of Buddhism and an argument for understanding one another to achieve Unity.


Maravot's_Poetry_for_People.html. (A peek into my soul) with a link into the PoetryRing.
Maravot's_Poetry_for_People2.html (A further peek into my soul)
Maravot's_Poetry_for_People3.html (A deeper peek into my soul, called the "Prometheid"):

Part 1, "The_baptism_of_Eli"
Part II, "The_Dog_Killer"
Part III, "Eli's_Search_for_Funny_Bald_Men"
Part IV, "Eli's_Journey_down_the_river_Styx"
Part V, "The_Redemption_of_Anna"
Part VI, "Spiteful_Timon"
ParVII, "The_War"
Part VIII, "Impressions_of_Cambria"

Maravot's_Poetry_for_People4.html ( about creatures and a look into my creature friendly soul)
Maravot's_Poetry_for_People5.html (about Ivan Ivanovitch who ruined a kingdom with his terrible robots)
Ouvrez [Click] ici a examiner la Fraude Affreuse sur la dette Nationale des ´Etats-Unis; La_Fraude_Nationale.html, seulement14 pp.

Note: all works being translated into French are with use of a French Translator program; the translations will improve as my French improves (if ever; I don't have time to work on the French translations for now)


God Bless America graphic

An Appeal to stop anti-Semitism

7.21.04 – Removed approximately 1/3 of the sites dead links. It is unfortunate that many educational sites have disappeared since this site was launched in 1996. To suggest a site which should be added to this list you may e-mail the URL to me at:

Anti-Defamation League page
Peace Links/Nonviolence links

  The Missing Kids site 

Language Tools–

The Da Vinci museum:

Liberty Library with works of:

Thomas Paine; Aristotle; Ethan Allen;
John Locke; Thomas Jefferson;
Patrick Henry; The Federalist Papers; Abraham Lincoln;
The Magna Carta (1215 A.D.);
Declaration of Rights by Congress (1765);
Declaration of Rights by Congress (1774);
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America;
The Articles of Confederation;
The Constitution of the United States of America;
The Virginia Resolution against the Alien and Sedition Acts (1798);
The Kentucky Resolution against the Alien and Sedition Acts (1799)

Federal Links:

Federal Register Online:

Includes Code of Federal Regulations; Public Laws, US Government Manual; Weekly compilation of Presidential Documents; US Congress Information and GPO Access Search U.S. Government links to:

  • The United States Code - the complete set of Federal Law of the United States. The site has a search engine.
  • Federal Government Web Sites - a collection of links to Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy.

House of Representatives page' includes Great government links!
The Senate  http://www.senat
The Library of Congress Homepage

The Bombay Bicycle Club (A fantasy)

One of the most complete libraries
Aeschines, Aeschylus, Andocides, Antiphon
Marcus Aurelius, Apollodorus, Aristophanes
Aristotle, Bacchylides, Julius Caesar, Lucretius
Cicero, Demades, Demosthenes, Dinarchus
Diodorus, Euripides, Herodotus, Hesiod
Hippocrates, Aulus Hirtius, Homer, Horace
Hyperides, Isaeus, Isocrates, Livy, Lycurgus
Lysias, Ovid, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato, Plotinus
Plutarch, Sophocles, Strabo, Tacitus, Thucydides
Virgil, Xenophon, Aesop, Epictetus, Galen
Other Authors
Confucius, Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam, Sa'di

Other great sitea for classical E-texts:
The Classics Page

Poetry Links

Complete Works of Shakespeare:

Shakspearean insult kit
The most comprehensive Poetry Links Page I have seen on the Internet: The Poetry Resource
Great site with library & search tool; I highly recommend visiting it:

Linguistic Links

The Scriptorium-- a hub for the study of ancient manuscripts by Michael Lopez:
Catacombe Roma Great Roman catacombs site with graphics and documents; you will be overwhelmed!
Avalon Home page wonderful site with a search engine:

The Perseus Project

An extensive library of Classical Greek and Roman Documents in work:

The following is a select list of works on their site which I find of interest for your reading pleasure:

Aristophanes, Complete (Existing) Plays

The Acharnians, The Birds, The Clouds, The Ecclesiazusae, The Frogs, The Knights, The Thesmophoriazusae, The Wasps, Peace, Plutus

Aeschylus :

Eumenides, Prometheus Bound, The Choephori, The Persians, The Seven Against Thebes, The Suppliant, Complete (Existing) Plays


Alcestis, Andromache, The Bacchante, The Cyclops, Electra, Hecuba, Helen, Heracles, Hippolytus, Ion, Iphigenia in Taurus, Medea, Orestes, Rhesus, The Herecleidae, The Phoenissae, The Suppliants, The Trojan Women


Antigone, Ajax, Electra, Oedipus Rex, Philoctetes, The Trachiniae

The Perseus Project A selected list (continued):

Demosthenes: Against Leptines, Against Midias, Against Neaera, On the Crown
Plato: Apology, Epinomis
Xenophon: Agesilaus, Anabasis, Constitution of the Lacedaimonians Economics, On the Cavalry Commander, Cyropaedia, Hellenica, Symposium
Lycurgus: Against Leocrates
Aeschines: Against Ctesiphon
Lucan: Pharsalia (The Civil War)
Cornelius Tacitus: Germania 
Cicero: An Essay on Friendship 

Apollodorus: The Library
Titus Lucretius Carus: On the Nature of Things
Desiderius Erasmus: The Praise of Folly
Andocides: On the Mysteries
Isocrates: Panegyricus
Ovid: Metamorphoses
Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days

The Homeric Hymns, The Iliad, The Odyssey

Virgil: The Aeneid, The Ecologues, The Georgics

Guides to online schools:

Library for online educators & students: Shakespear's works & commentaries, etc.:

Accredited Online Colleges -

Guidebook for Aspiring Online Students -


Of Catholic Interest:

 Council of American Bishops

 List of all Catholic Holy Days of Obligation (names and dates).
Library on saints:

Christus Rex, O-Citta. This site contains tours of the Vatican .

The official Vatican Web Page. Elegantly done with the latest news and information from the Vatican, as well as documents:
The Catholic Encylopedia with links of interest:
Wheaten Fathers Home Page: HTTP://WWW.CCEL.ORG

Links to the early church fathers:
Catholic Saint's page and Catholic On Line; great site.
Vocations site:
 List of Popes:

Early Church Documents:

Life of Constantine by Eusebius
In Praise of Constantine, by Eusebius
 Egeria's Description of the Liturgical year in Jerusalem (4th Century

Medeival Writers:

Saint John of the Cross--Complete works--this is on the site: HTTP://WWW.CCEL.ORG
Saint Malachy – prophesies on all the Popes down to the last Pope "one like Saint Peter":

16 th century prophesy of of St. Nilos, Hermit of Mt. Athos
Medeival Source Book-a great site with not only great Medeival writers and Saints but also links to other Medeival sites on line:

Xenophon, On the Spartans

"Wisdom of the East" links and books:

The Coptic Church site.

Many Links to the writings of the early Church Fathers, documents on Church Councils, and histories of the Church

Ancient History Site--Great Links!*
An extensive list of links on archeological resources on the internet

 The Iliad, by Homer, includes commentary, links & translations

Department of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania (Jewish documents)

 University of Pennsylvania Homepage

Hebrew University site for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Project Gutenberg (33,000 free e-books):

 Main site of Israel
Jewish documents-translation of the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berurah
A powerful site on Judaism with links:
Good reference on Nazarene Judaism:

Judaism and Jewish resources on the internet by Andrew Tannenbaum-an extensive and somewhat current catalogue of links
Old Testament-Jewish Bible with Mishna, Tosefta, and the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds-in Hebrew


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